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THE REVERSE STRATEGY You are a combination of trillions of cells which are regenerative by nature. Your entire  body undergoes a process of cellular replication which is a step by step process. Most of your skin and gut are replaced within months and cells in your liver are replaced in three years. Cells in your brain , heart ,  skeleton and other organs are also replicated within 5 to 10 years or more and the process of replication is totally different from one person to another. Even though your organs are replacing their cells, the age process definitely affects the overall replacement process. It's very good to include more vegetable items, nuts, seeds, fruits and berries in your diet as they can improve the process of replacement.  The value of your body : You have taken a body to experience things that are never possible without a body. But, when you enter the  simulated reality   game of life, it appears that you forget the value of your body. And you tend



In life, movement in the form of exercise matters a lot more as it's needed for the proper upkeep of your system. You have to do three forms of exercise regularly in order to make sure that you live a healthy life. Any sort of physical exercise like walking must be done for at least half an hour in such a way that you get sweaty and your heart is pounding for the much better result. And it's necessary to do the psychological exercise like meditation before or after bed for a couple of seconds or minutes as it's the internal cleansing strategy. And it's also mandatory that you have to do breathing exercise for a couple of minutes. The duration can be adjustable according to the way you make time available to yourself. But what matters more is that you must set aside some time for doing the aforementioned patterns of exercise, regularly. And it's never a tedious task as you think. The more you do them, the more you will have the tendency to do them and that's how your brain works. 

What Diaphragmatic breathing exercise is: Your diaphragm is a dome shaped muscle located at the base of your lungs. Diaphragmatic breathing can make your lungs more powerful. This happen because you don't use the full potential or capacity of your lungs especially when you breathe normally. When you have diaphragmatic breathing, you use your lungs to the greatest possible extent, increasing the efficiency of your lungs. When you do diaphragmatic breathing for some time, your belly is also involved in the process. It can also make your neck and chest muscles more powerful. 

How to do Diaphragmatic breathing exercise: It can be done sitting as well as lying according to your convince. If you are a person who wants to do it by lying, what you have to do is lie on your back on a flat surface or on bed. And make your knees bent and head supported and breathe slowly through your mouth and hold your breath up as much as you can and release it slowly through your mouth and while breathing, make sure that your stomach muscles are tightened and you move your stomach in. It's more comfortable to do sitting in a chair on the floor. Sit comfortably with your shoulders, head and neck relaxed and practice deep inhalation through your nose and hold your breath as much as possible and release it slowly via mouth with slightly parted lips and tighten your stomach muscles during the process. You can also do it, placing one hand on your upper chest and the other just below the rib cage so that you can feel the movement of your diaphragm. Actually speaking, you are supposed to do it at least twice a day just for 5 to 10 minutes after having got up or before going to bed. 

How you are benefitted: Doing it regularly can reduce your blood pressure and heart rate and it helps you release gas waste from your lungs. You get increased amount of oxygen in your blood and it helps the overall function of your body. And that's how you feel less stressful and more relaxed. Regular practice of diaphragmatic breathing leaves you less susceptible to the disorders like Asthma, COPD, anxiety etc. More oxygen in your body can do wonders. It makes you calmer even when you face difficulties in life. This deep breathing exercise helps your body release a lot of endorphins which can relieve pain. You know what? Breathing is the natural detoxification process with which you cleanse the body of toxins like carbon monoxide. When you breathe it fully, your system doesn't have to work overtime to clean your body. Regular deep breathing exercise can also improve ur immunity power and this happens because more oxygenated blood can absorb and carry more nutrients and vitamins more efficiently than your normal blood flow. That's how your body functions much better, improving your overall stamina. Regularized deep breathing can also correct your posture and this happens automatically as the process can straighten your spine without your knowledge. When you take deep breaths in, your lungs take maximum  space up, pulling your diaphragm down and it straightens your torso up.  When you set aside only some time for the breathing exercise, what it gives you back is life long benefits... 


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