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You are, actually speaking, the personification of pure  consciousness which is the  quantum reality. It's according to the level of ur consciousness that your  energy within is triggered. In other words, you are a pitch of energy with a unique, core vibrational frequency . Your vibrational frequency can be improved according to the  customization of your consciousness. Your vibrational frequency is spiritually termed as your  spirit and the consciousness, you hold with that frequency order is called as your soul . Your core vibrational frequency order is way more important as it's the key to your  simulated evolutionary game. You can improve the level of your frequency order all by yourself and it's entirely dependent on the employment of your consciousness .  Karma influences your frequency order : Your core vibration is thoroughly influenced by the thoughts , emotions and actions from your end. In other words, moment by moment, you undergo vibratio

How to heal yourself?

How can you stay young?
How to heal yourself? Well, it's 100% true that you are born with self healing capacity. But unfortunately, many of you are not aware about it. Just have a look. 

What your self healing is: Self-healing refers to the process of recovery from your psychological disturbances or physical problems or diseases through the proper channelization of energy with your motivated instinct. Your body is a self-healing organism which has the astonishing power to heal itself without drugs and surgery. Your body's ability to function retards and you get into diseases only when your body is denied of the basic requirements to thrive healthily. There are certain things you have to follow strictly to realize how amazing your body can be. You are the most advanced expression of Nature on the Earth. Your healthy body fights infection, heals wounds, kills cancer cells, repairs damage, and fights even the aging process. Your self healing process is slow but you can speed it up with the focus. Generally speaking, the self healing process begins in the weeks following tissue damage and can extend over 12 months or more depending on the size and type of the wound or injury. You are the cooperation of trillions of cells. Every single second these cells work tirelessly to achieve equilibrium, keeping you in or bringing you back to a state of natural balance. You are also blessed with self healing propensities and you can heal others and self heal. Every single organ of your body can self heal, given the right environment, including the Spinal cord tissue, Pancreatic tissue, Brain tissue, and Prosthetic tissue. 

How you can self heal: First of all, self healing is not something happening all of a sudden without any preparation. You have to set your body in such a way that it's possible to be self healed and practice prerequisites. Always remember that your body self heals only in the right environment.  Manifestation is the result of the mixture of your thoughts, emotions and actions. Your self healing is the result of both physical and psychological steps you have to follow. Maintain a healthy diet. Have a regularized pattern of exercise which can strengthen your immune system and help your body ward off disease, fight infection, and heal faster.  Try to have at least 30 minutes of any sort of exercises for at least three days a week. Practice regular oxygenation which is nothing but the techniques of deep inhalation and exhalation, you are supposed to do to keep your cells oxygenated and energized. With each breath imagine that you are exhaling negative energy. It's the simple practice for about 5 to 10 minutes. Oxygenation always boosts your immunity power. Regular Hydration is nothing but the need that you have to drink plenty of water and never wait for your thirst which is the last signal your system gives you. This is how you can detoxify your system. The psychological step includes meditative healing through which you can use the energy inside and outside to self heal and heal others. Focus on your troubled area, and then imagine that you are pulling in, the radiating, healing energy from the Universe and getting it applied into the troubled part, feeling better and healed. Bathe in that sensation. It's a kind of meditative, inner visualization process which you have to repeat whenever you feel needed. Inner visualize that you have already been healed and feel that sensation. Actually speaking, it's the process through which you mix your thoughts and feelings together. It can definitely work wonders. This is how you can manipulate energy and the same technique can be used to heal others as well. You can use lucid dreaming as well as lying meditation with the same purpose. Try to do something new every day, be it planting a seed or watching a film or song, reaffirming that it's also one of the ways to be self healed. It makes you more positively energized and is the first step to start the healing process. When we are actually ready, things we are ready for, automatically come in. Sound healing is another technique, you can practice to self heal. Everything is energy, vibrating in different frequencies. Vibrations both instrumental and vocal can be used. You can either listen to positve songs or vibrations or do singing or humming or chanting with the inner visualization of having healed. It works because sound healing is capable of slowing down your brain waves in such a way that it affects every single cell in your body, triggering a soothing, healing wave inside. As a result, cells are rejuvenated and programed to achieve quick healing. Practicing love is another step which strengthens your immune system. You are so powerful that you can heal others by touching. It's like some kind of touch therapy. But it works only with those individuals who maintain higher vibratory frequency. A touch healing practioner can manipulate the energy flow in your body. When a practioner touches you with strong inner visualization of healing, it triggers biochemical change inside your body. They can shift the way body's biofield works, triggering the release of chemicals like Oxytocin and Endorphins which promote well being. When you mix your thought, emotion and action, It changes the expression of matter as it's the strongest electromagnetic effect, you produce. It definitely improves your healing powers as well... 


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