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The Illusion of Age Fortification is a  spiritual term being used to denote the focus of your consciousness. It's very important and lies unknown to many even though almost all scriptures talk about it. The course of your entire life is mainly based on the focus of  consciousness you have. Even though you are the personification of pure consciousness, your level of consciousness gets thoroughly filtered when you have a body  on.  How fortification of consciousness works : Your  mind is mainly responsible for what you think and you are not your thoughts , but awareness about your thoughts. So, you can use your pure consciousness anytime to change your filtered consciousness or your mind. This is 100% needed because when you focus more on your thought process, it can easily get converted into your feeling and your focus on the feeling makes you act accordingly. In other words, your actions are triggered by the amplification of your thoughts and feelings. I

The Practice of TANTRA

The State of Samadhi

The ancient Indian practice of Tantra is actually the embodiment of true spiritual principles. 

What Tantra is: The Sanskrit term Tantra means weave. Tantra symbolically refers to a set of practices through which you can purify the energy channels (Nadis) in your body and get them woven together into a unified and harmonious whole, as a result of which your body becomes fit for the total spiritual awakening process. In other words, Tantra is the practice by which you can have your fragmented consciousness and disconnected physicality integrated into a combined or coherent whole so that you can get yourself transformed into your complete being. Tantra is never a tool for carnal enjoyment as it's been perceived wrong. 

A) Self- Dependence: Tantra is focused on your self-dependence. You are an eternal self who needs to maintain the unified consciousness. It teaches you to discard the illusions of difference, you feel in life. You can co-operate or collaborate with the like minded but never depend on anybody. Dependence actually limits your own ability to reach your full potential. The practice of Tantra makes you have the realization of self-reliance and self-existence. Tantra uses your beingness or physicality to reach or realize the divine within. You use your physical features to have the transcendental experience. Always understand that you are the universe itself in a droplet. And you have come here with a lot of skills lying dormant inside. Your skills can be as pervasive as the Universe itself. The more you try to discover yourself, the more it gets revealed to yourself. 

B) A combination of Material & Spiritual aspects: When the general view is that spiritualism is the avoidance or negligence of materialistic aspects of life, Tantra combines the best of both materialistic and spiritual aspects of human personality. Tantra finds out spirituality in every single aspect of human life and in all states of human consciousness. If your spirit is the source energy behind your body, your body too is spiritual. According to the ascetic traditions, you are supposed to get disconnected from the materialistic aspects like your body, emotions, mind, business, family or copulation in order to realize your spirituality but the tantric point of view suggests that you are entirely composed of the divine. This happens because you are the manifestation of your spirit. As a result, whatever you do is the manifestation of the divine, be it your emotions, thoughts, words, actions or sensations. Your body is divine too. Material world can also be the gateway to achieve the divine. What you have to do is focus on the service to others whatever you do and that's the true spirituality you practice. Spirituality is not something, you have to keep in your mind but it's to be widely practiced. Being tantric is living and enjoying your whole life as a spiritual practice with service orientation. 

C) Singularity achieved through duality is the reality: Tantra acknowledges the fact that the Creation is developed through the union of male and female aspects of Creation. In other words, it's the combination of the consciousness (Male) and the materiality (Female). It literally is the union of opposites. Even though the Yin and Yang aspects of creation are polar opposite by nature, through the higher states of consciousness one can transcend the difference of these opposites. Nothing exists in separation from these qualities. There's Yin within the Yang, and Yang within the Yin. You have the inner woman and man within you. The practice of Tantra helps you have the balance between your feminine and masculine energy. Tantra integrates these opposing qualities into a singular unit of consciousness. Tantric love making can be practiced with or without a partner. In Tantra, the act of love making is equivalent to the meditation you do. It's done with or without a clean body in the background of light music and candle light. What makes it different is the focus on the orgasmic consciousness of singularity. You experience that your partner is your own extension. Partners are concentrated on activating each other's Chakra one by one through both physical and mental stimulation. It's the Penetrative Meditation you practice. You are feeling each other's body more through mutual massaging. As your focus is on merging each other's body and mind to a single conscious unit, both of the partners get at least half an hour of orgasmic consciousness before being ejaculated. The Tantric love making appears to be multi orgasmic as the partners are not at all concentrated on the self centered thoughts. Without rushing straight to genitals, you tend to explore each other's body, giving importance to each other's sensations on the skin. You are capable of doing Tantric lovemaking alone as well. You feel your inner man and woman getting merged into one while you are exploring your body all by yourself. The inner visualization of the union of the Yin and Yang within, gives electromagnetic resonance when you feel every single touch, you make on your body. 

D) Live life to the fullest possible extent: According to Tantra, you are a spirit who achieved materialistic manifestation with a body on. As a result, there's no difference between spiritualism and materialism. What you have to do is uphold the spiritual principles through a materialistic life. You can attain Liberation through worldly enjoyment as well if your focus is on the selfless service to others. There's no need for you to renounce the worldly enjoyment for which you have taken a body. According to Tantra, when you have repeated exposure to something and you feel that you experienced it thoroughly, you tend to lose interest in exploring that further. In other words, spirituality is the practice that everything is one and you have taken this body to enjoy the worldly pleasures. A spirit can retain its consciousness while living with a body. A practitioner has to understand that it's the pure consciousness (the divine) that is manifested in everything with the optical illusion of difference. In a simulation, everything is sensory illusion. You can eat anything according to what your gut feelings suggest. Your food choice varies according to the elemental composition of your body. A Tantric follows physical exercise, deep breathing and proper hydration regularly. As a result, they can eat anything. A Tantric understands more about the Co- Dependency in simulation. Wine, Fish and Meat are allowed to have. But when you have to eat meat or fish, you are supposed to hunt, slaughter, dress and cook the animal or fish you are aiming at. This happens because a Tantric is always self dependant. A Tantric knows how to control mind or thoughts and whatever they do, they don't do anything excessively as normal humans do. Life for a Tantric is what you feel from inside. It's all up to you in terms of what you have to do in life. You can be vegetarian or non-vegitarian, smoker or non-smoker. Live your life to the fullest as you like. But always set limits in terms of whatever you do and the focus of your life must be on the selfless service to others. That's it. 

E) Tantric Worship: You can worship anything you like. Purity or impunity is your sensory illusion. There's only one being in the entire cosmos and everything including yourself is not the part, but the full of it. That which is good in you is God and that which is evil in you is the projection of your ego. You can worship anything you like, be it a plant, animal, stone, your partner, idol or genitals. Everything is pure consciousness vibrating with different frequencies. Whether you have to be physically pure or impure during worship is the choice you make. But one must be mentally pure with concentration. Worship here means is your union with your deity or the divine with inner visualization and reaffirmation that there's no difference between you and the divine. Tantric prayer is done with the thought and feeling that what you want has already been happened and you get it realized pretty fast. A Tantric knows the law of energy and the law of vibration. A Tantric employs the magic of sound to improve concentration during worship. Recitals and incantations are practiced. A Tantric knows how to recharge themselves and others. They use recharged symbology. According to Tantra, your heart is the worshiping centre where God must be enshrined. Your good thoughts are the flowers for God. Your good words the hymns, your good deeds the rituals and love is the offering. You have to follow a service centric life with zero expectations and the quality of your life is based on how valuable it is, to others. Service orientation makes you blessed with positive Karma and you get liberated. Worship can be done individually, collectively or with partners. 

F) The relationship in Tantra: According to Tantra, everyone is your own extension. So nobody is superior or inferior to you and everyone is unique in their own way. A Tantric knows that human body is limited. A Tantric practices pure love with everyone. Here pure love means the whole hearted service, help, understanding and emotional support everyone needs. A Tantric differentiates love from intimacy. When love can be practiced with everyone, intimacy can be practiced only with your partner. This happens because intimacy is possible only with those who maintain almost similar vibratory order with you. For a Tantric, partnership is meant for mutual spiritual evolution in which honesty plays the key role. Tantra never stands for a multi-partner relationship. According to Tantra, deeper intimacy and spiritual evolution can be at work only when you maintain monogamous relationship with your soul mate. Jumping from one partner to another or maintaining multiple partners is never the signature of intimacy and if this happens with the emotional pain involved from your partner, then you get negative Karma as well. A Tantric uses an intimate relationship to overcome the challenges of duality. You see no difference between yourself and your partner. Here you and your partner work as a single conscious unit, learning from each other's mistakes, guiding each other and realizing the mutual spiritual evolution. Mutual respect and understanding play dominant role. A Tantric partnership is never based on the romantic love which is triggered out of the sensory illusion of duality and possession but rather it's based on the dedication to each other. The Tantric love is the deep bond with the other person. Here intercourse is never a selfish act for personal pleasure but a selfless act, balancing and harmonizing each other more. It's the connection you have with the other person's body, soul and spirit, where you love not only the partner but whatever your partner's body produces including sweat, urine and feces. A Tantric consumes the elixir of wine mixed with partner's semen and menstrual blood, which symbolically improves the level of intimacy while delivering the physical benefits of keeping the pH low and preventing the foreign bacteria attack. Semen works as an antidepressant, improving your memory and energy as it contains lactic acid, protein, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Menstrual blood contains electrolyte nutrients like phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium including antibacterial hemoglobin peptides which can destroy fungi, yeasts, bacteria, viruses and even cancer cells. As a single conscious unit, you and your partner mirror each other. You both maintain telepathic connection with the synchronized thoughts, emotions and actions. 

G) Sensory Clarity: According to Tantra, what's good and pure in you is God while what is evil in you is your ego and the moment when you think more about your ego, your ego increases while you decrease. A Tantric is free from the mirages of mind. Tantra knows the fact that consciousness is universal, which is never produced by the brain. They use the quantum consciousness to control the brain instead. And you are the co-creator with God. You create by your thought, feeling and action. Your thought and emotion do have electromagnetic impulses which can change matter the way you want. And when you act accordingly, it's the easiest manifestation you make. You are an eternal spiritual being who forgets yourself via simulation. A Tantric knows how to self heal and heal others. Renunciation is never needed because you have come here to experience the physical and materialistic aspects. The whole hearted service must be your aim whatever you do. You will be transformed when you accept the totality of your being and the fact that you are not part but full of God and everything is your extension. With this total awareness of yourself, you get yourself rearranged. And your anger, greed and selfishness get absorbed eventually. Your life becomes a piece of music which is in harmony with your world outside and inside. Tantra knows the fact that attachment to worldliness happens as you don't experience it the way you want. Accept your worldly attachment and enjoy it until you get transcended to a state of indifference. Indifference is the result of your total understanding about something. By accepting and enjoying all your desires, you eventually fall into a state of desirelessness. In other words, You don't have to cut your desires, accept them fully and moving on, your desires will disappear as you no longer need them. Follow your passion and build your life around selfless service. Moving on, the disappearance of your desires will leave you enlightened. Always remember that you have come to have this life and to enjoy it to the maximum possible extent and spirituality is not renouncing it, but using the same life to get liberated...


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