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The cyclical repetition of life Motion , the way you perceive is optical illusion. Your experience of motion is, actually speaking, one the many illusions , generated by the brain . Motion is perceived via your  memory update. Memory plays a major role in your sense of motion . The  present moment is what is actually existing. The present moment is timeless and still and you create illusion of movement , depending on the illusion of time .  A) There's no plurality and there's no emptiness : There's only one living being and you are full of it. Whatever you see is inside that being. The being is  stationary and still as there's no space and time. Everything is motionless at that instant of time and the next instant of time. But if you take both the instants of time as the continuous instant of time, everything is in motion. The movement that you perceive is simply the interpretation of your brain. Light is converted into electric pulses by your retin
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The Illusion of Light & Dark Everything is  energy and everything does maintain the cyclical repetition. It's part of the  law of energy.  Consciousness is the only truth in the entire cosmos and the employment of consciousness triggers the movement of energy within. You are a pitch of energy with multiple frequencies actually. Your  soul does have a core vibratory value that is susceptible to minor or major changes in terms of frequencies according to the conscious level, you maintain. In other words, the employment of consciousness determines the major part of your vibratory order . It's according to the level of your vibratory order that your neurochemistry is triggered. If you focus on a particular vibratory frequency , what happens is that the focus makes it more fortified in such a way that it causes the cyclical repetition of the same. Your blood pressure and body temperature are also regulated by cycles.  A) Cyclical repetition : Everything mai

The illusion of Light & Dark

THE ILLUSORY SPACE & TIME Optical illusion is one of the system complexities , you have. For example, your eyes can't pick up the infrared light that the warm objects radiate. You can see only a tiny part of the whole electromagnetic spectrum, which is why you can't see the radio waves or gamma rays. Light is made of photons and photons maintain different wavelength according to its frequency level. Human eyes are designed in such a way that they can detect photons only within a certain range of wavelengths. And materials by nature can absorb, reflect and emit photons of different wavelengths. Most of the objects that absorb light re-emit it as heat. As a result, even though an object may appear dark, it's actually bright at a frequency that your eyes can't pick up unfortunately. Darkness, actually speaking, is never the absence of light as you perceive! The thing is that dark objects do not emit light that is visible to your eyes. All light is pur


THE FAKE LOVE Your life is a chosen opportunity for you to undergo some  simulated experience for a while so that you get more physical experience which results in your  evolution as a soul . A  spirit becomes a powerful soul through multiple simulated birth cycles , you call life. You eat, drink, speak, cry , laugh , dance, sing and do everything possible including  sex with a body  on. Actually speaking, you don't know the value of your body especially when you have it! With a body on, you get your pure  consciousness thoroughly filtered by your biological organs like  the heart & the brain and you fail to see the unity around. You are never alone. You are eternally connected with everyone. Life is simply your chosen opportunity through which you can understand the same once again with a body on, for which sometimes you have to repeat your simulated birth cycles many times.  A) Sensory misperception : With a body on, you forget the fact that you are a p


THE KARMIC IMBALANCE Love is the most difficult lesson a  soul learns painstakingly, taking sometimes, thousands of sentient birth cycles . This happens because your  consciousness is thoroughly filtered by your neurochemistry especially when you are inside a body  and that's how you lose your sense of unity around and you tend to believe in selfishness  and separation.  A) Neglect : In a  3rd grade world, there's more fake love instead of the true one. And true love is possible only when you guys improve your level of consciousness as a community. The love that you have, for a reason or hidden selfish agenda behind is fake always. Neglect is the basic feature of fake love . Love and care towards you is totally neglected when you have fake love or lovers. This happens because fake love is not at all focused on you but the expectations from you. When your love is fake, it's never ready to make any sacrifices. If you have to understand someone's t


What is your Power💪⚡? Karma  definitely plays a dominant role not only in your life, but in the entire  vibratory value of the planet also. Whatever you think, feel and act becomes the part of your karma. Everything in your life, actually speaking, takes place via the wheel of karma. If your karma, be it negative or positive, exceeds the limit of your entire vibratory order, acquired, it gets passed on to your next  birth cycle of choice . Karma is so powerful that it can predetermine the course of your life. In other words, your cycle of births and deaths continues until you become totally free from the karmic imbalance with your consciousness expanded and you become  God realized.  A) Karma & the employment of consciousness : You are receiving the universal consciousness . But the brain , as a survival tool, filters your consciousness, making you belive in the duality of self and other. The filtered level of consciousness that your brain interprets is normall

What is your Power⚡💪?

Your Vibratory Equation Everyone knows that they have got power. But only a few understand how to use the power and how powerful one can be. You can easily avoid the way, you suffer if you know how to channelize your power properly. Always remember the fact that you are full of the Universe and your power can be as pervasive as the Universe itself.  A) Trust : First of all, you are supposed to trust yourself otherwise you can't make any progress. Understand the fact that trust is not a coercive force but the faith in yourself. Your power is always based upon the employment of your  consciousness and you vibrate according to your level of consciousness. You receive things according to the way you vibrate. It's the lack of trust in yourself that makes you weak and struggling. It's the trust, you have makes you put  effort  on your goals. Understand how the law of effort works. Your trust in yourself brightens whatever you do with  love and devotion and this

Your Vibratory Equation

You are a pitch of vibratory  energy  with its unique resonant frequency.  Spiritually speaking, your overall  vibratory value is called your vibratory equation which is totally different from people to people in accordance with the level of consciousness , one has maintained. In the Universe, everything including yourself is in the constant motion. The state of being stationary is simply sensory illusion. Resonance is, actually speaking, some sort of motion or oscillation between two or more different states. Even stationary objects are actually vibrating, oscillating or resonating at different frequencies. All matter is, actually speaking, vibrations of different states. The so-called  miracles happen especially when your vibrations are in sync with one another or different vibrating things come into proximity and vibrate together at the same frequency.  A) Role of consciousness in your vibratory equation : Your vibratory order or equation can be modified accord


The Law of Effort Your  thoughts are way more powerful than you think. If you don't know how to manage your thoughts , it's more likely to adversely affect your life. The reason behind it is so simple. Your system or  body is made in such a way that it strongly reacts to your thoughts . When you focus more on your thoughts , they become your emotions and the focus on  emotions make you do actions accordingly. Actually speaking, your sadness, stress ,  depression or happiness is triggered by the amplification of your thought process.  A) The mind and body connection : Your body, actually speaking, is the reflection of your mind . Your mind is set up in terms of how conscious you are. Your body reacts to every single thought , emotion or action you have. That's why your blood pressure is up especially when you are stressful. Your physical  reality is the reflection of your mental state. Your lack of strength or tension could trigger hair related issues