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THE NEGATIVE ENERGY In life,  movement in the form of  exercise matters a lot more as it's needed for the proper upkeep of your system . You have to do three forms of exercise regularly in order to make sure that you live a healthy life. Any sort of physical exercise like walking must be done for at least half an hour in such a way that you get sweaty and your  heart is pounding for the much better result. And it's necessary to do the psychological exercise like  meditation before or after bed for a couple of seconds or minutes as it's the internal cleansing strategy. And it's also mandatory that you have to do breathing exercise for a couple of minutes. The duration can be adjustable according to the way you make time available to yourself. But what matters more is that you must set aside some time for doing the aforementioned patterns of exercise, regularly. And it's never a tedious task as you think. The more you do them, the more you will ha

What is your Evolution?

What is your Spirit?

The Universe is full of nothing but pure conscious energy, vibrating in different frequencies. Only energy is real and whatever else is false, forming an optical illusion of matter. Matter as it is, is nothing but the entanglement of energy. The pure conscious energy is neutral by nature. Energy cannot be destroyed it's eternal, but it can be converted into different forms or shapes or can be influenced or manipulated. Learn how the law of energy works. The super mass of pure conscious energy determined to get exploded into different simulated physical realities, (Celestial bodies like the Sun and the planets) simply to be more experienced and evolved. Energy can't simply make any experience unless it's either converted, influenced or manipulated. This is how energy can be more evolved. Evolution definitely is a slow process and is not the way your Science has concluded. Evolution happens via genetic mutation or manipulation. Genetic mutation is a slow process and is applicable only to the simple forms of life like the microbial life. All other complex life forms are the result of either spontaneous generation of life out of quantum templates of life, given the right environment or genetic manipulation done by super conscious entities who have been already evolved. Now as a species, you have reached the stage, where you too can do genetic manipulation and cloning and you have created some animals this way as well. The conscious energy (Spirit) needs some physiological vessel to get evolved and it doesn't mind whether the vessel is genetically modified or naturally evolved. When the conscious energy is converted into different simulated physical reality structures,(Bodies) it shows only the basic nature of its structure (Body) in which it's trapped. This happens because the conscious energy needs to get adjusted to its limited, simulated physical structure. As a result, it lies inactive while the activation of its simulated projection (Body including the brain)is triggered. Actually speaking, the pure conscious energy, now is trapped in a limited structure and it starts perceiving things around through a colored vision it gets out of its limited structure. The brain; a survival tool, filters the consciousness, it receives from the Universe. The purpose behind this simulated Universe is nothing but the further evolution of energy. You always have the Darwinian idea of survival of the fittest, fixed in mind. But you know what? You can't trust your Science 100%. Science changes according to the level of consciousness, you get. Your Science has yet to be fully developed and life is way beyond what your Science makes of it right now. Darwin's theory of evolution states that evolution happens by natural selection. It's definitely true when it comes to small organisams. But it's not the case when it comes to the complex organisms. Recent research shows that humans are the result of an ancient DNA fusion that happened millions of years ago. The Human Chromosome 2 is really just a fusion of two different primates of the time. You know what? The beings of higher density of consciousness can easily manipulate the lives of the less conscious ones exactly as you manipulate the plant or animal world on the Earth. You are the result of an ancient, intentional, genetic manipulation, done by the higher conscious beings who you called Gods and angels in your interpretation of history and culture. Look into your background, you can see, every single culture does have its own story about the Gods who came, helped and taught them things and went away. These beings always protected you. Sent their representatives to help you achieve more consciousness. But unfortunately, you made different religious orders out of their names and kept yourself more divided. They are still sending more conscious spirits as human avatars simply to put you on the right track. Well, things are getting changed. Look into your new generation of youngsters, most of whom are more spiritually conscious. Get ready for the next stage of your evolution. The complex organisms take billions of years to get naturally evolved but you can quicken the evolutionary process through genetic manipulation. Gene duplication can be possible either through mutation or through manipulation. Once an organism is evolved or created via genetic manipulation and its quantum template becomes available and the organism naturally gets appeared and start living on different planets with planetary or regional variations given the right environment. Remember that you can do cloning right now. You have been genetically engineered several times to make you what you are now and this is what makes you way more capable than whoever made you. You are a multi- dimensional being with hybrid super consciousness. The leader of the future Universe of evolutionary consciousness. But only a few of you have realized it now.

How energy is evolved: The evolution of energy is determined in terms of the level of consciousness it gets from operating through a limited system. Your spirit is released (Death)when you get free from the simulated physical reality structure for a while. An indifferent pitch of energy gets evolved into a super conscious entity through the process of Creation and then gets liberated, just to restart a new cycle of Creation all over again. The problem is that an indifferent pitch of energy takes a lot of time to get evolved into a super conscious entity. The entire, simulative Universe works as a grading system through which the energy can be evolved. Repetition or reincarnation is the cosmic rule for developing sense. You are given chances as many times as possible and you repeat your grade until you get the full, right lessons out of it. The process continues as energy cannot be destroyed. A pitch of energy takes a stimulated physical reality structure (Body) in a simulated system (Planet). It's evolutionary journey starts being elements like air, water soil, fire, rock, planets, moons etc, learning more about physical presence and involuntary movement. This elementary level (density) of consciousness is longer and is done with collaboration of different pitches of energy and is necessary to get graduated into the secondary level, where a spirit gets evolved and individuated more, learning more about a body and its use, symbiotic relationship, leadership, procreation, taste, smell and other sensory features, being flora and fauna. Those spirits who get qualified by learning more about the qualities, needed for a sentient life, get graduated to be humans. Sentient beings can help the lower density organisms assimilate their level of consciousness to some extent; which helps the organisms get evolved into higher density of consciousness after death. This is what happens, when you raise an animal or plant. You actually help its spirit get evolved into your level of consciousness. 

Being Human: Being human is the revolutionary move you have had. This is where you get your soul formation more fortified. It's the quickest stage of evolution, where you can easily get graduated into higher densities of consciousness. What is the higher densities of consciousness? Well, it's the world of collective super consciousness of some entities who have already been evolved and they can control the entire Universe and manipulate the energy. You can also get evolved as a species, collectively into a new group of super conscious entities, representing the Earth, in such a way that you live much longer with the help your technological advancement and can help others get evolved. You can also get evolved individually in such a way that a qualified life makes your spirit graduated into the dimension of super conscious entities. The spiritual advancement you have as a species, paves way to the advancement in all aspects of life. 

How the evolution can be achieved fast: As a human, you are more self aware, comparing to the other species on the planet. Evolution by itself is a very slow process and it can be sped up by manipulation. You have been genetically engineered several times to have the evolutionary process of the Earth possible. Your DNA is the conglomeration of whatever species you see outside, be it plants or animals. You are the advanced expression of Creation on the Earth and the selected species for the next stage of evolution, representing the great Mother Earth. Use love as your tool to function and this is the only simple and more effective way to get your spirit activated. The practice can even make you liberated and the practice, collectively, makes you as an evolved species, who make technological advancement in such a way that you can control your solar system and help the less conscious get evolved, expanding your creatory abilities. Yes! This is how you help the less conscious species on some other planets get evolved, giving them all the knowledge necessary or even become ready to have them genetically manipulated if needed and the less conscious will address you as God...


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