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How to keep your relationships strong?

How are you responsible for yourself? Relationship definitely plays a dominant role in your life. Your relationship can make you happy and  painful as well. What you can simply do is get away from any sort of negative relationship  and nurture the positive one Instead.  What your relationship is : Your relationship can be the closer connection you prefer to maintain with others. Actually speaking, you are a social being. There are different kind of relationships such as your familial relationships , friendships, student or teacher or mentor or mentee relationships , romantic relationships and group and community relationships . Maintenance of your relationship shows that you're committed to someone or something someway.  Why you have to keep relationship strong : Maintaining healthy relationships is always a very important thing you do. It helps you have your emotional and mental well-being. Your relationship with others can even help your survival in soc

How effective is Palmistry in your life?

How effective is Numerology in your life?

Chiromancy or Palmistry does have its origin in ancient Astrology and fortune telling. Palmistry is practiced throughout the World with variant styles. The purpose behind the Palm reading is nothing but a general assessment of your personality by studying your Palm lines

What Palmistry is: It's the ancient practice of fortune telling by a hand analyst. It was a popular practice in ancient India, Persia and Egypt. The Palmist is supposed to examine both hands and make a generic assessment. In some regions left hand is checked for the females while the right hand is analyzed for the males. But a professional Palmist is supposed to check both hands irrespective of gender and make prominent reading. 

How the lines in Palmistry are at work: A Palmist deciphers your hand lines. There are four major lines namely (1) The Heart line (2) The Head line (3) The Life line & (4) The Fate line, which can be considered as the riverbeds or conduits of the energy from your Spirit out into the World. These lines are formed and developed according to your vibratory frequency. The Heart line which is from the pinkie finger to the index finger is also called the love line. Beginning at the edge of your palm, it's the topmost line you can see. The line represents your love and emotional aspects. The longer it's better. The Head line also known as wisdom line represents your intelligence and mentality. Looking into this line a Palmist can make general predictions about your future. The Head line starts on the edge of your palm, underneath the index finger and slices across the middle. The Life line actually shows your physical vitality or health. Located under your Heart line, Life line starts at the bottom of your hand and it moves towards your middle finger through the center of your hand. Actually speaking, you can't make any calculations in terms of how long a person is supposed to live analyzing the depth or length of one's Life line. But what happens is that you can make general predictions in terms of health. Your health status can actually determine the course of your life. The Fate line is also called the Saturn line or Money line. It determines your wealth or physical possession. The Fate line is a vertical crease in the center of your palm and it runs up towards the fingers. A break on the Fate line or short Fate line indicates the fluctuations in your career or job instability. A Palmist can tell how lucky you are, reading the Fate line. Your Marriage line is located below the little finger and it's above the Heart line and your Child line is the vertical lines under your pinkie finger. 

The Shape of your hands: The shape of your hands is also very important in Palmistry. Your physical body is the result of the elemental composition. The shape of your hands is categorized into the Earth, Water, Fire or Air shaped hands. Your Earth palm is almost square in shape and the length of the palm equals the length of the fingers and you may have coarse skin. The Earth palm shows that you are way more practical and responsible. It shows your stubbornness as well. Your Water palm is oval or long in shape. It shows that you are more creative, emotional, sympathetic and inhibited. Your Fire palm can be rectangular or square shaped with short fingers. Fire armed people are extroverts by nature and they can sometimes be egoistic too. 

The mounts and the finger sizes: Mounts are the raised fleshy areas on the opposite side of your knuckles and you are supposed to cup your hand a little bit to make them more visible. Venus Mount is the one under your thumb and the highly developed Venus Mount shows that you are more focused on hedonism and if you don't have Venus Mount more visible, then it shows the lack of your interest in the familial matters. Jupiter Mount is the one under your index finger. A well developed Jupiter Mount shows how dominant or aggressive you are. Under your middle finger is the Saturn Mount, the development of which suggests that you are stubborn. A high Sun Mount lying under your ring finger shows that you are extravagant by nature and short tempered by behavior. A protruding Mercury Mount which is under your pinkie shows that you are talkative. A Palmist can also make generic predictions based on the size of your fingers. For example, long fingers indicate that you are anxious or paranoid and the short ones show that you are impatient. Long finger nails show that you are kind hearted while the short ones indicate that you are more critical and analytical. 

How to nullify the generic predictions of Palmistry: Even though your fingers prints can be the same your palm lines keep changing. You get to have change in terms of your biological function according to the way you vibrate. When you raise your vibration, everything including your Palm lines gets changed. Even the expression of your DNA and neurochemistry. You can improve your vibratory frequency day by day and it's a step by step process. It can be done through your regular physical exercise, meditation, music, healthy diet, spending time on Nature, practicing love etc. And you are blessed with your free will to manifest the life you want. What you need to do is improve your energy level and act accordingly. For you, manifestation is the result of your thought, imagination and action mixed together. You are powerful enough to have your deep intentions realized. When you raise your frequency, you get the elemental imbalance in your body disappeared. And you get your Palm lines changed too. And this is how you can nullify the effects of Astrology or Palmistry, which are purely based on the core level of vibration you maintained since your birth, matching your Zodiac signs. When you look at the World through an ideology that you are finished, your reality fits that ideology. Life is way beyond that, which is why you are always searching for a meaning to life. Meaning is only found when you go beyond the meaning. Life only makes sense when you perceive it as a non stop game and it makes no sense when you conceptualize it with your limited mind... 

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