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The Healing Touch Technique In the  quantum Universe everything is a nonstop cyclical process of evolution . You are a pitch of  energy with unique frequency that has chosen a  body to experience whatever is impossible without a body. It appears that you like to be in a body more often because you understand how valuable it is to have a body especially when you are out there without a body on. Death for you is a new beginning to restart a new life with a new body on. It's the body that helps you have more of the physical experiences. Even the light bodied  higher graders become ready to be born in the  lower grade planes.  Who Returnees are : Spiritually speaking, a returnee is an evolved  soul who wants to redo the grade , it has already been evolved from. The entire   simulated order  works via a grading system exactly like the grades in your academic system. It's through the grades that a soul gets evolved. It's the  vibratory equation, a soul ac

How to deal with a Break-up?

Suicidal Ideation: Causes and Prevention.

How to deal with a breakup? Well nowadays it appears that there are a lot of breakups happening because of a variety of reasons. But the main reason behind it is nothing but the lack of proper understanding about each other. Let's simply look into how you can cope with the breakup. 

What breakup is: Breakup, is nothing but the termination of an intimate relationship by any means other than death. In today's busy life, it's almost been a commonplace of public life. Even though there are many reasons for your break up, it mainly matters how you behave. The most common reasons are lying, cheating, misdirected anger, stealing, being unsupportive, lack of mutual respect etc. The toxic relationship you maintain makes you so upset that you would like to have a breakup. When you have a lot of doubts in mind, what you have is either the expression of severe anger or the lack of proper communication. The research has shown that one of the important reasons that relationships fail is due to the lack of time spent together. The suffocating atmosphere you create is released through breakup with the aftermath you have to deal with, later. Spiritually speaking, the concept of love is differently understood, given the density of consciousness, you have. On a lower density planet, like Earth, the concept of pure love is mistakingly understood and confined to possessiveness, selfishness, wealth, or your physical glory. With a body on, your love becomes more bodily related with more focus on your body features and your physical behaviors. Earthlings really need to work on it. 

Why you have breakup: The first and foremost reason behind it is the improper choice you made. The partner you chose may not be in alignment with the vibratory frequency match of yours. This is where you have a lot of problems. Actually speaking, you are a pitch of vibratory energy which is resonant by nature. You maintain a unique frequency level of energy always and when you choose a partner, you have to choose the one who is almost in alignment with your frequency. It means that your partner must have almost same taste of life as you have. Such a partner will always be a good match for you. Nowadays, people usually don't give importance to the concept of a vibratory match. Your partnership, cohabitation or marriage is either based on your business goals, financial concept or recommendation by family members or friends. When you are forced to live with a partner who is not in alignment with your taste in life, moving on, you will have a lot of problems including bad sex life. You will have bad communication, mutual disrespect, competition, unfaithfulness, cheating etc and eventually you start to hate each other and never want to spend more time together. The Financial instability you maintain becomes another reason especially when you live in a cash oriented society which literally is the root cause behind almost all evils. Never get financially over dependant on your partner as it causes lack of respect always. 

How you are affected:  Nowadays it appears that most of the breakups are initiated by women. Studies show that many of you start to feel better around three months post-breakup. It appears that women are likely to be more negatively affected by breakups, reporting higher levels of both physical and emotional pain. And it appears that men usually take longer time than women and struggle more to move on after the breakup. Studies show that men suffer from PRG (Post Relationship Grief) and men usually have more feelings of anger or violence and engage in more self-destructive behaviors like drinking alcohol or smoking than women. Your pain can be relentless initially but eventually the body chemistry will change back to normal. When you have a breakup, you experience a drop in the production of Neurotransmitters like Dopamine and Serotonin that are associated with feelings of pleasure and happiness. The break-up stress  you have, can cause Acne, loss of Appetite, and Sore muscles and you may have weight loss too. Women are more likely to have weight loss  as the grief and depression can change the metabolism of your body and you require less food.

How you can get over it:  Even though it causes some problems to the Dumper and the Dumpee initially you can get over it. Just follow the steps below. 

Step 1:  Accept what happened: You have to acknowledge whatever you are feeling. Never suppress your emotions and if you feel like crying you have to cry. And nobody can be crying all the time. Know that you are a new person every single moment. That is the way you are made and this is how your neurochemistry works. Actually speaking, your past is the result of your present, not the other way around. Expressing your emotions is the first step for your recovery

Step 2: Rearrange your life. Whatever happened happened. Never give focus on your circumstances, and give focus on yourself instead. Focusing on yourself keeps you recovered. You can reprogram your brain with positive affirmations and new goals. Remember that you are 100% programmable. You are a spiritual being, simply making some human experience for a while in a simulated Universe where nothing is real. Whatever you see around is simply optical illusions out of your limited system. Nature works with the optical illusions like Day and Night, or Male and Female. Everything is energy. Only energy is the truth. Make a self assessment and get things rearranged. You may have chosen a partner who was not your exact match. And it means that you have yet to find the real one who can understand you fully. Keep trying. You will get what you are looking for sooner than later, if you are correctly focused and trying your best. Know that Creation will never contradict you, but helps you out in your evolutionary process. 

Step 3: Try new things: This is how you can change your focus. Try to do new things with or without your friends. Have a 5 minute meditation every day in which you instill yourself with more confidence and reprogram that you have been a new person and the past is deleted forever. The new things like, reading, listening to some music, new exercise, gardening etc will help you out. Spend time more with your friends and relatives. Reconnect with your family, friends or relatives. Consider volunteering to help others. 

Step 4: Move on: Think that whatever happened happened for your own good. It's the chance for you to learn more and expand your life and change your approach in such a way that you can strengthen your romantic relationship skills in the future. Life is the reality you make, the result of which only you can be held responsible for. You just move on. Life is not finished yet. Life is full of new options, chances and opportunities. Given the technology and globalization, you can easily find out a new partner who is your perfect match. Learn yourself from your failure and never ever stay focused on the finished past. Life is to enjoy it the way you love...


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