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You are, actually speaking, the personification of pure  consciousness which is the  quantum reality. It's according to the level of ur consciousness that your  energy within is triggered. In other words, you are a pitch of energy with a unique, core vibrational frequency . Your vibrational frequency can be improved according to the  customization of your consciousness. Your vibrational frequency is spiritually termed as your  spirit and the consciousness, you hold with that frequency order is called as your soul . Your core vibrational frequency order is way more important as it's the key to your  simulated evolutionary game. You can improve the level of your frequency order all by yourself and it's entirely dependent on the employment of your consciousness .  Karma influences your frequency order : Your core vibration is thoroughly influenced by the thoughts , emotions and actions from your end. In other words, moment by moment, you undergo vibratio

How to do Thought Implantation?

How to recharge yourself & others?

Actually speaking, you are your thoughts. Your thought defines your life. When you have repetitive thoughts, what happens is that new neural pathways are formed where the neurones that fire together automatically get wired together in such a way that these neural pathways help you form your core belief system, which literally changes your biochemistry inside. In other words, repetitive thoughts trigger the same level of actions from your part. 

What your thoughts are: Thoughts are the physical representation of your intention and every single thought you have does have its own weight and shape. Your thought is the product of your level of consciousness. And it keeps changing according to your level of consciousness. Your thought is the depiction of the environment you get exposed to. Your anology making is directly linked to your thought process. Actually speaking, spatial dimensions can be attributed to every single thought you have. It appears that from the patterns of neural activities, you can literally read a person's thoughts

What thought implantation is: It's the technique through which you can transport your thoughts, real or imagined into the consciousness of someone else from nearby or afar. Actually speaking, it's the ancient technique of delivering your intentions through psychic way. Thought implantation can also be practiced through the application of recharged symbology, which is widely practiced in Dark Occultism. The advertisement being telecast or broadcast by business outlets is nothing but the practical application of thought implantation, which works as a subliminal programing technique. It works because everything is energy and your thoughts are literally electrical energy, generated. Energy is everywhere and is interconnected or quantum entangled. And everyone shares the same consciousness, but the level of which is totally different from people to people. This happens because the consciousness is the Universal Property. You can't do thought implantation all of a sudden, because it's a step by step process where you need some prerequisites. You have to improve your vibratory frequency by following a healthy diet, regular exercise and the practice of love. And you are supposed to improve your focus through the regular practice of MeditationLucid Dreaming & Astral Projection

How to do thought implantation: Put yourself in a meditative mode where you have your Pineal Gland activated. Have the strongest possible inner visualization that you drew energy directly from the Universe and got your aura strengthened heavily. The very next step is identify the person, you want to have your thought process implanted. Form the clear picture of the person's identity. And then send your message into the person's consciousness. But there is an important thing, you have to concentrate on. Never use any language in your message. And people can understand languages but for the Universe, it's the vibratory frequency of your thought process which is identifiable. Everyone shares the Universal consciousness which identifies only different frequency levels and gives the vibratory results accordingly. So what you have to do is channelize your thought process into the strongest possible inner visualization, with your emotions mixed in it. And inner visualize that the person intended, has already received the message and started doing things or behaving accordingly. Here, what you literally do is conveying the strongest possible electromagnetic beam of information with certain vibratory frequency into someone else's consciousness. And the intended person's consciousness gets it sensed sometimes without their physical knowledge and when you continually do the same the person's level of consciousness gets ready to imbibe the idea or message you implanted. Understand the fact that energy can store and carry information and this is what happens when you practice Telepathy as well. 

How effective the Thought Implantation technique is: The effectiveness is determined on the level of vibratory frequency of energy you maintain and how focused you are, in terms of your intention. You are supposed to do this thought implantation meditative practice regularly until you get the desired results. Thought implantation is not going to work on those people who maintain higher vibratory order than you. In such a case, you need to produce the desired outcome through repeated, focused practice. The more you practice, the more you become used to it and the more you become focused in this regard... 

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