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You are, actually speaking, the personification of pure  consciousness which is the  quantum reality. It's according to the level of ur consciousness that your  energy within is triggered. In other words, you are a pitch of energy with a unique, core vibrational frequency . Your vibrational frequency can be improved according to the  customization of your consciousness. Your vibrational frequency is spiritually termed as your  spirit and the consciousness, you hold with that frequency order is called as your soul . Your core vibrational frequency order is way more important as it's the key to your  simulated evolutionary game. You can improve the level of your frequency order all by yourself and it's entirely dependent on the employment of your consciousness .  Karma influences your frequency order : Your core vibration is thoroughly influenced by the thoughts , emotions and actions from your end. In other words, moment by moment, you undergo vibratio

How to use your Lucid Dream?

 How to use your Lucid Dream?

Can you use lucid dream to program  yourself? How? Well, it is a very effective strategy to program your brain which can't understand the difference between your imagination and an actual event. It's so simple to do and you can do that any time you want. And there's no need to get your bed arranged for that. You can even do that either sitting or standing, with more practice. Start doing that lying on your bed or on the floor, with a mat on. This is how you use your consciousness to control your brain, installing the programs you want. Lucid dreaming does have therapeutic effects. 

What a lucid dream is: Lucid dream is your intentional dreaming process, where you are pretty aware about your dream and you can control the dream the way you want.  In other words, it's your intentional inner visualization process in which you get your dreams customized to your need. It appears that in a lucid dream, you are powerful to make whatever you think of, a reality. It's nothing but the practice in which you have an intentional dream about the change, you want to bring to your life or personality. It's your programed dream process in which you plan your dream and you don't have to depend on your sleep. You can go to this dream state any time you want, be it at your free time, before you sleep, or even in the shower. Have lucid dreams multiple times a day, just for a couple of seconds. Close your eyes and have a quick inner visualization about your future self and mix the process with your imagination. 

Why you should do lucid dreaming: You have been the victim of subliminal mis- programing, done by society without your knowledge, which is what makes you set up a narrow framework for yourself. It holds you back from achieving your true self. It makes you less confident and more fearful and you start thinking like, you are not capable of doing something or not skilled or beautiful enough to do something. You stay forgetful about your uniqueness. You can use lucid dreaming, as you do with meditation, to reprogram your brain. 

How to do lucid dreaming: You can practice it anytime. Go to your bed. Arrange proper sleeping environment as you like. Try not to get distracted easily either because of sound or light. It's very good if you have already planned the course of your dream. If you face any problems in real life, you can solve that through lucid dreaming. For example, if you are not confident enough to do something, you can have dreams where you are confident enough to do something, having the strongest inner visualization of the same. In other words, this is how you train your brain the way you want. Try to have lucid dreams in minute detail. The repetition of such a dream several times makes you more confident than you had ever been before, in actual life. It's the targeted dream incubation program you have undertaken. You are so powerful that you can even self heal by using the same techniques and be free from body disorders or fatal diseases. 

How you are benefited: You can easily control your brain and have the life you want, by lucid dreaming. Your consciousness is way beyond your brain and it doesn't originate from the brain. When you have lucid dreaming regularized what happens is that it becomes the part of your belief system. It produces a cascade of self regulating biochemical responses especially in the Amygdala and the Hippocampus; the regions of the brain, responsible for the development of your thinking and beliefs. When you have strong inner visualization with beliefs, your brain is fooled to produce the neurotransmitters, with the same biological responses. In other words, your body mirrors what you believe in and this is where Placebo Effect plays a key role. Regularize the habit of having lucid dreaming before you go to bed or after having got up at least for 5 to 20 minutes. Moving on, you can have lucid dreaming wherever you are, and you will be able to do that sitting, standing or even walking. It's all about improving your concentration step by step. When you mix your thoughts with feelings it's the strongest possible, electromagnetic waves you send out, which can definitely influence matter. This is how you can self heal and heal others. Lucid dreaming helps you create your reality the way you want and this is how you regain the muscle memory to take necessary actions in terms of whatever you are looking for... 


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