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IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

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What are the Mirages of your Mind?

What is your Character?

Mirages of your mind? Well, your Spirit lies dormant inside while its projection; the brain is active. The brain always works through its projection, you call your mind. Your mind, more often, works through misperception, but you are powerful enough to control your mind. Misperception is the reason why you get a colored vision, based on your limited senses, leaving yourself worried, upset, angry, jealous, envious, competitive and comparing. In other words, you are getting subjected to the auditory and visionary illusions of your brain on a daily basis. This is why you make a whole lot of problems in life, being extremely self centric. Now you are in a survival mode, which makes you cheat, abuse or kill the fellow beings simply for your advantage. This is how you get engulfed by the optical illusions right from your mind, which is nothing but the distorted projection of your brain. 

What your brain is: The brain is the most complex organ in the your body. It produces your every thought, action, memory, feeling and experience of life. Your brain is a jelly-like mass of tissue, containing one hundred billion nerve cells, weighing approximately 1.4 kilograms or about 3 pounds. It controls and coordinates actions and reactions, allows you to think and feel, and enables you to have memories and feelings; all the things that make you a human. Your brains grows, changes, and adapts throughout your life. The patterns of brain activity shift when you go to sleep, but the brain is active 24 hours a day, whether you are sleeping or awake. Actually speaking, the brain can’t attend to two or more attention-rich stimuli simultaneously; simply put, multitasking doesn’t work and it takes some time for you to get adjusted to your multitasking. Sometimes, you think that you only use 10% of your brain but a healthy person uses 100% of their brain. Actually speaking, you use 100% of your brain to get yourself convinced that you use only 10% of it. The pre-frontal lobes of the brain are critical for executive reasoning and decision-making. Your learning arises from changes in the connections between brain cells.

What the mirages of your mind are: The auditory and visionary illusions, your mind gives are, in total, called the mirages of your mind. Even though it's not real, you find yourself believing and following how you are misled by your mind. The optical illusions make you think that other people can read your mind or you are always watched by people in such a way that you feel disturbed. For example, if you have to deliver some public speech or performance the mind causes you to think that the audience can easily notice how nervous you are, even when that's not the case. Mind can make you more focused on your most embarrassing moments, giving you a false idea that the people around definitely noticed your embarrassment. It makes you follow orders from the authorities as it's 100% programmable and you sense a feeling of servility. Sometimes, your mind makes you think that your life is not worth the value especially when you compare it with others and you find yourself worthless in such a way that you even think about committing suicide. If you are a reserved person mind can easily play some tricks on you. You feel always a false sense of being watched and if someone laughs as they walk past you it makes you worried that the person may have noticed your weak points and must be laughing at you. The reality you make is always not right and what you perceive as reality is the result of your brain's very complex integration of external stimuli; sights, sounds, tastes, touch, smells etc. It's not always 100% correct. The Universe works way beyond it. Actually speaking, you perceive nothing in the actual present. What you call 'the present' is built out of the integration of many past steps. The flow of time is the succession of these integrations, disjointed but appearing to be continuous. The basic principle is whenever you see an object, you actually see it when the light rays coming from it, are converted into electric signals and the brain turns the signals into the images you see. The process takes some time and it actually makes your vision past. The same way, 20 to 20,000Hz is your hearing range. This is why you are unable to hear the dog whistle. Your misconceived ideas that you are not beautiful, intelligent or efficient can be fortified by your brain unless re-programed. Your brain can't perceive the difference between your performance, imagination and witnessing. This is why you feel the same level of emotion as your hero in a film does, when you watch the film even though you are relaxing on a couch. Your ego is the distorted projection of your mind. It gives you a mis-perceived vision of separation and segregation. You start to build life around your selfishness. Now your vision is colored and you start to hate people. Your brain can distort the facts about the people you dislike or hate,making you more concentrated on their bad aspects. It's like capturing all the possible details to hate or dislike. You can't see the good in them. The misperception gives you the superiority complex that you are always special or superior to someone else. This mentality always caused troubles only. It makes clashes, racial issues, violence, gender issues, separation based on color, caste and religion and even destructive wars.

Sensory illusions of your brain: It appears that the brain receives 11 billion bits of sensory information from your sensory organs and is able to process 50 bits per second. Actually speaking, there's an overflow of information and the brain finds itself difficult to analyze and process it. As a result, the brain has to make some adjustments or shortcuts to gather the most relevant pieces of information, which actually paves the way for a lot of visionary, auditory and tangible illusions. Your brain is the organ, which works through the signals of perception, which is why you can reprogram it. You start to have optical illusions at the time when the brain makes some inconsistencies, generated out of the disorganized perception it has at the time between the real object you see, and the shortcuts the brain takes to analyze what you see. You have auditory illusions when two sounds are played over each other and the brain creates the illusion of another sound or word. The Olfactory or smell related illusions are generated when your mind produces the effects or feelings of some smell out of some external stimuli or your imagination and you feel the smell even in the absence of its source. The tactile illusions or touch related illusions are also possible through the disorganized perception of the Visual Cortex and the Parietal Lobe, which are responsible for tactile sensations. 

How your brain functions: First of all, it's not the perfect organ as you think it is and is your tool for survival. It works exactly like a software system, which you can reprogram anytime you want. What you have to do is the same as you do with your smart phone. Install only the Apps beneficial to you and uninstall the unwanted. This is how you get more space, which can be used for something else. If you let your brain control you it's more likely that you will make yourself a total failure in life. This is how you get negatively polarized, being criminals, drug addicts, abusers, assailants, prisoners, rapists or terrorists. It's sad that this happens especially when you can control your brain/mind, easily with a little bit of focus from your part. Know the fact that your brain doesn't produce your consciousness and you can use your consciousness to control the brain and to make the reality you want. Use your free will for the same. How can you be free from the mirages of your mind? Well, It's 100% possible from your part and what you need is only a little bit of focus.

Reorganize your life: Start your day with, at least, a 5- minute meditation or Lucid dreaming in which you instill yourself with more confidence and positivity. Know the fact that you are blessed with Neuroplasticity and you can change the way your neurochemistry works, on demand. Keep yourself away from the negative people because you will get negatively polarized when you try to resist them. Maintain a healthy diet as food can also influence your mood. A healthy diet contains fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals can nourish the brain and protect it from oxidative stress, which is produced out of oxygen waste inside. Oxidative stress can damage brain cells. Regularize your physical exercise and do it at least for 30 minutes per day. Exercise helps you have more blood flow and more oxygen inside and it's very good for the brain function. Regular exercise is the powerful tool, with which you can improve your concentration, memory, confidence, moods, etc. Regular exercise can reduce even the symptoms of ADHD. Regular exercise can boost the brain's Dopamine, Norepinephrine, and Serotonin levels, all of which directly affect your focus and attention. Try to do things without procrastinating. Try to make friends instead of enemies. Focus on yourself rather than on the circumstances, you have. When you give extra focus on the circumstances you may either have anticipation, which makes you more troubled than the result usually does or you may be overly worried or stressful about the results. Do meditation every single day by which you can reprogram your brain and this is how you can get away with your unnecessary fear, stress, strain or aggressive attempt to survive. Practice of love makes you emotionally intelligent and makes your spirit activated in such a way that you're free from the tricks, your brain plays on you...