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IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

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What is your Love?

How to deal with Negative People?
Have you ever wondered how your love must be? Well, Love is the most powerful word in the Universe. It's the success mantra you have in life. It's the ultimate level of consciousness you can reach as a human. It's the force, you can change any negativity with. Your love, be it platonic or personal, means that you are ready to share, collaborate, co-operate and serve wholeheartedly. If you have pure love inside, it makes you  connected with all other positive aspects of the Universe as it's the source code of all positivity, you can see. It makes your frequency of energy at its highest. You are a pitch of vibratory energy and you have come here to make some experience, but your level of consciousness is kept lying dormant inside until awakened. It's done so to get adjusted to your limited system which is your body. If you have to get back to the Source energy, as an evolved spirit, you are supposed to regain the full level of consciousness. Actually life is a test you do to yourself simply to get to see how much consciousness you can have from operating through a limited simulated systemYou are God being experienced and if you think otherwise it's because of your filtered consciousness. The essence of the truth is that there is but one Being and that every soul is that Being in full, not a part of that Being. Your brain, a limited tool for your survival here filters your consciousness by default if not programed the other way around. Consciousness is the inherent property of the Universe and you are its tiny little piece. Even though you are a little piece, you contain all the essence of the consciousness. How can you gain consciousness then? Well, It's important and you have to use love as your tool to function and that is the only way possible. Even the service you do without pure love elicits negative results. Just learn from the following steps. 

Step A: What your love is: Love is the realization that you are so powerful and are the part and full of God. It's the knowledge that everything is coming from the same Source and whatever you see outside is your own extension. As a result, you are never envious, jealous, comparing or competitive with others. You never make any conflicts. But you are ready to cooperate, collaborate and get adjusted to situations. All you have is pure love and all your actions are its reflection through your compassion, empathy and selfless service. You recognize that enemies are simply a cry for help and they feel inimical to you as they have never acquired the level of consciousness of love, you maintain. You feel pain when a fellow human, animal or plant is hurt. Your love must be from your heart not from your mind. Actually speaking, you can't trust your senses which are the signals, brain gives you through its misperception. For example, you can't see bacteria and viruses around and can't hear the dog whistle either. That doesn't mean that these things don't exist. It means that you can't trust your senses which are limited. When you look around the World with the same senses you get misperceived ideas of separation, segregation and division based on cash, race, gender, religion, color, profession, language, nation and boundaries. Love becomes your last memory. You have to suffer to understand the true value of love. Love will be the only comfort when you suffer. The selfless service is your love in action. True Love is never confined to social media or emojis but it is the similar vibratory order, you achieve with your partner so that both of your hearts and brains function as a single conscious unit forever. Love is the activation of your frequency where you find yourself in total alignment with someone else's thought, emotion and action and you feel united as a Single Conscious Unit. Romantic love, actually speaking is the imbalance, you have in terms of your soul's vibratory equation, which is what makes you seek it from another body. A soul needs multiple simulated birth cycles, being females and males to keep the balance between feminine and masculine polarization. Feminine vibration is submissive by nature and masculine one, dominant and aggressive. Generally speaking, it takes a long time for a soul to achieve the balance between feminine and masculine vibratory equations which are actually existing within the soul's total vibratory frequency. From 5G/D onwards, a soul achieves the balance to a greater extent. Those souls who achieved the balance between the feminine and masculine equations within the soul, never need a physical partner as they are always engaged in some sort of self amorous ecstasy, which is more spiritual than sensual, which is why the highly evolved souls on the planet prefer to be alone. It's the soul's vibratory alignment that makes a soul fall in love with its opposite vibratory equivalent. This is how male and female vibratory equations feel attracted to each other. Love is triggered when you find it in alignment with another soul's vibration. The physical romantic love is possible from 2G/D to 5G/D. And from 6 G/D onwards the sense of soul is lost and an entity becomes the social network of a bunch of souls of somewhat similar vibration. Sensual and spiritual Love is more prominent in the 3G and 4G planets or worlds. 

Step B: Know your love is not a hidden emotion: Focus on your spirit that is lying dormant inside you. You are the expression of God. So, never let you get misperceived by mind. God is love and light and so are you. Let your heart be filled with the true love which doesn't have any boundaries. When your love becomes the total expression of your true self, when you get your partner totally engulfed by that, she/he is not going to cheat on you. If you let your love lie buried inside, you can't call it love as love is not a hidden emotion. Love becomes love only when you put it in actions. Actual love doesn't keep the record of wrongs. Love is your standing firmly in truth and defending it. Love like God is infinite. With love, you will be more united, more global, more cooperative and collaborative. You will think way beyond your nation, cash, color, and gender. All the problems you face now like poverty, unemployment, malnutrition, poor sanitation, or poor medical facilities will be solved through your more cooperative and collaborative actions. Division based on cash will disappear. You won't make any wars or conflicts but make more medical and technological progress in such a way that you transform yourself into a super entity who can even decide the time of death. You will start working as a cluster of many people's collective consciousness, which acts like a super mega computer, controlling everything. Your life goes changed, being free from diseases, deformities, accidents, or disabilities. Population reduces and everyone of you becomes the unique part of your collective consciousness. Food habits change and become more watery by nature, including all the necessary nutrients for your system. You stop killing animals for food. The flora and fauna, being influenced by your collective consciousness, start living through more symbiotic relationship. This is how the most beautiful Mother Earth gets evolved. With your evolution, she gets liberated, which is what she has been looking for. Many of your advanced civilizations failed It. You must not repeat the same. It won't take you to have more time and everything happens so quickly. This happens because love is extremely powerful and is the ultimate consciousness you can reach from a limited system. When everyone of you uses love as your tool to function, it makes sure that you are going to achieve the drastic change which has never happened before, setting a new cycle of your evolutionary process.

Step C: Know that it's the maximum level of your consciousness: Your true love is the maximum level of consciousness you get. Now you can see you are connected with everything. Nothing is separate from you. You don't want anything because you know that you are everything. You know that you are none but God experiencing through a body. Whatever you see outside is only you in another body or format. You can't hate anybody. You don't have any enemies because you know everything is one but in different expressions of consciousness. You start to forgive yourself and others and actually you won't even think about forgiveness, because there is no need for you to forgive when you don't have any concept of forgiveness, attached to you as a label. When your pure love gets expressed through your selfless service, the pure conscious Universe can easily understand that and every single fabric of the Universe works in tandem with you, showering you with luck, success, favorable situations and synchronicities. Love gives you name, fame, wealth or everything you need, much more than you have ever imagined. What you can do is only love. What you can see is only love and what you can hear is only unconditional love. The total expression of love is the next step of human evolution. You have let yourself lie in separation. It's high time you got yourself free from the shackles of terrorism, separatism, militarism and gender wars, to come to a new world of global unity, love and peace. The practice of love is not something special you need to learn painstakingly. But it's the unlearning of whatever you have learned so far. Love is the only force with which you can be more cooperative and collaborative than you were never before. Love makes your evolutionary cycle fast. Love is the force which makes you 100% positive always. Love is the mother of your all positivity and when you have positive energy,  whatever you do turns out to be positive, be it your action or communication. You will be younger, happier and more confident. You will have the term fear, deleted from the dictionary of your mind. You will have the soothing sensation of a slowly moving river from inside always. You tend to guide and help others whenever possible. You keep all the negative emotions like anger, envy etc at bay. You can feel the World simply working for you as life favors you with everything you want. You all the time feel united with Nature. When you practice love, service becomes your satisfaction rather than the benefit, you expect. Your spirit now stays activated and your vibratory frequency is at its highest. Your heart and brain function more coherently, opening up the door way to have super intuition, longevity, super healing, youthfulness, super memory and super consciousness. Love is the only force with which you can achieve the your hemisphirical balance. Love makes you powerful to question, raise your voice or fight when you feel it gets denied or blocked away. Love as a positive force works with you, from both inside and outside and every single cell in your body becomes the receptor and conductor of pure love. Love makes you have emotional intelligence, where you use your ability to use your own emotions to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome the problems and challenges and defuse conflict, transforming yourself into a super human. You can easily sense people's intentions and behave accordingly and no one can cheat you or make you a fool. You tend to react so strongly wherever needed, demoralizing the wrong doer totally. Love makes your electromagnetic frequency so powerful that the evil spirits stay aloof from your life. Love energy that you maintain can be noticed by animals, plants and birds and they give you special consideration. Love brings your hemispherical balance. Love guides you always. Love you practice is so powerful that it changes many lives around you, without your knowledge. Many people can be changed the way you behave or do things. The practice of love takes you away from the karmic bondage and makes you free from the evolutionary graduation system an organism undergoes, helping you get liberated so fast. "Love: The Timeless Tapestry of Human Connection"

Love, the intangible force that weaves through the fabric of our existence, transcending time and culture. It manifests in myriad forms, from the tender affection of a parent to the passionate embrace of romantic partners. At its core, love is the universal language that binds us all.

In the realm of romantic love, it dances between hearts, creating a symphony of emotions that poets have endeavored to capture through the ages. It's the magnetic pull that draws two souls together, a magnetic force that defies explanation. Love transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, turning the mundane into the magical.

Beyond romance, love extends its benevolent reach into the realms of friendship and camaraderie. It's the unspoken understanding between kindred spirits, the shared laughter that echoes through the corridors of time. Friendships rooted in love are the pillars that support us through life's trials, providing solace and strength.

The love between family members forms an unbreakable bond, an intricate tapestry of shared history and unconditional support. It's the reassuring presence that accompanies us through the journey of life, a sanctuary of acceptance and belonging.

Yet, love is not without its complexities. It can be a source of profound joy, but also of heartache. The ebb and flow of relationships test the resilience of love, demanding patience and understanding. It evolves, matures, and adapts to the changing seasons of life.

In a world that often seems divided, love serves as a unifying force. It breaks down barriers, fostering empathy and compassion. Love encourages us to see the humanity in others, promoting tolerance and acceptance.

As we navigate the tapestry of life, love remains our constant companion. It inspires acts of kindness, fuels creativity, and lends meaning to our existence. Love is both a journey and a destination, a gift we give and receive in countless ways.

In essence, love is the timeless essence that makes us uniquely human. It's the force that connects us across generations, cultures, and continents. So, let us celebrate love in all its forms, for in doing so, we embrace the very essence of our shared humanity.