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The State of Samadhi

The Process of Ensoulment & Desoulment Everyone of you does have the potential of attaining Samadhi . It is actually the final stage of your spiritual  path through which you maintain the ultimate level of your consciousness .  What Samadhi is : Samadhi is the state of  mind where you practice the external and internal disciplines. You maintain perfect balance in terms of your senses, which is achieved through the regular practice of physical exercise , breath control, withdrawal of the senses through  meditation and concentration. Samadhi , in other words, is the state of higher level of consciousness where you feel the eternal bliss. The stage of Samadhi is achievable only through constant practice especially when you can stop the wheel of  thoughts inside. The Sanskrit term Samadhi means bringing together or total self-collectedness. It practically means the unification of your mind. It's the highest stage of mental concentration, you practice where

What is your Smart Work?

How to make time for yourself?

Smart work?  Well, It's the time of smart work. You are supposed to work smart. What about hard work then? Well, There are many people who have been doing hard work for long without getting success or the effective results of their work. This is where you have to work smart. Just have a look. 

What Smart Work is: You do smart work when you put the minimum effort which causes the maximum impact on the result. When you do hard work, it appears that the quantity of the work or your effort really matters, but when it comes to smart work what matters is the quality of the work and your planned effort. Smart work doesn't mean that you are lazy and you don't want to work hard. Actually speaking, your work goes smart when you plan its proper execution. Smart work will definitely make you successful faster and this is how you can easily achieve your goals. It's high time you thought smart. Smart work is your awareness that every hour of planning can save many hours in execution. As a smart worker, you have to analyze your work, the events in relation to the work, all the people involved in the work, their relationships and the whole system scheduled, to find the best possible way to achieve the goal. Smart work doesn't mean that you are not doing any work. But you plan how to do it, no matter how challenging the situation is. Success for the hard worker comes after putting long hours at work, which deprives them of the comforts of life. Hard work becomes tedious and monotonous. But smart works makes you enjoy your life, working

How you can do smart work: just follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Analyze the work: Hard work is necessary to achieve a goal, but it is not a defining factor for your success. What you have to do is plan, analyze and sharpen your skills first rather than jump impulsively on the opportunity you have. Try to work smart as hard as you can. This is how you should do the work. Plan your day in advance and try to find out your own strategies to do the work more effectively. Always remember that you are unique the way you are. And you have a lot of skills lying dormant inside. Reinstall your skills and apply them properly to achieve the fastest possible results. Try to follow the time management. If you have a profession, in alignment with your passion, that's the smart choice you made. That's the best way to be successful in your life. In a cash based society, you need to monetize your passion. Always maintain the healthy network of people who do have same level of passion. Good character is always your success mantra. 

Step 2: Reschedule your work: Never give extra focus on your work. Always remember that you go weak when you give extra focus on something. Always focus on you rather than on the circumstances you have. Know that you are the meaning of your life and life doesn't have any meaning without you. You will be stressful and worried when you focus more on the circumstances. Do your work step by step with a lot of breaks in between. This is how you can enjoy the work. Studies show that people who relax and take naps between their working hours are more productive than the ones who keep working until they burn out. It's very good to give your brain some time to restore its power. Restricting the allowance of relaxation can adversely affect your brain, mood and productivity.

Step 3: Optimize your work process: As a smart worker, you have to find ways and means to reduce your work by using logical and innovative ways to achieve your goals. This is how you can save a lot of time. You are supposed to prioritize, delegate, keep a calendar, avoid distractions and set clear goals. Try to execute better. Always try to influence, inspire and maintain a very good network of people. Working smart is all about selectivity. If you want to be a top performer then you have to select carefully your priorities, tasks, collaborations, team work, customers, new ideas, steps in a process and interactions to undertake new things. You have to select whatever you have to neglect or accept. Being a smart worker not only makes you successful faster but helps you enjoy your life thoroughly. As you get plenty of time, you can invest it in whatever you like, be it a tour with your family members or a chance to do something else that you always want to do. Always remember you are the maker of your reality and you are here not to suffer but to enjoy your life to the maximum possible extent...


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