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THE REVERSE STRATEGY You are a combination of trillions of cells which are regenerative by nature. Your entire  body undergoes a process of cellular replication which is a step by step process. Most of your skin and gut are replaced within months and cells in your liver are replaced in three years. Cells in your brain , heart ,  skeleton and other organs are also replicated within 5 to 10 years or more and the process of replication is totally different from one person to another. Even though your organs are replacing their cells, the age process definitely affects the overall replacement process. It's very good to include more vegetable items, nuts, seeds, fruits and berries in your diet as they can improve the process of replacement.  The value of your body : You have taken a body to experience things that are never possible without a body. But, when you enter the  simulated reality   game of life, it appears that you forget the value of your body. And you tend

The Seminal & Vaginal Fluidic Ingestion

Tolfi's Magic

Solo concentration of energy is an important aspect in the law of energy. When you concentrate on someone or something, the mutual energy transmission between the two is strengthened day by day and you get to be an expert in handling your subject of concentration and become highly benefitted by the same, be it an object or a person. When you check the ancient records, you get to see that people lived more years than they do nowadays. It is all about how they lived their lives at that time. Most of the ancient people also practiced what you call now as Tantra and they used to consume the mixture of their seminal and vaginal fluids after their vigorous intercourse and that was definitely another important reason why they stayed healthy and lived longer. Tantra works well when your relationship is monogamous by nature with your soulmate

The Seminal Fluid: Semen is, actually speaking, the baby making batter. Melatonin in semen works as a sleeping aid and semen contains the minerals and vitamins like vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, nitrate, urea, vitamin B12 and zinc. These minerals and vitamins can not only make semen anti-depressant but they can also lower your blood pressure and aging process. This viscous, creamy fluid contains fructose as well. The nutrients in semen like protein, calcium, lactic acid, potassium and magnesium can glow your skin and enhance your level of energy and memory. The only thing, you have to be careful about is the fact that your partner has to be free from the STIs and STDs. 

The Vaginal Fluid: The female vaginal fluid is also healthy to take as it contains probiotics, water, electrolytes, proteins and lactobacillus bacteria. The bacteria are beneficial for gut health. If the female fluid is thick and white, it's reflective of vaginal yeast infection. The female sperm is acidic by nature. So over eating the sperm is not good for your stomach. 

The ingestion: According to the tantric tradition, there's no pure or impure things and it's all about the mirages, your mind makes. It's recommended that the tantric partners can apply the mixture of both seminal and vaginal fluids or menstrual blood on the forehead and can also consume the mixture. The full consumption is not needed. Some of both the mixture of these fluids can be consumed after having sex. The mixture can also be diluted with water or wine and can be consumed. When you do that on a regular basis, it's going to improve your mental power and spiritual power as well. Whatever you do, your intention matters more. Tantric sex and fluidic ingestion with the intention of pure love can re- energize the partners in such a way that their vibrational frequency is improved with youthfulness, stamina and longevity... 


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