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The Healing Touch Technique In the  quantum Universe everything is a nonstop cyclical process of evolution . You are a pitch of  energy with unique frequency that has chosen a  body to experience whatever is impossible without a body. It appears that you like to be in a body more often because you understand how valuable it is to have a body especially when you are out there without a body on. Death for you is a new beginning to restart a new life with a new body on. It's the body that helps you have more of the physical experiences. Even the light bodied  higher graders become ready to be born in the  lower grade planes.  Who Returnees are : Spiritually speaking, a returnee is an evolved  soul who wants to redo the grade , it has already been evolved from. The entire   simulated order  works via a grading system exactly like the grades in your academic system. It's through the grades that a soul gets evolved. It's the  vibratory equation, a soul ac

The Healing Touch Technique

The Practice of Yajna You are full of the Universe in your unique way. And you are as powerful as the Universe is and you represent the Universe in a body . You are way more powerful than you have ever  thought about yourself. Your skills are limited only when you think and feel that way as a result of societal  mis-programing or the lack of confidence , which is triggered by the background, you have. As a sentient being, your skills or power can be as pervasive as the Universe itself.  Energy is your true self : In a Universe where everything is energy , you are part of it. You are, actually speaking, a pitch of  vibratory order, entrapped voluntarily in a body. Every single cell of your body works as a receptor and conductor of energy. In other words, your entire body works like an antenna to be tapped into the quantum energy. You can channelize energy, the way you want according to the employment of consciousness . Your vibratory order is susceptible to vibratory

The practice of Yajna

What is Occult? The Sanskrit term Yajna (yajña) or Yaga means sacrifice. It's the ancient  occult practice of  energy manipulation. The ancient people had much better understanding about how energy management can be done, given what the modern man thinks and practices. Everything is energy and energy can be influenced by energy. Energy is your true self .  What Yajna is : Yajna is the ancient Vedic offerable practice that you can do in front of fire or making  fire the witness. Yajna  is the offerable upasana , you do. Yajna can either be performed privately or publicly. A practitioner can use any items, considered to be sacred to perform  Yajna and in general the food items like clarified butter, milk, grains, cakes etc are offered to the Universe with the fire, kept at the front as a witness. The duration of Yajna is something that you can fix. A private Yajna that you perform, aiming at the benefit of yourself or your family can last only a few minute

Why do you struggle?

What is your Fate? It appears that life is full of struggles and people find it difficult to cope with the  struggles,  they have. Life is a  simulated process for a pitch of energy  to get  evolved into a powerful soul . A spirit  gets physically experienced and evolved via a body . It's the long cycle of evolution . You have taken a body to do what you love to do, which is not possible without a body. You are powerful enough to take as many bodies as possible to get evolved as it's a non- stop process of mutual evolution.  What struggle is : Struggle is the difficulties you face when you try to achieve something that you like. Struggle is the part and parcel of a simulated  birth cycle with which you become aware about your true skills. Struggle is the reminder that you can be powerful even more. It's through struggles that you learn more about yourself and your life. In other words, struggles are the catalyst for your growth. It's through s

What is your Fate?

The Power of Symbology in Life It appears that people are in general concerned about their fate . It's commonly believed that fate is the course of events getting developed in such a way that it's absolutely out of your control. It's also believed that your fate is predetermined by some supernatural force. When you are born with a body , your level of  consciousness gets succumbed to the so called  simulated oblivion where you find yourself totally forgetful of your true self. You are literally dead while living and will only be alive when you are physically dead . Once you are out of your body, you really understand the game, you played, living and you get access to the multiple souls , you have made so far. With a body on, you get to have both of your karmic fate and non-karmic fate.  A) Karmic Fate : You are a  spirit making a particular soul through a simulated process called physical life. Your true self is without a body. To have physical experie

The Power of Symbology in Life

The Mechanics behind Manifestation Symbology is always being used and the importance of which most of the commoners do not perceive. This happens because it's been made occult practice. The use of symbology can easily be identified both in oriental and occidental occult practices. Symbols are powerful as you can easily make them your focul point and use them for energy concentration. You can use a symbol to be positively or negatively recharged . The symbols are, actually speaking, the instruments through which people can channelize the universal energy . The use of symbology always gives you the metaphorical assistance in terms of energy manipulation.  Why symbols are needed : Human consciousness is divergent by design. And it's pretty difficult for a normal person to focus on a particular point or subject for long. Even though the focus of attention can be acquired via incessant practice through  meditation or lucid dreaming , it's a step by step pro

The Mechanics behind Manifestation

The Practice of Upasana Life is a  simulated effect a  soul undergoes to get evolved . When it comes to sentient beings like humans, life goes more meaningful via manifestation. Manifestation is a complex subject especially among the normal humans. Many spiritual Gurus have taken advantage of the situation and you can see the techniques of manifestation being taught both online and offline. But most of these coaching programs have a beat about the bush approach with which things still lie unclarified . What manifestation is : Manifestation is the techniques through which you can turn your  dreams into reality . Manifestation is the realization of the reality you want in your life. It is actually a step by step process which is achievable by continuous efforts from you. There are a lot more things, most of the Gurus leave untouched especially when the coaching in terms of  law of attraction is delivered. Your manifestation is the result of the proper channelization of

The Practice of Upasana

How to do Sun Salutation? The ancient people did have the practice of  energy concentration that the modern people hardly follow. There were masters who manipulated energy for the good when the  dark occultists practiced the same for evil purposes. In the universe, everything is available with neutral quality and it's the practitioner's employment of consciousness  that fixes whether something can be negatively or positively  recharged or used. In a Universe where everything is energy, energy management matters a lot more. As a sentient being, you are powerful enough to practice energy concentration. It's through your  thoughts that first step of energy concentration begins. When you amplify your energy concentration with your feelings, what literally happens is that it prompts you to take up necessary actions. In other words, your manifestation is processed and realized through energy concentration. What Upasana is : Upasana is the ancient Ve