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IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

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The Miracle of Service

The miracle of service is an esoteric piece of information, found in almost all scriptures. All of the Prophets and Messengers who walked the planet literally practiced and their message was so simple for the humanity to understand; a service oriented life. As a whole, the humanity has already failed to practice it to the greatest possible extent and it's because of the illusory sense of separation, which can only be avoided with the proper implementation of consciousness. 

A) The sense of separation deletes your sense of service: With a body on, you get to have the sense of separation, which is the optical illusion, produced out of the filtered consciousness from your brain. Even though you are the personification of pure consciousness, your cellular biology filters your consciousness especially when you play a simulated game with a body on. Nobody can make you service oriented as it's the work, you have to do yourself. Regularized pattern of meditation where you picture and reaffirm that everything is your own extension and you can do others whatever service, possible from your end can definitely give you the muscle memory of the same always. 

B) Service to the deserved: The service to the undeserved people or things actually elicit negative karma on your part. You are not supposed to serve all alike. This happens because people and things radiate either positive or negative energy according to the employment of consciousness, they fixed for themselves. When you do some sort of service to a negatively polarized person, the person in the picture misuses it to do more negative things. It works as an indirect negative karma on your part too. When you support and serve a negative person who hurts others frequently, what really happens is that you become one of the components of the total negative karma, the negative person in the picture acquires. As the life works like a mirror, a portion of negative karma the person in the picture receives eventually comes back to you as well, fluctuating your existing vibratory equation. You can't literally change anyone as the change is a self-made-thing. The best thing you can do is keep aloof from the negative people. 

C) Pure hearted service changes you physically and physiologically without your knowledge: Service is the miracle you do without your knowledge and it works wonders literally. When you serve or help someone with zero expectations, what happens is that you feel satisfied in such a way that your heart is touched. This happens because everything here works with the mirror effect. In other words, when you get to see the happiness of those who have been just helped by you, you are reflected with their happiness and you feel peaceful and satisfied. Understand the fact that your feeling is your synchronized thoughts and emotions and it carries the electromagnetic energy which can literally alter matter. Matter is the optical illusion, caused by the entanglement of energy. The entanglement of energy or the configuration of matter is the result of the employment of your consciousness. In other words, the employment of consciousness literally affects the configuration of matter. What this here means is that your cellular biology is subjected to the energy level you maintain and your energy level is based on the consciousness level, you acquired. A service oriented life improves your electromagnetic radiation that can definitely change your physicality. That's how you become more beautiful or much younger as you always wanted. It can also rearrange your internal and external organs more beautifully and much stronger as you always wanted to be. Your eyes can reflect your energy level much better as they have biological lenses which can reflect the energy within. Your eyes are likely to be more beautiful, powerful and noticeably radiant. 

D) The double coating of energy: The greatest benefit of service you do is that it entails what's spiritually termed as the double coating of energy. When you do some kind of pure hearted service to someone, the receiver of such a service blesses you by words, emotions and feelings which are literally electromagnetic waves, transmitted to your direction. Always understand that energy is quantum entangled everywhere. And the moment the receiver of your service blesses you by the heart, you receive the strong electromagnetic radiation from the receiver of your whole hearted service. Such an electromagnetic beam works like a double coating to your core vibrational order, strengthening your vibration further. This double coating of energy within is so powerful that it can alter matter according to the way you employ your consciousness. In other words, that's how you make the physical and psychological changes, you always wanted to have. When you have double coated electromagnetic radiation, you can work wonders and how you employ your consciousness becomes a quick possibility. What this means is that whatever you want becomes your quickest possible reality. That's how you can make yourself much younger, luckier and more beautiful as you ever wanted.