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IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

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How to access the Akashic Records?

The Magic of Sound

The term Akashic, actually speaking, is of the ancient Indian origin. This ancient Sanskritic term literally means the Ether related or space related. The term does have similarity with the Arab-African term Al-aqash, meaning the etheral divinity of the elements. The term literally means the 'Space Records'. After your death, your spirit gets access to the Records and makes a self analysis of the different souls you made through different birth cycles and the Records help it to plan the next avatar.

What the Akashic Records are: It's nothing but the quantum data base. Everything is energy. And energy is everywhere. Only energy is the truth. Energy can store and transport information. The Akashic Records are the quantum data bank where you can collect all the information about the past, present and even future. According to the Akashic Records, what you have to do is simply concentrate on your present. Your present is actually responsible for both of your past and future. This happens because what you do in the present is actually responsible for your past and future. If you have the correct present, then you get the correct past and future as well. The Akashic Records are the universal distribution center where you can get access to all the pieces of information. The evolved souls get intuitive guidance from the Records and remember the fact that most of your invention was the result of intuitive hits. You can use your heart and brain as an antenna to be tapped into this inter-cosmic network of information, which works way faster and smarter than the internet does. This energetic library of information, actually speaking, records everything. Every single thought, emotion or action, you make is recorded even without your knowledge. It contains the information in relation to different souls you have made, taking different incarnations. This repository of knowledge keeps the record of your past lives, present incarnation and future possibilities.

Why it's at work: Your consciousness is actually the quantum property. It's not produced by your brain as you think and you use your brain and heart to get access to this universal consciousness instead. Practice is needed to make everything much better. With practice, you will get every single piece of information from within.

How you can you get access to it: It's accessible to everyone as you are a spiritual being and the energy, both inside and outside lies interconnected everywhere. If you maintain a negative karmic background, it's pretty difficult for you to get access to the Akashic Records. Only those who maintain higher level of vibratory frequency can get access to the Records. But you can definitely try to raise your vibration. Maintain a very healthy diet with high vibrational foods included. The Records help you have understanding of your or someone else's past, present and definitely future probabilities. It's all about the frequency or conscious level you maintain. It will be difficult for you to get access to the Akashic Records about someone who maintains higher level of frequency than yours. Follow the steps below.

A) Reorganize your life: You are the creator of your reality. First of all, you have to believe in yourself. If you maintain a series of doubts about it, it's not going to work. You are supposed to practice meditation regularly and improve your focus on the quantum consciousness. Reading the Records fully can not be achieved on the first attempt itself. This happens because it's a step by step process. You are not supposed to get discouraged if it's not working for you the first time. Keep trying until you get answers for your questions. Here the important thing, you have to be careful about is the tricks your mind is likely to play in between. If you have not improved your focus enough, you will be misguided and misinformed by your mind. This happens because a normal person, on a day today basis, gets exposed to the mirages of mind. First you are supposed to achieve the hemispherical balance through meditation and only then will you get access to reliable pieces of information. Before reading the Akashic Records, you have to get prepared well, practicing regular meditation or astral projection with remote viewing. A strong physical body is also needed so that you have to regularize your physical exercise too, which will help you improve your concentration further.

B) Understand the language of the Universal Records: Unfortunately the Universe doesn't speak English. It gives you intuitive hits in the form of symbology or geometry. It can also guide you through smell, taste or experience. This happens because the Universe knows how your biochemistry works much better than you know. For example, if you have asked for what your job was in your previous birth, you get to have an inner visualization of frying pans or you feel the aroma of some food, repeatedly every single time you look for the same. Now you have to understand that you were a cook or chef in your previous birth. The Universe can also guide you through emotions. For example, if you have had experience working as a butcher in your past life, you get to feel it, the moment you ask for. Initially it's very good for you to try asking one question at a time to get more concentration. Moving on, you will be self trained in such a way that you can get access to the Records, so fast so instantly despite any outside disturbance.

C) Maintain the Hemispherical balance: If you need to get clear access to the Records, it's 100% necessary that you need to maintain the hemispherical balance. You are born with hemispherical imbalance by default. Left brain imbalance makes you a skeptic with self service orientation while the right brain orientation makes you totally unable to get over the frequent, emotional upsurges. The hemispherical balance can be processed through regular meditation and the practice of love. This happens because you get your biochemistry changed inside when you vibrate higher. You can control the mirages of mind and get more focused.

D) How to do it: You can try to get access to the Records at any point in time. You can do that initially either sitting or lying, comfortably in a calm or quite place. With practice, you can do that later, even walking. Practice always makes you more advanced, whatever you do. It's recommended that you start practicing in the early morning, with a re-energized brain out of sleep and digestion. Start with deep breathing for at least 3 to 5 minutes, which will make your cells more oxygenated, thereby relaxing your body. The very next step needed is clear your mind of all the thoughts and enter into a meditative mode. Start focusing on your question, you need an answer to. And if your mind stays wandering, have deep breathing or ask your question out loud with the inner focus on the question. Channelize your emotion. Speak through your emotion, where you request permission to get access to the quantum consciousness. This is your attempt to get yourself free from filtered consciousness from the brain. Understand the fact that you get clear access to the Records only through repetitive practice. So, you don't have to mind if it's not working on the first attempt. Keep trying until you get successful. How long do you have to practice it? Well, it's all up to you. Start your initial sessions with the duration of 15 to 30 minutes. Focus on only one question at a time. Once the session is done, reorient yourself towards your surroundings.

E) The practice of love: The fact behind the process is that you won't get access to the Records, if you don't maintain your frequency higher. Always practice love. And have life based on selfless service. The more you do selfless service, the better you improve the electromagnetic frequency. The wholehearted service, you do to someone or something with zero expectations can easily enhance your aura. And this happens because, selfless service makes you happy, triggering avalanches of feel good hormones like Serotonin, Oxytocin, Endorphins etc inside. It also improves the electromagnetic frequency you have. Moreover, the person or thing that received your service is so happy and satisfied that they several times thank you through their emotions and thoughts mixed on you, triggering the strongest beam of electromagnetic effect aimed at you. In other words, the provider and receiver of the service, keep mutually charged with strong electromagnetism. This is what happens every single time, you do selfless service, improving the density of your Aura. The consciousness is one but the level of consciousness an organism maintains is different from one another. The essence of the truth is that there is only one being and every single soul is that being in full, not a part of that being. In other words only God is the truth, and you actually are not the part of God, but full of God... 

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