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You are, actually speaking, the personification of pure  consciousness which is the  quantum reality. It's according to the level of ur consciousness that your  energy within is triggered. In other words, you are a pitch of energy with a unique, core vibrational frequency . Your vibrational frequency can be improved according to the  customization of your consciousness. Your vibrational frequency is spiritually termed as your  spirit and the consciousness, you hold with that frequency order is called as your soul . Your core vibrational frequency order is way more important as it's the key to your  simulated evolutionary game. You can improve the level of your frequency order all by yourself and it's entirely dependent on the employment of your consciousness .  Karma influences your frequency order : Your core vibration is thoroughly influenced by the thoughts , emotions and actions from your end. In other words, moment by moment, you undergo vibratio
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THE MISTAKEES There is only one living being out there in the entire cosmos and the entire cosmos itself is that one being. The true self of this one being is shapeless or formless and it's the quantum consciousness . It's both the designer and the design . It's pretty amazing to see the  simulated process of creation and its own  evolution and new experience.  The designer : The  quantum consciousness is the only  reality in the Universe. It's the designer who you call God . It is constantly engaged in the activities of designing the creation and in working out the designs . It's both the designer and the design .  The design : The design is the simulated evolutionary process that includes whatever you see with your  body on. Stars, planets, moons, astroids, plants , animals , microbes etc. After having done the design , the designer itself volunteers to operate its multitude of designs . The design gives the designer a new identity and


SOUL PROGRESSION & SOUL REGRESSION The souls  who undertake different  birth cycles learn the lessons via a number of  mistakes they make no matter whether they are aware about it or not. Actually speaking, it's not the mistakes but attempts or efforts , you make as a soul to come to terms with the  simulated environment. With a  body on, you undergo simulated oblivion in such a way that you don't know anything about yourself or what you have taken a body for.  Who the Mistakees are : Mistakee is a spiritual  term to address those souls who have to redo their grades  of  evolution multiple times mainly because of negative  karmic   vibrational order . Majority of you belong to the category of Mistakees . But it's not a derogatory term to address a soul and actually it's through mistakes that you become a super strong  soul who can guide the minor ones.  Learning out of Mistakes : Together with the simulated oblivion, a soul gets its  consciou


The Internal Conflict A  simulated order actually helps a pitch of  energy get  evolved to become a powerful  soul .  The souls who have already been evolved can create the simulated environment where the inexperienced  spirits choose to get evolved. This happens because evolution is more amplified when you achieve physicality. There are multiple  grades of evolution for a soul. Even though there's only one being out there and the entire cosmos itself is that being, the same being explores itself through its own transformations  to make it more exciting.  Simulated oblivion : With a body on, you tend to forget your former lives or true self. It helps you get more focused on the current soul, you are creating. Every single birth  is, actually speaking, working as an entirely new soul or the transformation of your existing frequency .  Souls are the layers added to your spirit. Souls you create are indicative of the vibrational transformation, you achieve. The


THE LESSON OF DUALITY The important thing that you undergo on a day today basis is internal conflict. It appears that some sort of fight is going on within yourself and you want to do something urgently and in a matter of moments, you feel like it's not good to do that. Some people face a lot of difficulties in terms of this internal conflict.  What the internal conflict is : Actually speaking, it's the fight between what you know and what you feel. Understand the fact that you are an ancient one. You change only the bodies . Your  spirit stores all the important pieces of information from your multiple souls. Psychology identifies internal conflict as cognitive dissonance . Actually speaking, it's your mutually opposing views, beliefs or ideas. You can achieve the  heart & brain coherence and overcome the issue. Science has identified it as a conflict between your brain and heart intelligence. Actually speaking, it's the conflict between your p


The Double Coating of Energy youtube embed generator What you learn mainly from the earthly plain with a  body on, is the lesson in terms of duality . With a body on, the sense of duality comes in. Duality is needed for your evolution . The duality is introduced so that you learn more about the balance in life. It's through the difference that you get experienced and evolved. For example, without night, it's pretty difficult for you to understand what day is like. The same way the dualities of sadness and happiness, sweetness and sourness,  male and female  or ups and downs are needed. Even though it appears that they are opposing aspects of your life, they are actually not. Theses forces are never opposing to each other but complementary by quality. These forces actually help you keep up the balance in life exactly like the two wings do to a bird.  Duality is never the reality : The purpose of  duality as has already been explained, is the level of balanc


The Perceptional Deviation Everything is consciousness . The  energy inside and outside is triggered by the employment  of consciousness. Everything is energy  vibrating in different frequencies. Energy does have three unique qualities. It's absorbent, reflective and radiant. As energy is the only  quantum reality and the concept of  space & time is illusion only, these qualities are apparently visible and identifiable easily. Everything around you, including yourself is absorbing energy, emitting energy and reflecting energy, which is why the entire Universe is holographic by nature.  Your entire  body is the reflection of what energy level you have customized inside. Emittance of energy : The emissivity and absorption of energy level are  always based on the employment of consciousness. Your level of energy is entirely based on the level of frequency  you maintain, which is the result of how you have customized energy inside. As a sentient being, you ar


The Cellular Rearrangement Spiritually  speaking, perceptional deviation is an important thing. It actually causes a lot of  problems  especially when you live with a  body  on. Life is a  simulated  process of  evolution .  That's how you get experienced and evolved, doing things that are possible only with a body. Every single  birth  that you volunteer is a new experience of evolution for you. That's how your level of  energy  gets transformed into a powerful  soul .  What perceptional deviation is : Perceptional deviation is the difference in terms of the evolution of a soul. Your  consciousness is a universal property and the way you imbibe consciousness is entirely dependent on the evolution of your soul, which means that people are totally different in the way in which they understand or perceive things in life. The same thing is understood differently by different people. In other words, the level of your understanding about life is not based on your genetics or


THE REVERSE STRATEGY You are a combination of trillions of cells which are regenerative by nature. Your entire  body undergoes a process of cellular replication which is a step by step process. Most of your skin and gut are replaced within months and cells in your liver are replaced in three years. Cells in your brain , heart ,  skeleton and other organs are also replicated within 5 to 10 years or more and the process of replication is totally different from one person to another. Even though your organs are replacing their cells, the age process definitely affects the overall replacement process. It's very good to include more vegetable items, nuts, seeds, fruits and berries in your diet as they can improve the process of replacement.  The value of your body : You have taken a body to experience things that are never possible without a body. But, when you enter the  simulated reality   game of life, it appears that you forget the value of your body. And you tend


THE TRANSFORMATION The reverse strategy is an important  spiritual way of dealing things. And it appears that it's the ancient strategy explained in almost all scriptures. But the later interpretations definitely colored this practice. It's the  success mantra behind your life and lies 100%  occult by quality. This happens because those who knew it decided not to make it more public for their own hidden agenda. Reverse strategy in spirituality is the controlling mechanism with which you can run a successful life pattern.  What reverse strategy in spirituality is : Reverse strategy is an occult practice of the  employment of your consciousness . Always remember the fact that you are the personification of consciousness and by employing your consciousness properly, you can  control your  mind and  body . Your mind is the filtered projection of your actual consciousness. Mind is working via your illusory  perception, triggered by the  brain signals. In nor


The Seminal & Vaginal Fluidic Ingestion In a simulated game of life, what you do as the personification of  consciousness is form a  soul based on the exposure you get out of your physical, simulated existence, you call life. The existing soul of yours is thoroughly influenced by your past life experience which is what determines its core vibrational value . According to the core vibrational value, your soul gets qualified enough to be born under a particular zodiac sign . The zodiac sign can influence your life as long as you expand your consciousness in such a way that you rule your  astrological network instead of letting it rule you.  Transformation : Whatever you see here is transformation only. The simulated order works via transformation. Difference is the  quantum signature with which the simulation is at work. There's only one being out there with no  space and  time in between. The one being explores itself via transformation. Creation works vi

The Seminal & Vaginal Fluidic Ingestion

Tolfi's Magic Solo concentration  of  energy is an important aspect in the  law of energy. When you concentrate on someone or something, the mutual energy transmission between the two is strengthened day by day and you get to be an expert in handling your subject of concentration and become highly benefitted by the same, be it an object or a person. When you check the ancient records, you get to see that people lived more years than they do nowadays. It is all about how they lived their lives at that time. Most of the ancient people also practiced what you call now as  Tantra and they used to consume the mixture of their seminal and vaginal fluids after their vigorous intercourse and that was definitely another important reason why they stayed healthy and lived longer. Tantra works well when your relationship is monogamous by nature with your soulmate .  The Seminal Fluid : Semen is, actually speaking, the baby making batter. Melatonin in semen works as a sleepi


Where is it all going? Tolfi was a teenaged girl who spent more  time in her fantasy world. The girl was born way more  spiritual than her peers in the neighborhood. She spent most of her time at home reading spiritual books from almost all religious orders. Her father was an assistant in the nearby district library, which always played a major role in making Tolfi a good reader.  The unnecessary itch : Tolfi was a smart, beautiful girl and she suffered from some sort of skin disorder. She sometimes got some itchy spots on her  body and scalp. The itch was so severe that sometimes she used a comb to scratch, which left the spots open. The spots would heal and resurface some time later. Tolfi didn't take this issue pretty seriously.  Tolfi loses her hair : One time, what happened was that Tolfi unfortunately got itchy spots throughout her scalp. And they were so irritating that she used a comb and scratched the scalp so hard. The spots burst open and she fe