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How effective is Tarot Card Reading in your life?

The Tarot is a pack of playing cards widely used in Europe to play. Later a tendency to read the cards to have your personality assessment was developed in such a way that it helps you understand what you have to know about a particular situation in your life. Later on Tarot Reading developed as a practice by which you are given insight in terms of your past, present and future events based on the level of frequency you maintain at the time of the reading. What a Tarot Deck is : A Tarot deck actually consists of 78 cards which have been divided into two categories namely Major Arcana and Minor Arcana meaning major mysteries and minor mysteries. Major Arcana consists of 22 cards dealing with the themes like your relationship, career love etc. Minor Arcana comes up with 56 cards dealing with day to day activities . You can see that Minor Arcana cards are sub divided into 4 suits such as swords, pentacles, wands, and cups. Each suit represents an element with its char

How to raise your Vibration?...

Why are you Jealous?...
How to raise your vibration? What is that? Well, actually speaking you are a pitch of vibratory energy which does have a unique level of resonant frequency. Everything including you is made up of energy. Everything is energy vibrating with different frequencies. The success of life is 100% dependent on the level of energy you maintain. You can see winners in life have already maintained high level of energy. Your health is closely linked with your vibratory frequency. Healthy human body resonates at a frequency of 62 to 78 MHz. You will start developing diseases when the frequency drops to 58 MHz. Your body goes receptive to Cancer at 42 MHz. It's not a tedious task to raise your vibration. What you need from your end is a little bit of focus. It's your intentional reorganization of your life. Leave the company of the negative network of people who are going to keep you negatively polarized. You can make your mind more positive by meditation. Know the fact that only a positive mindset can produce positive actions. Try to build your life around the service to others. Moving on, you will get used to having such a life and you start doing things with zero expectations and always you get heavily rewarded by Nature and plus such a life makes you develop high level of vibration. 

How to raise your vibration: Maintain healthy diet always. A healthy diet means that you take food items which can increase your frequency without your knowledge. Have more unprocessed food items, raw fruit and vegetables. Eating high-energy foods like fresh berries, beans, spices, nuts, seeds, blue green algae, legumes or herbs can be done, which can help you reach higher level of vibratory frequency. Make sure that you drink more water, as it can detoxify your system. Being thirsty is the last signal body gives. Processed food items and read meat consumption can lower your vibratory frequency.  Embrace high frequency emotional states where you practice forgiveness, compassion, kindness and gratitude. Help anybody as much as you can every single day, which improves the level of your frequency so fast. Use music and listen to positive or motivational songs. Have inner visualization about positivity and peacefulness when you listen to music. Choose the company of people with high vibratory value. The positive energy they emit can definitely influence your vibratory level. You get your frequency level up when your body is subject to any sort of movement regularly, be it any of the exercise you like. Regularize your meditation and promote positive thinking. Meditation is the best way through which you can change the negativity inside and get it replaced with positivity. Remember that negative thoughts and emotions always keep you in a low bandwidth of vibratory frequency. You are who you think you are. You have Bioplasticity, which means that you can self regulate your biochemistry and the thought process on demand. Energize yourself with positive feelings through meditation. You have to avoid people maintaining negative energy levels. You have to be a little picky right here. Spend some time out in Nature as it emits high level of frequency always. And wear high vibrational objects like crystals or any other positively charged pendants or necklace. You yourself are capable of charging any object with postive thoughts and emotions frequently. Foster positive thinking always and it's good to pay a visit to the high frequency zones like temples, mosques, churches or praying room in your house. Theses places emit high level of frequency because they have charged that way with focused thoughts and emotions. Practice love. The practice helps you raise your vibration so fast even without your knowledge and the practice helps you maintain the highest possible frequency available on the Planet... 


  1. Awesome advice. Love is meant for everything and everyone. Love is our destiny in life.


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