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The State of Samadhi

The Process of Ensoulment & Desoulment Everyone of you does have the potential of attaining Samadhi . It is actually the final stage of your spiritual  path through which you maintain the ultimate level of your consciousness .  What Samadhi is : Samadhi is the state of  mind where you practice the external and internal disciplines. You maintain perfect balance in terms of your senses, which is achieved through the regular practice of physical exercise , breath control, withdrawal of the senses through  meditation and concentration. Samadhi , in other words, is the state of higher level of consciousness where you feel the eternal bliss. The stage of Samadhi is achievable only through constant practice especially when you can stop the wheel of  thoughts inside. The Sanskrit term Samadhi means bringing together or total self-collectedness. It practically means the unification of your mind. It's the highest stage of mental concentration, you practice where

How to make time for yourself?

What's your movement?
How to make enough time for your life? Well, It's the most important problem everyone faces nowadays. Everyone appears to be very busy with their hectic schedule of life. You know what? Everyone of you is blessed with only 24 hours per day and it's you who have to decide how to make your time. But, how? Well, just look into what is going on. 

What your time is: Time is not absolute. Actually speaking, time is an optical illusion and the flow of which is not closely related to the physical reality. Time is only a reflection of change. From change, your brain constructs a sense of time as if it were flowing. Time is actually the human invention to make life more organized. The nature of time becomes deviant according to the form of matter and which is what makes time linear or not so linear. It's okay. Let's talk about your time. You are the creator of your realityWhat does that mean? Well, it means that you are the maker of your life and time too. Nobody else. You are made in such a way that you can change the way your neurochemistry works. Then, when it comes to time, it's so simple. You can make plenty of time with a little bit of focus from your part, however busy you are. Just follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Follow Time Management for sure: Time management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on your life, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivity and to save enough time. Time Management is the process through which you learn how to allocate time effectively to the right activity. It allows you to assign specific time slots to activities as per their importance. Time management helps you have some control of your time and improve your ability to prioritize things and get things done fast. It helps you take better decisions. You have to set specific goals. Always try to make a list on the things you should do and Prioritize your list. Review your plan. Plan for tomorrow and use deadlines. Keep a weekly and monthly calendar always. If you have unbearable work to do, delegate some of your responsibility, or cut out what isn't absolutely necessary to your day to clear your schedule. You are not supposed to accept endless tasks. Try to set a limit for everything and learn to say no to things, you don't want or like, without feeling guilty. 

Step 2: Reschedule your life: Always understand that you are the maker of your time and you have to make a total change of what you have been doing. Change up your routine. It's not always possible to squeeze in time during the day for yourself but you can make time with some adjustments, because time is to be made by you. Set boundaries for everything you do, be it the work you do or the time you spend with your friends or family members. It doesn't mean that you are going selfish, but you are timing yourself up. This is how you can allocate your time. This is how you can find time for everyone and everything including yourself. This is how you can optimize time. You have to create a new reality for yourself. Build your life around your passion so that you can enjoy even the work you do. It's good to plan your day in advance and start it with a checklist. Make sure that you take adequate rest and sleep well. Be careful in terms of how to optimize your multitasking and try to focus on one particular task at a time. You have to do the most important tasks first. Accept your mistakes and move on. Always focus on yourself rather than on the time, or the circumstances you have. Always understand that you are the meaning of your life. Take breaks always to re-energize yourself. When you reschedule your life, you will definitely get plenty of time to do something you like, or spend on your family members or relax. You are here, to enjoy your life. Enjoy every single moment of it...


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