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The Illusion of Age Fortification is a  spiritual term being used to denote the focus of your consciousness. It's very important and lies unknown to many even though almost all scriptures talk about it. The course of your entire life is mainly based on the focus of  consciousness you have. Even though you are the personification of pure consciousness, your level of consciousness gets thoroughly filtered when you have a body  on.  How fortification of consciousness works : Your  mind is mainly responsible for what you think and you are not your thoughts , but awareness about your thoughts. So, you can use your pure consciousness anytime to change your filtered consciousness or your mind. This is 100% needed because when you focus more on your thought process, it can easily get converted into your feeling and your focus on the feeling makes you act accordingly. In other words, your actions are triggered by the amplification of your thoughts and feelings. I


The Seminal & Vaginal Fluidic Ingestion In a simulated game of life, what you do as the personification of  consciousness is form a  soul based on the exposure you get out of your physical, simulated existence, you call life. The existing soul of yours is thoroughly influenced by your past life experience which is what determines its core vibrational value . According to the core vibrational value, your soul gets qualified enough to be born under a particular zodiac sign . The zodiac sign can influence your life as long as you expand your consciousness in such a way that you rule your  astrological network instead of letting it rule you.  Transformation : Whatever you see here is transformation only. The simulated order works via transformation. Difference is the  quantum signature with which the simulation is at work. There's only one being out there with no  space and  time in between. The one being explores itself via transformation. Creation works vi

The Seminal & Vaginal Fluidic Ingestion

Tolfi's Magic Solo concentration  of  energy is an important aspect in the  law of energy. When you concentrate on someone or something, the mutual energy transmission between the two is strengthened day by day and you get to be an expert in handling your subject of concentration and become highly benefitted by the same, be it an object or a person. When you check the ancient records, you get to see that people lived more years than they do nowadays. It is all about how they lived their lives at that time. Most of the ancient people also practiced what you call now as  Tantra and they used to consume the mixture of their seminal and vaginal fluids after their vigorous intercourse and that was definitely another important reason why they stayed healthy and lived longer. Tantra works well when your relationship is monogamous by nature with your soulmate .  The Seminal Fluid : Semen is, actually speaking, the baby making batter. Melatonin in semen works as a sleepi


Where is it all going? Tolfi was a teenaged girl who spent more  time in her fantasy world. The girl was born way more  spiritual than her peers in the neighborhood. She spent most of her time at home reading spiritual books from almost all religious orders. Her father was an assistant in the nearby district library, which always played a major role in making Tolfi a good reader.  The unnecessary itch : Tolfi was a smart, beautiful girl and she suffered from some sort of skin disorder. She sometimes got some itchy spots on her  body and scalp. The itch was so severe that sometimes she used a comb to scratch, which left the spots open. The spots would heal and resurface some time later. Tolfi didn't take this issue pretty seriously.  Tolfi loses her hair : One time, what happened was that Tolfi unfortunately got itchy spots throughout her scalp. And they were so irritating that she used a comb and scratched the scalp so hard. The spots burst open and she fe


GET BACK TO NATURE🌿🍃 Zulu was a little boy with a lot of questions. The important problem others faced with the boy was the way he asked questions. Always he had  spiritual doubts. Most of the time, his parents were unable to answer him properly and Zulu was not at all okay with how his teachers answered him either . Zulu was always looking for a chance to meet someone who was able to answer him properly.  A sage in the village : It was true that his village was visited by a sage who was approached by villagers with their queries and the sage was famous for answering questions. Even many scholars of the village went to him to clear their doubts. Zulu decided to meet the sage and come clear with his questions.  Zulu meets the sage : Zulu wanted to ask only three questions.  Even though many had answered his questions before, Zulu was not at all satisfied with the answers. The sage was busy handling his visitors and he was sitting under a big tree and people gathered


WHAT IS YOUR EGO? Almost all of your problems are out there because you, as a community, decided to stay away from Nature unfortunately and that's the greatest mistake you have ever done. Nature is always your mother, visible. It's high time you unplugged yourself and went outside. Your connection with Nature is the first step of  healing itself.  Why you have to be in Nature : The mechanical life schedule, someone else has designed for you tires you out. You are always in tension . And your awareness about yourself is either placed on your past or future and you stay always worried  or depressed . The stressful  life pattern, you follow makes you  vibrate at your lowest as you vibrate more negatively, which is the fertilized ground for all the negativity inside and that's how you are likely to have a number of disorders and diseases. If you don't clear out the  negative energy existing within, it gets multiplied and causes the  cyclical repetit


THE DIAPHRAGMATIC BREATHING EXERCISE When you enter the  simulated reality game, you form your identity. Your spirit  makes a different  soul out of every single  birth cycle you take. Know the fact that you are the personification of  consciousness itself and the core level of consciousness you maintain determines your core vibrational equation , you call spirit. Your soul is the overall identity you make out of a simulated birth cycle, which is different from birth to birth. Soul is the peripheral vibrational coating while you have core vibrational value or your spirit. Your ego is like the additional framework, added on to your soul out of the filtered consciousness via your  brain .  What your ego is : To put it simply your ego is your personal identity in a simulated life span. As a survival tool, your brain gives you the false identity of self and other and ego is your self identity as a gamer . Actually speaking, it's your ego that makes you survive


THE NEGATIVE ENERGY In life,  movement in the form of  exercise matters a lot more as it's needed for the proper upkeep of your system . You have to do three forms of exercise regularly in order to make sure that you live a healthy life. Any sort of physical exercise like walking must be done for at least half an hour in such a way that you get sweaty and your  heart is pounding for the much better result. And it's necessary to do the psychological exercise like  meditation before or after bed for a couple of seconds or minutes as it's the internal cleansing strategy. And it's also mandatory that you have to do breathing exercise for a couple of minutes. The duration can be adjustable according to the way you make time available to yourself. But what matters more is that you must set aside some time for doing the aforementioned patterns of exercise, regularly. And it's never a tedious task as you think. The more you do them, the more you will ha


You are the personification of  consciousness itself and the level of consciousness you maintain normally triggers your  energy inside, the reflection of which is your energy outside. You do have a tendency to be focused more on the negative energy since your brain , by default, always gives you the sensory experience of duality of self and other, which is what makes you belive in separation 24/7. In order to be free from this, you are supposed to reprogram  the brain the way you want.  The negative energy : Energy, actually speaking, is 100% neutral by quality. You get the same energy converted into either positive or negative energy and this process is entirely dependent on the  employment of your consciousness. Negative energy can be triggered via your  thoughts , emotions and actions and basically, it's the focus on your negative thoughts that pave way to negative emotions and actions. So you have to do thought management . It's possible that negative


WHAT MAKES YOU VIOLENT👊😡👊? You don't literally understand the fact that your  brain is a tool, designed for programing and it works exactly like a software system inside your body . Programing activates the regions in your brain and as a result, your  thought process is changed. Programing is something that you must do repeatedly. And in other words, it's the way you  employ your consciousness . The greatest advantage that you get out of programing is that it helps you memorize what you have been programed and that's how you get the muscle memory to take up the necessary actions, needed to realize what you have been programed . The programing can help the functionality of both of the hemispheres in the brain and makes their function balanced especially when it comes to what you have been programed and that's how you improve your cognitive  skills.  The default brain mode : The brain is a complicated organ with two different hemispherical fun


THE ILLUSORY SENSE OF SEPARATION Violence is as ancient as the human history itself. Always you get to see the sporadic incidents of violence among the people, be it from your household, market places or wherever people are out there. The strong sense of  separation triggers all the issues, you get to see. Separation always makes the world in chaos, triggering the illusory sense of lacking and that's how people start to be dominant and controlling. The illusory qualities of envy, jealousy , cruelty, hypocrisy, judgement, violence etc are simply the outgrowth of the illusory sense of separation . With the strong sense of separation, you guys tend to love things and use people when it must be the other way around; things must be used and people must be loved.   Survival instinct : Actually speaking, your  brain is a tool for survival and it filters your  consciousness to the maximum possible extent, giving the sensory illusion of separation of the duality of


THE GIFT 🎁 OF GIVING When you have a  body on, the sense of separation is stronger, with which you redefine your life. The sense of separation always makes you more selfish . Even though you are the personification of  consciousness  itself, your pure consciousness is thoroughly filtered by your brain . And the brain gives you always an illusory sense of duality of self and other, leaving you more separate . This strong sense of separation is displayed via your thoughts ,  emotions and actions on a day-to-day basis. A bunch of manipulators who know the  law of energy and  vibratory equation have done whatever is possible from their part to make native  souls stay stuck in the repeating  birth cycle of negative polarity . These  returnees of the higher grade negative not only want to recruit the native souls to their negative realms but also made the earthly life hellish via the amplification of your sense of separation . These manipulators use different tool