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THE REVERSE STRATEGY You are a combination of trillions of cells which are regenerative by nature. Your entire  body undergoes a process of cellular replication which is a step by step process. Most of your skin and gut are replaced within months and cells in your liver are replaced in three years. Cells in your brain , heart ,  skeleton and other organs are also replicated within 5 to 10 years or more and the process of replication is totally different from one person to another. Even though your organs are replacing their cells, the age process definitely affects the overall replacement process. It's very good to include more vegetable items, nuts, seeds, fruits and berries in your diet as they can improve the process of replacement.  The value of your body : You have taken a body to experience things that are never possible without a body. But, when you enter the  simulated reality   game of life, it appears that you forget the value of your body. And you tend

The Solo Concentration of Energy

The Trigunas & Tridoshas

Energy is your true self. With a body on, what you have is physical reality of energy. Whatever you do with your body is some form of energy, be it your thoughts, emotions or actions. You can definitely change the material reality you have with the actual employment of your thought. But there's only one condition. Before  your thoughts change your material reality, they must change what you are. Before you want to change something, you must change yourself. The frequency of your thought process is entirely dependent on how you vibrate. If you maintain a high vibratory order, the way you channelize your thoughts will be more powerful. You have to think with coherent intention. And repeat the same pattern of thought until you take necessary actions in this regard. First of all, you have to believe in your thought. Repeat the thought pattern to have consistent intensity. It's the consistent intensity that helps you match your actions to your thoughts later. This is how you can make your life in congruent with your thoughts. First, you have to make your thoughts powerful enough to change your actions. 

A) Your thoughts can affect Matter: When you observe the Universe with a filtered vision, it appears that mental world and material world are separate, which is not actually the case. This happens because everything including matter is energy vibrating in different frequencies. Even objects that are stationary by appearance are actually vibrating, oscillating and resonating, at various frequencies. In other terms, you can consider energy and matter as a single entity with a dual aspect of the same reality. The same light can behave like a wave (Energy) and a particle (Matter) as well. All the Universe, including yourself and every single atom, is apparently made out of empty space. But, in reality, this vaccum is not empty at all. It's filled with the dense energy in constant motion. Everything including yourself is vibrating from matter to light (Energy)and light to matter, which is a quantum phenomenon. This vibration happens in different frequencies. When you are living, you are realizing your material form (Matter) and when your body dies, you are realizing your light form (Energy). Your thoughts and emotions work the same way as they are literally electrical and magnetic forms of energy respectively. Observation affects the way energy behaves, which is called the Observer Effect. The observer can influence the way energy behaves by employing the consciousness. The electrons actually  exist simultaneously with an infinite range of probabilities or possibilities. In other words, every possible reality you want to make already exists in an immaterial, energetic form. The moment you focus on it or observe it, it gets manifested itself. When you focus on your thought, it becomes more solidified and becomes your emotion. Here focus means your observation. When you focus on your emotion, it could be  further solidified. And this is how you go worried or depressed in life, creating the physical reality of your thought. With proper employment of the same focus, you can also lighten your thoughts and emotions based on something or someone. It's 100% true that your material reality is the manifestation of your core mental reality. You are actually not the part of Creation but full of Creation. You are the creator of multiple possibilities of your choice. Your thoughts can literally change matter, but you need to think that way. Your subjective thinking, coupled with the emotional intensity can produce the quantifiable changes in the objective, physical world. This happens thanks to the combination of the electrical impulses of your thought and magnetic impulses of your emotion, generating the electromagnetic oscillation, which is way more powerful. In other words, by employing your thoughts and emotions, you create many material realities that already exist in vibrational forms in the quantum field. The very next step, you have to take is realize or experience your reality, through proper actions needed from your part, which is possible by raising your core vibration in such a way that it's in total alignment with the reality you want. In other terms, you effectively change your material reality with the focus on your thought, which transforms it into your emotion. The focus on your emotion triggers your muscle memory to take up the necessary actions which literally change your reality. 

B) Solo Concentration of energy: Solo concentration of energy is the technique where your focus is placed on something or someone only. As a result, you get the maximum beneficial results. It's much better than you get multi-focused as it can lead to your more organized psycho-physical state. When you employ solo concentration on your goal, career, vehicle, partner or your pet, what happens is that you get the maximum positive results from them. The more you observe something, the more it gets manifested to you. You tend to develop some kind of emotional attachment to someone or something that you are concentrated. But you are supposed to keep the attachment positively and never get it slipped into some sort of emotional dependency which can cause negative effects. Everything is pure consciousness vibrating. When you regularly concentrate on something, with your thoughts and emotions mixed, it's purely the electromagnetic waves you direct at the object of your focus. This is how you can recharge someone or something with your focused energy, which helps you maintain the energy flow between you and your focal point. It's also the signature, you broadcast to the quantum field outside, signalling your attempt and the field works in tandem with you. The entire Universe works like a mirror and you get back what you are. The solo concentration makes you have amazing experience. You get more insights in terms of your goals as if it never happened before. You run into new paths or resources which can help you further your goal. Solo Concentration also helps you maintain some sort of strong relationship with your focal point, be it an object or organism. You can influence it and it can influence you. This is how you are the best performer when you have your favourite person, vehicle, or tool is out there with you. 

C) Solo concentration of energy effects: When you concentrate your energy on something or someone, you get it manifested to the fullest. When it comes to your relationship, it becomes your loyalty or faithfulness. When two partners are focused on each other, their vibratory value is increased with more electromagnetic frequency. Such partners tend to be more energetic and healthy. Such partners can easily maintain telepathic connection and emotional understanding, which helps them get spiritually evolved further. This happens because with the positive focus on someone or something, energy is getting transferred from each other. The mirror neurons of both people involved in interaction activate and reflect the energy always between the two and the same level of energy is reflected in whatever you do, be it your thought, emotion or action. Such an energy wave can also work as your protective layer making you less susceptible to the exposure to the negative energy around. Your intention is also getting transferred into your focal point be it. The more you focus, the more effective the implantation of your intention becomes. Solo concentration helps you have miracles with your focul point, be it an object, organism, project, or goal. When you have solo concentration, what it literally does is give you the realization of the so called observer effect. The charged energy that you transmit, be it positive or negative, gets reflected into yourself. The entire Universe works as a mirror does. A person with the solo concentration on a particular tool does miracles with the tool. The same person produces the work with less effects when the same tool of different type is given. When you have solo concentration on a particular project or plan, you feel emotional attachment with that more positively in such a way that you tend to do whatever is possible from your part to have it realized as fast as possible and you even get help from outside, from people unknown and from places, never visited before. If you have the solo concentration on some diseases you suffer from, be it cancer or ulcer, it disappears rather than stay longer and cripple your life. This happens because your intention of healing is transferred to the affected part and the affected part starts to reflect the same. When you do this regularly, it also works as a programming technique for your brain and the brain starts to produce your neurochemistry accordingly, which not only helps you get healed faster than normal, but gives you the muscle memory also, to take up necessary actions needed from your part to strengthen the process of healing. As a sentient being, you are powerful enough to recharge the energy wave in the form of your thoughts and emotions with your intentions by employing your univesal consciousness. The solo concentration on a particular subject, makes you an expert in it and you will be the God of that particular subject. Your deep intention is so powerful that it can change the physical environment. Even every single drop of tear you shed out of your empathy and compassion stands worthier than trillions of jewels and pearls as it carries the essence of God in its fullest. The tear drops you shed, reflect your deep intention of some positive change in relation to the situation that made you cry. Even though you are financially not capable of doing anything in this regard, it's the strongest possible electromagnetic beam, sent from your part to the quantum universe  which can sense it and your intention can be at work with someone else's help.

D) How solo concentration of energy works at its best: Solo concentration works at its best when you have it regularly with consistency. The solo concentration can be improved through regular meditationlucid dreaming or music. When you meditate on your goal regularly, what happens is that every single cell in your body starts to reflect your goal. As a result, you get your neurochemistry changed that way and you get the musle memory to take actions as fast as possible to realize your goal. Maintaining regular physical exercise is also necessary to boost up your level of concentration. Include Sattvic food items as many as you can. The solo concentration becomes much more effective when it's accompanied by the inner visualization and reaffirmation that you regularly do from your part. But the reaffirmation you do has to be done in such a way that you believe and feel what you want first. If you don't believe what you reaffirm, you won't get any positive results no matter how many times you get it reaffirmed. Believe it in such a way that the opposite of what you believe doesn't even exist. Your reaffirmation with the proper inner visualization and feeling is so powerful that it can change your genetic structure, changing the way your neurochemistry works and raising your frequency. It's the signature, you broadcast to the Universe as well, to work in tandem with you, giving you more favourable life situations. The more you repeat the concentration, the more effective the outcome turns out ro be. You get the results according to your core intention which can be developed with either love or fear. Love here means you developed it positively with your heart and soul mixed in the process while fear means that you don't believe what you intended and always fear if it could be at work or not. Intention, reaffirmed on fear never gets realized as you are more focused on the opposite of what you really want. Practice love, which can definitely strengthen your vibratory order. Your vibratory order can influence the intensity and frequency of your thought process. You have to be the change internally before you want to have it externally... 


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