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THE NEGATIVE ENERGY In life,  movement in the form of  exercise matters a lot more as it's needed for the proper upkeep of your system . You have to do three forms of exercise regularly in order to make sure that you live a healthy life. Any sort of physical exercise like walking must be done for at least half an hour in such a way that you get sweaty and your  heart is pounding for the much better result. And it's necessary to do the psychological exercise like  meditation before or after bed for a couple of seconds or minutes as it's the internal cleansing strategy. And it's also mandatory that you have to do breathing exercise for a couple of minutes. The duration can be adjustable according to the way you make time available to yourself. But what matters more is that you must set aside some time for doing the aforementioned patterns of exercise, regularly. And it's never a tedious task as you think. The more you do them, the more you will ha

How can you be confident?

What is the role of Bacteria in life?
How to be confident? Confidence is very important in your life. What you need to have confidence is only a little bit of focus from your part. Most of you feel less confident more often when it comes to the course of your life, be it your profession, performance or relationship. Lack of confidence actually comes out of the lack of proper awareness about yourself. Just have a check. 

What your confidence is: Confidence is your feeling sure of yourself and your abilities, not in an arrogant way, but in a realistic, secure way. Confidence isn't about feeling superior to others. It's a quiet inner knowledge that you're capable of managing things. Actually speaking, it's not something, you have but it's something, you create. You are the creator of your reality. What does that mean? Well, you are the creator of your confidence too. Your confidence is nothing more than a belief in yourself. It’s your feeling of certainty that you can achieve anything, you are looking for, with the way you are prepared. Confidence comes from within and creating confidence is not about knowing it but it’s about applying your true self in such a way that you trust yourself, no matter what happens in a particular situation. It's the knowledge that you’ll be able to handle any situation and are ready to learn from any outcome.

Why you don't have confidence: You, unfortunately, have been the victim of some kind of subliminal mis-programing, done by society, your social network, social media or family members. You are fearful or worried and you think that you are not so efficient, beautiful or skilled. Your company with people, having negative energy makes you more negatively polarized. When they tell you, you are not efficient, capable or beautiful enough to do something, you get some idea, which will be later transformed into your belief system. You know what? The people with negative energy always shower negative comments, remarks and negative energy on you. But it becomes effective only when you support it, making it more amplified and allowing it to be colonized inside you. Know that everything is energy, be it your thought, feeling or action. If you strongly believe in yourself, you can make the negative energy repulsive. Whatever happens to you, be it good or bad, you have to take it as the stepping stone for the next level. Never get stuck on the same step with feelings, because your feelings eventually become your reality. Change what doesn't work for you to what does. Build up your life around your passion. 

How you can be confident: Actually speaking, there's no need for you to be confident because you have already been confident the way you believe things. What you need to do is shift your confidence to what you want. You are not confident because you confidently believe that you are not. Confidence, actually speaking, is not something special, you need to painstakingly acquire. It's the shift of consciousness you need to practice. Know the fact that you are a pitch of energy (Spirit), not your body. You're full of the Universe. In other terms, the personification of the Universe. Your talents or skills are as pervasive as the Universe itself. Rediscover yourself every single day and use your skills for the betterment of society. You can program yourself to be more confident through meditation and practice lucid dreaming. You can have lucid dreams whenever you are  free. It can be used as your internal visualization about your future plans or your being confident. By working in a dream, not only can you visualize, but can also have a 'felt or realistic sense' of your practice, and can actually acquire the muscle memory for your winning habits. Practice the knowledge of love which is going to make you more confident. If someone tells you something negative about you or your life, never ever mind it. Know the fact that it's the weird reality that person makes and it doesn't have anything to do with your life. Avoid the negative people always as they can make your life more complicated and that's the first step you have to take. Spend time with those who really support you and encourage you. Your level of confidence is always boosted up when you spend more time with such people. Make use of every single opportunity, available to show how talented you are. Everything is the part of your experience. As a result, there's no need for you to get worried about the outcome always. If something happens below your expectation, that means that you need to be a little bit more prepared and it's not your mistake or failure but the way you build yourself up. Make your life more service oriented as a result of which you get more benefits. When you help someone in whatever way possible, it not only makes that person happy and but also makes you happy and more confident as well. It's the result of electromagnetic energy recharge

How you are benefited: With your confidence, you can always be a leader or winner. Your confidence can seriously affect your ability to put together a winning team and guide them to achieving your company goals or can easily make you successful in your goals. It makes you a performer always, be it your interview, job, life or whatever. A more confident you can easily attract a partner, you can build a healthy relationship with. It can also help you effectively handle conflict and seek out new opportunities ­that will foster your personal growth. It helps you seize potential opportunities, take more chances and make that big change or take the next step in your life and career. In total, it helps you understand more about your strengths and talents and  make you aware of the fact that you’re 100% smart... 


  1. Very uplifting article. Gives encouraging advice.

    1. Thank you very much and you are always my inspiration.


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