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The Illusion of Age Fortification is a  spiritual term being used to denote the focus of your consciousness. It's very important and lies unknown to many even though almost all scriptures talk about it. The course of your entire life is mainly based on the focus of  consciousness you have. Even though you are the personification of pure consciousness, your level of consciousness gets thoroughly filtered when you have a body  on.  How fortification of consciousness works : Your  mind is mainly responsible for what you think and you are not your thoughts , but awareness about your thoughts. So, you can use your pure consciousness anytime to change your filtered consciousness or your mind. This is 100% needed because when you focus more on your thought process, it can easily get converted into your feeling and your focus on the feeling makes you act accordingly. In other words, your actions are triggered by the amplification of your thoughts and feelings. I

How effective is Tarot Card Reading in your life?

How effective is Palmistry in your life?
The Tarot is a pack of playing cards widely used in Europe to play. Later a tendency to read the cards to have your personality assessment was developed in such a way that it helps you understand what you have to know about a particular situation in your life. Later on Tarot Reading developed as a practice by which you are given insight in terms of your past, present and future events based on the level of frequency you maintain at the time of the reading.

What a Tarot Deck is: A Tarot deck actually consists of 78 cards which have been divided into two categories namely Major Arcana and Minor Arcana meaning major mysteries and minor mysteries. Major Arcana consists of 22 cards dealing with the themes like your relationship, career love etc. Minor Arcana comes up with 56 cards dealing with day to day activities. You can see that Minor Arcana cards are sub divided into 4 suits such as swords, pentacles, wands, and cups. Each suit represents an element with its characteristic features. Swords  represent the air element with the qualities of your intellect and will power. Pentacles are in connection with your earth element, representing your wealth and achievement. Wands representing the fire element deal with your actions. Cups representing the element of water deal with the emotional aspects of life. 

How to do your reading: The Tarot Card Reading helps you stay positive on your goal. The purpose behind the reading is to boost up your spirits and it has nothing to do with the reality you make. It can be done at the beginning of each new week, month or year according to the way you prefer. You can do your own reading or for someone else. Put your Deck on a table or some space and have some meditation for 5 minutes with the inner visualization that you cleared your mind and practice deep breathing for a while. You have to focus on your intention and get it transformed into a question that you want to know. Holding the question in your consciousness, shuffle the Tarot Cards, work with your intuitive guidance and pick your card of choice from the pile. After having drawn your card of choice, you are supposed to read the Tarot Deck's explanation for the card or else check the explanation online. It's very good for you to learn the explanation of each Card by heart if you are pretty interested in it. The Tarot Card Reading can also be done through multiple spreads of cards. For example, if you have a choice to make out of two situations, you can  solve the issue through a 2- card spread where you shuffle the Deck and pick 2 cards aiming at your two options and accept the most suitable option as shown by the card. The same way you can assess the progress of your life from the past to the present and then to the future through a 3-card spread representing your past, present and future. Some Readers also try to solve the issue through a 7- card or 12- card spread. But you are supposed to make your Card Reading much simpler than leaving it complicated. 

How to nullify the effects of the Reading: All the predictions, a Tarot Card Reader makes about your life are based on the current level of your vibratory order. And you are born with the level of consciousness with which you can raise your vibratory order anytime you want. Things become your reality only when you intend that way. Tarot Card Reading can be taken in such a way that it simply helps you understand the way you are right now, which can be changed at any time you want. The predictions based on Astrology, NumerologyPalmistry or Tarot Card Reading can be changed anytime. This happens because the predictions are made based on your core vibratory order which can be changed by your intention. Improve your vibratory order as a step by step process through physical exercise, meditation, music, healthy diet, lucid dreaming, practice of love, staying close to Nature etc. When you get your vibratory order raised, your level of consciousness is developed in such a way that you get the way your neurochemistry functions also changed. This is how you get the muscle memory about the necessary actions, you have to take to change yourself and come to your full potential. Know the fact that you are born with Bioplsticity and Neuroplasticity. And you can self regulate your neurochemistry. Self discovery is the most empowering time of your life, you remember who you actually are and you become the best version of yourself. And then, you can find no difference between your pain and pleasure and everything for you is the step to get evolved further...

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