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The State of Samadhi

The Process of Ensoulment & Desoulment Everyone of you does have the potential of attaining Samadhi . It is actually the final stage of your spiritual  path through which you maintain the ultimate level of your consciousness .  What Samadhi is : Samadhi is the state of  mind where you practice the external and internal disciplines. You maintain perfect balance in terms of your senses, which is achieved through the regular practice of physical exercise , breath control, withdrawal of the senses through  meditation and concentration. Samadhi , in other words, is the state of higher level of consciousness where you feel the eternal bliss. The stage of Samadhi is achievable only through constant practice especially when you can stop the wheel of  thoughts inside. The Sanskrit term Samadhi means bringing together or total self-collectedness. It practically means the unification of your mind. It's the highest stage of mental concentration, you practice where

Why do you forget things?

What is your Spirit?

Why do you forget things? Well, you forget things because it's 100% needed to make your avatar successful and more experienced. You are inside your body to get experienced and evolved; which is never possible without a body. If you have made enough experience and got evolved then there's no need for you to have a body. But when you are inside the body, you are working with a narrow framework on. Once you have entered the simulative body, you are subject to the dementia part. In other words, you are born with the self imposed blinders on. If you keep remembering all the souls, you made from different birth cycles you can't focus more on the current soul, you are making. Your brain, which is the projection of your spirit, filters your consciousness heavily as it's a tool for survival and gives you a colored vision of separation and segregation. As part of a new birth cycle, you stay forgetful of your true self, who you are actually, why you have been here and what the purpose behind life is. You tend to be in a survival mode and build your life around your selfishness. Every single action from you becomes self centric. You forget the fact that you are here to make some experience and get graduated to the higher density of consciousness. You forget that you are a pitch of energy (Spirit) and you think that you are your body instead and you are permanent here. You forget the fact that whatever you see outside is your own extension and cooperation is the principle behind Creation

‌Why you need to forget: It's 100% needed for the smooth functioning of your system. If you remember everything you are likely to be more indifferent by nature and the experience needed, for your evolution through a simulated system will never be possible. Your system works in such a way that when you give more focus on the old memories, it's impossible to remember a new memory and vice versa. You start forgetting things mostly because of your encoding failures and you are capable of retaining memories, needed with a little bit of focus and practice from your part. Your system also supports motivated forgetting as it doesn't want to have the long lasting effects from your traumatic experiences. Always remember that you are blessed with Neuroplasticity, which means that you are the creator of your reality and you can change the way your neurochemistry works, on demand. The brain generates memories with a use-it-or-lose-it quality; which means that you tend to forget facts or events over time. It appears that memory blocks become more common with age. Protein Phosphatase 1 (PP1), distributed in the brain is a molecular constraint, which also helps you to forget. Your memories do not fade at random, on the contrary, the brain actively erases memories that have not been used for some time thanks to the PP1 protein. Some of your behavioral issues like lack of sleep, stress or anxiety, depression or alcohol abuse can definitely contribute to your being forgetful. Over medication, the lack of Vitamin B12, Thyroid problems, accidents, brain injuries etc can also cause some memory related issues. The Automatic Memory Loss, is the part of your metabolic order, which is what actually makes you enjoy your life. Actually speaking, the slow, fading process of memory is helpful in terms of life. You have Targeted Forgetting, which is processed through your sleep. This is how your brain clears the unwanted memories. The process is helpful in terms of collecting new memories as well. You also have Motivated Forgetting; another way by which you can forget the unwanted memories and it can be done either consciously or unconsciously. 

What memory isMemory is your super ability to recall the information, stored in your brain. By using memory you retrieve the past event or experience. There are different types of memories. For example, you have Sensory memory in which you can memorize someone or something only for a couple of seconds as you don't give more focus. Your Short-term Memory makes you capable of remembering things for a few days. It's your Working Memory, which helps you memorize information for some time. Working memory definitely enhances your decision making skills and reasoning. You have Long-term Memory which is your skill to memorize information from a few days to decades. With more focus you can convert any other levels of memory into the Long-term Memory

How memory works: You have memories when some groups of neurons in the brain are reactivated. In other words, Memory is the result of the neuronal stimulus. It appears that your memory is the result of several brain cells working together. Nothing works independently in the entire Universe. The Hippocampus in the brain plays a key role in terms of generating and organizing your memories. The consolidation of information from Short- term to Long-term Memory is processed through the Hippocampus

What you have to do: You are supposed to make your life more systematic and move on. You can train your brain the way you want. The brain is made in such a way that you can control it. If you want to remember something you can get engaged in the memory retrieval practice. The focused repetition or rehearsal keeps you memorized. Reading something aloud makes your brain capture more points as you also hear what you read. It's the dual signal, given to brain. The memory can be improved simply by clenching the fists as it can stimulate the key regions in the brain. The power of forgetfulness always makes you resilient and a survivor. Start your day with a 5 -minute meditationYou can use meditation to retain the memory about the things you want and delete the ones you don't want. You can always reprogram your brain this way. Studying in the morning works best, as the brain is able to focus more in the morning. The students who study during the day benefit from a refreshed and energized brain after a good night's sleep. Observe people and try to remember their features before you go to bed. Always remember that incessant practice keeps memory intact. Always find out time to relax and sleep well.  Regularize your physical exercise as well and do that at least for 30 minutes daily and maintain a healthy diet, both of which can boost your memory power. Music has been found to stimulate parts of the brain, and the research shows that music can be used to enhances the memory of Alzheimer's and Dementia patients. The practice of love enhances your memory power. The act of laughter helps you have the release of Endorphins and Dopamine in the brain and these neurochemical changes can improve memory. Improve your sense of humor. Healthy social network always makes you more interactive and you can share ideas and events; which keeps your memory intact...


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