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IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

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How important are Animals?

How to find Peace of Mind?
Life is the process through which pure conscious energy takes physical forms just to gather more experience and learn more lessons. It's necessary to successfully finish the birth cycle of being animals to get graduated to be a human. Spiritually speaking, when you raise an animal, you literally help it get assimilated into your level of culture and consciousness to some extent and it leaves the imprint of human level consciousness in the animal's soul at the time of its death, helping it get graduated into human birth cycle, the very next time. It's the service, you do to an organism of lower density of consciousness. It takes a long time for a wild animal to get graduated into your level of consciousness naturally. It's a long cycle of evolution through different births, learning more about, organization, leadership, symbiotic relationship and collaboration. When you raise an animal, it's the intentional manipulation of its evolution, you do, helping it skip the natural cycle of evolution. 

What an animal is: An animal refers to any of the Eukaryotic Multicellular Organisms which belong to the biological kingdom Animalia, with the characteristic features of heterotrophic existence, motility with special, sensory organs, and anatomical growth from a blastula during embryonic development. An animal can be a mammal, bird, reptile, or amphibian. The insects, fish items and even you are included in this category of beings. You are the most advanced form of an animal. Actually speaking, You are a terrestrial animal, characterized by your erect posture, bipedal locomotion, high manual dexterity and heavy tool use, complex language use, comparing to other animals on the planet Earth. Chromosome number 2, which covers 8% of DNA in the every single cell you have, contains the genes that largely set you apart from other animals, giving you the unique abilities like your logic, sympathy, empathy, compassion etc. 

How important the animals are: It appears that all animals and plants have the majority of their Genes in common. Animals play an important role in your life. Your dogs can be trained to detect seizures and animals can also be used in occupational therapy, speech therapy, or physical rehabilitation to help patients recover. Animals can be your trustworthy companions. Your overall well being is ensured when you take an animal as companion. The company of an animal makes you less stressful as their presence can make some chemical changes inside, improving your heart health and lowering the blood pressure. A study, recently held shows that the pet owners do have lower, resting heart rates and blood pressure rate especially when they are under stress, comparing to the non-pet owners. Children are definitely benefited by the companion animal as it can foster good qualities of social support and empathy and it helps children get relaxed and be less anxious. Your interpersonal relationships often cause stress as well, whereas pets are less likely to cause stress. The company with an animal indirectly promotes your social interactions with people, taking you off your feelings of isolation and loneliness. Having a pet always gives you a care-taking role, boosting your  sense of responsibility. The research shows that those who had pets, had fewer doctor visits, took fewer days off sick from work, and exercised more often than the non-pet owners. It's indicative of how active your pets can make you. According to the recent research, it appears that keeping pets definitely helps children foster positive qualities like empathy, compassion and higher self esteem. It's very helpful when your child doesn't have a brother or sister. 

How useful the animals are: Your pets are so useful that they can reduce your loneliness, increase feelings of social support and boost your mood. Pets, especially dogs and cats can make you less depressed and less anxious, indirectly promoting your physical movement and playfulness. It even strengthens your cardiovascular power. Pets also provide valuable companionship for the elderly. Pet therapy can be used for the people who are under the treatment for Chemotherapy and the people who suffer from chronic heart failures or post- traumatic stress disorder. Animals are extremely useful for the people who are in long term care facilities, children having physical or mental treatment, stroke victims and the people undergoing physical therapy to regain the normal pattern of life, motor skills etc. Animal therapy is the practice through which you use animals like dogs, cats, horses or birds to recover from the physical or mental problems, you have. Animals can alert if someone is in danger or even perform direct action when needed. Animal therapy is nothing but the use of a trained healthy animal of your choice to interact with you and it's going to reduce the level of pain, and enhance your personality, improving movement or motor skills and overall well-being through human- animal bond. Animals always make your life more comfortable by supplying you with food, medicine, clothing etc. They are the best gift given to you by nature. Animal skin is used as the raw material to make many products. Animal hair can be used to make blankets, jackets etc. It's the spiritual transmutation, you make if you stop killing animals for food and develop intrest in sterile lab-grown meat (Stem-cell meat)

What you have to do for them: Even though your pets don't verbalize that they are happy or sad, you can interpret pets' emotions based on their behavior. Animals can experience happiness or grief and can sometimes mourn. As an advanced animal, it's your duty to do whatever is possible from your part, to maintain the health of the ecosystem. An endangered species adversely affects the balance of an ecosystem and the loss of one species definitely results in the loss of another one and it goes ahead like a chain reaction. Society is always benefited by the conservation of an endangered species. Try to give animals the due respect always. Never try to pelt stones at them or hurt them. You can do things like identifying the animals, incapable of surviving and take them to the nearest animal shelters. It's good to arrange some food for them. Remember that you are here to share life as much as you can.  It's very good if you can take stray animals to shelters nearby. Build more wildlife rehabilitation centers. If you want to get rid of a pet, the best possible thing, you can do is contact the nearby local animal shelter. You can also contact the non profit groups which run shelters for animals. Nowadays it's pretty easy for you to locate such centres via phone calls or the internet.  Volunteer and make more animal shelters and pet charities. Organize free pet donation campaigns. Arrange treatment for the wounded animals. You are the more precious, more conscious being on the Earth and more consciousness always comes up with more responsibility...