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IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

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The System Complexities

What is Natural Law
Everyone of you does suffer from your System complexities(SC). And it appears that it's absolutely necessary for someone to check their System Complexities and try to get away with them. Because System Complexities never allow you to come to your true self. Actually speaking, you are here to correct your System Complexities and to be on the optimal path of life so that you, as an organism, can get evolved faster. 

What the Simulated Systems are: Whatever you see outside and inside is the simulated systems. The Black holes, Galaxies, Suns, Moons, Planets, Trees, Mountains, Water, Air, Fire, and even your Body. These are all, spiritually speaking, called the simulated systems. Your body is a simulated system structure, within which the real you reside. Simulated systems are the part of Creation and are not true. They are actually speaking, illusions. The simulated systems are made out of the cooperation of multiple pieces of energy. In other words, simulated systems are quantum entangled. The simulated systems are made to help you get evolved in terms of the simulated game you call life. The pure conscious energy is the only truth and everything else is simply optical illusion. 

What the System Complexities are: System Complexities are the minor issues with a simulated system. But what really makes it problematic is that the System Complexities if left ignored get worse day by day in such a way that it can easily destroy the simulated system itself. The System Complexities can be triggered by different factors such as minor issues associated with the elemental composition of matter, the karmic bondage, the physical environment an organism gets exposed to, and the lack of expansion of consciousness

What your System Complexities are: As a human, most of your System Complexities are triggered by your mind, which is the projection of your brain. Understand the fact the brain is your survival tool too and it filters the consciousness heavily. As a result, it appears that your mind is the filtered projection from the brain. Mind makes you have a number of System Complexities on a daily basis called the Mirages of your mind. The important System Complexities by default are mentioned below. 

Karmic Bondage: Karmic bondage is the term Spiritists use to denote the influence of Nagative Karma, you have especially from your previous birth cycle. The negative effects of Karma get extended to your next birth cycle if they are made up in such a way that your soul can't bear it fully with the existing birth cycle. Most of your phobias and allergies can be associated with the Karmic bondage from the previous cycle. The bondage definitely can fix your existing life time, your physical or materialistic environment, deformity, and diseases. This happens because Karmic bondage can set your vibratory order, according to which your system (Body) and the biochemistry inside gets developed. According to your Karmic bondage the elemental composition of your body is done. Your elemental composition is set according to the frequency level you maintained from your previous birth cycle. But you are capable of using your free will with which you can change your biochemistry on demand. 

Ego: Your ego is the distorted projection from your mind and it's nothing but your sense of self importance. Ego is necessary for your survival but when you make it more focused, it ends up being one of the major System Complexities you have. The egoistic tendency you have as a result of upbringing or social influence, which plays the moralistic part of your personality is called your superego. Ego always forces you to act on your self interest, beliefs, identities, biases, goals and preferences. In other words, ego can easily mould up the way you think, feel act or behave. 

Subliminal Mis- programing: Your brain exactly works like a programmable tool. Without your knowledge, you have been mis- programmed by society since birth. You get thoroughly programed by the physical environment you belong to. It includes your parents, teachers, media, political and religious outfits. This subliminal mis- programing makes you always work under a narrow framework which blocks you from achieving your true self. This is how you are superstitious, fearful, paranoid or depressed. This mis-programing can also make you a religious or political fanatic. You believe in separatism, or strictly follow hierarchical, caste or class system where you allow yourself to be slaves or masters. This narrow framework limits your vision or definition on anything including your concepts of beauty, service, cooperation, and even mutual assistance. In other words, society has already customized your life and your vision of life which you strictly follow. 

Repetition Compulsion: When you get repeatedly exposed to someone or something, be it good or bad, it becomes the part of your life. Repetition Compulsion makes you persist some particular behavioral pattern throughout your life unless reprogramed thoroughly. And you will also have the tendency to impose your personality disorder on to someone who's your target or is closely in relationship with you. 

Survival Superimposition: The understanding, as Creation is, lies different. The level of consciousness definitely determines an organism's understanding about the Simulation. This happens because your consciousness gets thoroughly filtered by your neurochemistry when you are inside a system (Body) which works under limitations and transforms according to the illusory physical environment. Love; the knowledge that you're everything and everything else is your own extension is pretty difficult to practice. An evolving soul inside a simulated body takes thousands of simulated birth cycles to reach this maximum level of consciousness and practice it. A lower density planet like the Earth does have a history of making everything more separate even though highly evolved souls walked the Earth and taught everything. The earthlings used their teachings to make themselves more separate and warring. Mind is the individuated version of your filtered consciousness from the brain. And is always self centric. When you are inside a body, you get our vision blurred and fail to see the unity around and you always practice the so called survival superimposition, being triggered by ego, which is the part of human System Complexities. Ego is the distorted projection of mind where we want to survive despite what happens to others. Ego is our misperceived vision of separatism. The practice of love regularly is the only one solution and the special meditation done for the same every day so that you get the muscle memory about the necessary actions you have to take in this regard. Survival superimposition is your individuated awareness about yourself. Survival superimposition puts you in a narrow framework where you give more importance only to you whatever you think or act, be it negative or positive. This happens because your filtered consciousness from the brain makes you more survival oriented. Survival superimposition always makes you jealous or envious about others. This is how you compete and make clashes. You form your own set of belief system from where you don't want to get out, even though you know that it's wrong. Survival superimposition can put you in the prison that you have made for yourself. You yourself are the door that locks you and only you can let yourself out. The “I am” is the door. You have to move in and out easily and naturally, focusing on yourself rather than on the changing circumstances around and therefore to you, the World is a home, not a prison.

How to get away with your System ComplexitiesAstrology can help you understand more about your System Complexities to some extent. This happens because your Zodiac signs can glimpse your elemental  composition and System Complexities thereof. Your zodiac signs are determined according to the vibratory frequency your spirit maintained from the previous birth cycle and your body's elemental composition is also done according to your previous vibratory order. This means that when you improve your vibratory frequency, you can get your astrological predictions nullified. You are powerful enough to have your life customized the way you want by using your free will. The more you raise your vibratory frequency, the more you become free from the System Complexities. The practice of love is the easiest and the best way to improve your frequency. Start your day with 5 to 15 minutes of meditation or Lucid dreaming where you reaffirm the practice of love with its inner visualization and get the practice regularized and this is how you can improve the muscle memory in this regard... Youtube code generator 2017 - Login to Jeevansathi | jeevansathi