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The State of Samadhi

The Process of Ensoulment & Desoulment Everyone of you does have the potential of attaining Samadhi . It is actually the final stage of your spiritual  path through which you maintain the ultimate level of your consciousness .  What Samadhi is : Samadhi is the state of  mind where you practice the external and internal disciplines. You maintain perfect balance in terms of your senses, which is achieved through the regular practice of physical exercise , breath control, withdrawal of the senses through  meditation and concentration. Samadhi , in other words, is the state of higher level of consciousness where you feel the eternal bliss. The stage of Samadhi is achievable only through constant practice especially when you can stop the wheel of  thoughts inside. The Sanskrit term Samadhi means bringing together or total self-collectedness. It practically means the unification of your mind. It's the highest stage of mental concentration, you practice where

What is your Shadow work?

The Practice of Teleportation

What's your Shadow work? Well, it's a very important thing everyone of you has to do for the betterment of life. It's definitely simple to do and what is needed is your focus. Here, the term shadow is not the physical one, cast on the floor while you walk in the Sun. 

What your Shadow is: Psychologically speaking, the term shadow denotes your subconscious personality. It's your dark side extended inside. It appears that usually you don't mind your physical shadow and you don't mind your subconscious shadow either. In other words, your shadow is the subliminal mis-programing you have got exposed to, since your childhood. It works as a constraint on the progress you have to make in terms of your life. This subliminal mis-programing was done by society, family or your educational environment. This mis-programing has set a narrow framework on you and you think that you are not beautiful, capable, powerful etc. This is how you start to suppress your sensitivity, emotions and talents, setting limit to yourself and growing fearful day by day. You start to set your life according to the feedback from outside. You fail to understand that the Creation is different and everyone is unique the way they are. When you put shadow in a broader perspective with a spiritual connotation, it is any part of you that you failed to accept. Your shadow works as a blockage both in terms of your physical life and in terms of your spiritual awakening. Unfortunately more than 95% of your life is influenced by the shadow. The shadow gives you a colored vision of misperception. Your shadow is so powerful that it operates without your conscious awareness. In other words, most of your problems are caused by the shadow. 

What your shadow work is: If you have to achieve your true self you have to get away from your inner shadow, which causes some kind of inner fragmentation in you in such a way that you can't control yourself and can't take a strong decision in life. Shadow work is the practice through which you can obliterate the inner shadow, as a result, you change the way you project yourself to the outside. Shadow work is necessary to change the pattern of your life. You can't finish doing shadow work all of a sudden. It's the paradigm shift you have to achieve, step by step. It's very good to do it daily as it's not a tedious task. You can do shadow work all by yourself and you start to see the best possible results within a week. Shadow work is so simple to do but your focus is mandatory. 

How to do Shadow Work: It can be easily done through meditation. Another powerful means through which you can do it is lucid dreaming. You can also have outer visualization practice. It's whatever you do to achieve your goals. The practice includes hanging positive pics on your bed room walls and focus on them for some time whenever possible, reading inspirational stories or books, watching motivational videos or films, listening to speeches, which can raise your spirits or maintaining an inspiring friendship with someone. Practice the outer visualization techniques more often. The most effective step in this regard is the practice of love, which can be easily done. The practice changes your biochemistry and subliminal mis- programing, bringing your paradigm shift. 

How you are benefitted: Shadow work enhances your level of emotional intelligence, there by improving your focus on relationships in life. This is how you become a woman/man of your dreams. It helps you strengthen your relationship with family members, friends or colleagues. It clears your vision, gives you a balance in terms of your mental and physical qualities. You get a matured vision of life and you tend to guide the humanity through your enhanced creativity. Shadow work checks your negative polarization, leaving your life successful. With a balanced physical and mental health, you can live a much better life, helping people enhance their consciousness.... 


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