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What is your Fate?

The Power of Symbology in Life It appears that people are in general concerned about their fate . It's commonly believed that fate is the course of events getting developed in such a way that it's absolutely out of your control. It's also believed that your fate is predetermined by some supernatural force. When you are born with a body , your level of  consciousness gets succumbed to the so called  simulated oblivion where you find yourself totally forgetful of your true self. You are literally dead while living and will only be alive when you are physically dead . Once you are out of your body, you really understand the game, you played, living and you get access to the multiple souls , you have made so far. With a body on, you get to have both of your karmic fate and non-karmic fate.  A) Karmic Fate : You are a  spirit making a particular soul through a simulated process called physical life. Your true self is without a body. To have physical experie
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The Power of Symbology in Life

The Mechanics behind Manifestation Symbology is always being used and the importance of which most of the commoners do not perceive. This happens because it's been made occult practice. The use of symbology can easily be identified both in oriental and occidental occult practices. Symbols are powerful as you can easily make them your focul point and use them for energy concentration. You can use a symbol to be positively or negatively recharged . The symbols are, actually speaking, the instruments through which people can channelize the universal energy . The use of symbology always gives you the metaphorical assistance in terms of energy manipulation.  Why symbols are needed : Human consciousness is divergent by design. And it's pretty difficult for a normal person to focus on a particular point or subject for long. Even though the focus of attention can be acquired via incessant practice through  meditation or lucid dreaming , it's a step by step pro

The Mechanics behind Manifestation

The Practice of Upasana Life is a  simulated effect a  soul undergoes to get evolved . When it comes to sentient beings like humans, life goes more meaningful via manifestation. Manifestation is a complex subject especially among the normal humans. Many spiritual Gurus have taken advantage of the situation and you can see the techniques of manifestation being taught both online and offline. But most of these coaching programs have a beat about the bush approach with which things still lie unclarified . What manifestation is : Manifestation is the techniques through which you can turn your  dreams into reality . Manifestation is the realization of the reality you want in your life. It is actually a step by step process which is achievable by continuous efforts from you. There are a lot more things, most of the Gurus leave untouched especially when the coaching in terms of  law of attraction is delivered. Your manifestation is the result of the proper channelization of

The Practice of Upasana

How to do Sun Salutation? The ancient people did have the practice of  energy concentration that the modern people hardly follow. There were masters who manipulated energy for the good when the  dark occultists practiced the same for evil purposes. In the universe, everything is available with neutral quality and it's the practitioner's employment of consciousness  that fixes whether something can be negatively or positively  recharged or used. In a Universe where everything is energy, energy management matters a lot more. As a sentient being, you are powerful enough to practice energy concentration. It's through your  thoughts that first step of energy concentration begins. When you amplify your energy concentration with your feelings, what literally happens is that it prompts you to take up necessary actions. In other words, your manifestation is processed and realized through energy concentration. What Upasana is : Upasana is the ancient Ve

How to do Sun Salutation?

What is your Attachment? A busy schedule of life has turned your life cycle more mechanical in reality . And it appears that you literally don't have  time for anything. It's all about work and the money you make. But simple things that you practice like exercise ,  meditation and sun salutation definitely can make your life more organized and qualified. Time is something that you make. And it's very good to go to bed early and get up early .  What Sun salutation is : Sun salutation plays an important role in everyone's life. It's the ancient, esoteric technique in the occult , lying hidden from the public. The ancient Egyptian, Tibetan and Indian civilizations gave more importance to it. Ancient Indians call it the Surya Namaskar. It's the practice in which you clear your  mind and body , channelizing the Sun's  energy throughout your body. The major purpose behind Sun salutation is to clear the energy pathways in your body. As it inv

What is your Attachment?

Your Body Attachment is your feeling that binds you to someone or something. Attachment in relationship definitely helps you form an emotional connection. Attachment , actually speaking, is your emotional bond which can influence your cognitive development. The theory and practice of attachment play a key role in terms of your  spiritual development. For a 3rd grader , attachment is more about a biological, territorial or blood related process. True  love never holds any attachment as it's the alignment of your soul's   vibration  with someone else's. And you don't feel any difference as you feel that the other person is simply your extension and you both work as a singular conscious unit with no separation psychologically attached in between. Actually speaking, attachment begins from the feelings of detachment and the excessive focus on attachment leads you to nothing other than detachment. The practice of attachment can be br

Your Body

The Afterlife According to the  karmic background from your previous birth cycle , you choose your next body . Your body is the result of your life review in your afterlife .  Karma from the previous birth cycle thoroughly influences the elemental composition  of your body . Your  zodiac sign is fixed in regard to the elemental composition. Your body is the mixture of combined  energy from your parents, but the shape, stature, weight and quality of your body is determined according to the karmic  vibratory quality of your soul . It's the same that's responsible for your inborn skills, phobias, manias, and allergies. Before the process of  ensoulment itself, the embryonic development of your body is done. When you leave the body , you leave with every single experience, you had with the body on and during life review later as a spirit , you tend to regret how you misused your valuable body . With a body on, you tend to misuse it without actually lea