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IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

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Being A Female

Your Hope & Fear

Being a female is definitely something you can be proud of. The left brain oriented manipulators always covered the truth, with the strongest possible subliminal mis-programing, which conferred inferior status on her, exploiting her submissiveness.  Your birth cycle is more advanced than a male's. Spiritually speaking, as a female, you are a graduate from being males. A  man, sometimes, needs to take many birth cycles to successfully understand all aspects of manhood, and later gets graduated into being a female. In other words, females must finish different male birth cycles before getting graduated into being females. This is why a man can't understand a woman fully however hard he tried throughout his life, unless he mixed his consciousness with hers. But, a woman can easily understand more about a man so fast. This is the case with different organisms that belong to different density of consciousness, including humans. This happens because of the fact that being male is so simple for a new soul to understand more about the new system (Body) when it comes to evolution. In other words, male systems are so simple for you to operate and experience as a beginner, before you move to a female system, which is comparatively more complex. You can't simply start your life, being a female when you enter a new birth cycle of new density of consciousness. This happens because female system is more advanced and you have to be well experienced, before you get qualified enough to be a female. Sometimes, male souls who have successfully been graduated to be females, find themselves a tad difficult to get adjusted to the newly acquired female system and this happens in the case of fortified male souls through the repetition of different former male births. They rediscover their male qualities with a female body. As a female, sometimes, you have to repeat many female birth cycles to correct your system. At the life review, if you feel like you have higher entropy, jeopardizing many male lives while living, your soul chooses to get demoted to the malehood once again to get your lessons corrected. As a graduated female, your soul finds some difficulty to get acclimatized to the malehood this time. And you feel suffocated within a male body. These cases, explain more about the LGBTQ folks among you. 

Being a female: As a female, you are more, flexible, attentive and organized than males. You are more advanced spiritually as well as psychologically than males. Know the fact that there are more psychics and mediums among you and your IQ level is far better than your inferior counterparts. Women have so many active regions in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which are involved in focus and impulse control, comparing to men. Unfortunately, you were never given chances to use your powers, because of the lowest level of human consciousness. If you had been given the due place much earlier, humanity as a whole, would have been way more progressive. Your conscious level is much higher always that you are more hygienic, and far better at handling the life related stress and strain. You are always more likely to talk your problems through with friends or family members. You are more careful and more health conscious whatever you do. You do have a much stronger immune system as you have more Estrogen, which helps you have the enhanced capability of producing antibodies, strengthening immunity. It's the fact that you tend to live 5 to 10 years longer, and you are more qualified to lead society, community, groups, politics, family, business groups or countries because you are better observers, listeners, mentors, problem solvers than your male counterparts. In addition to the above, you are more multi-tasking always. 

Know how special you are: It appears that females are much larger than males, comparing to many species of animals and the recent study shows that women have grown taller comparing to the general stature of men and given the right environment, women are likely to grow taller than men in the future. You are smarter when it comes to relationship management, self awareness and social awareness. You can see much wider range of colors. And your sense of smell is much more enhanced. You do have more emotional intelligence or emotional quotient (EQ), which makes you capable of using your emotions more positively to find out solutions to the problems, you face. With more EQ, you feel more empathetic with others and you can communicate more effectively with others. Contrary to the common belief, you make less emotional outburst, comparing to your reckless counterparts.This is what makes you good at overcoming challenges and defusing conflicts much faster. It makes you emotionally and mentally much stronger as well. You can maintain your cognitive skills pretty much longer as the metabolism of your brain is set in such a way that it's three years younger than men's of the same age. Your muscle mass actually produces the same level of force, which is equal to that of a similarly fit man's. You may have a lower muscle mass, but the strength of which is higher. You handle pain much better than your weaker counterparts, who can't stand the higher level of any sort of pain, including the labor pain as you do. You have got an amazing multi-orgasmic body during lovemaking. Unfortunately, you have to coach your man how to use it. You are always more productive at work. You can easily outperform men as you are made for that. You have got more leadership qualities and the communities of highly evolved entities are always led by women. More oxytocin is produced inside your system during labor and lactation, which makes you more compassionate after motherhood. In general, you get access to more aspects of compassion, comparing to your less compassionate counterparts. You are comparatively less aggressive, but provocation makes you aggressive in such a way that no man can stand it. 

What you have to do: You have been subliminally mis- programed by patriarchal society. You had your compassion and innocence taken advantage of. Know the fact that you are never dependant on anybody. The entire society is dependant on you instead. Come to your true self. When you are given due position and respect, the entire society gets progressive. Rule your society so that it becomes totally free from corruption, wars and terrorist activities. Train yourself to be free from the clichéd ideas that are meant for putting you down. You can easily break free from the patriarchal shackles. Start your day with a 5- minute meditation with the reaffirmation and inner visualization that you want to achieve your true self. Regularized meditation can give you the muscle memory to take necessary actions needed. Always remember that the more conscious can easily control, guide and rule the less conscious. Act on your highest excitement and build a new World with a new order, where you lead everything. You are a born leader....