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The Illusion of Age Fortification is a  spiritual term being used to denote the focus of your consciousness. It's very important and lies unknown to many even though almost all scriptures talk about it. The course of your entire life is mainly based on the focus of  consciousness you have. Even though you are the personification of pure consciousness, your level of consciousness gets thoroughly filtered when you have a body  on.  How fortification of consciousness works : Your  mind is mainly responsible for what you think and you are not your thoughts , but awareness about your thoughts. So, you can use your pure consciousness anytime to change your filtered consciousness or your mind. This is 100% needed because when you focus more on your thought process, it can easily get converted into your feeling and your focus on the feeling makes you act accordingly. In other words, your actions are triggered by the amplification of your thoughts and feelings. I


Where is it all going?

Tolfi was a teenaged girl who spent more time in her fantasy world. The girl was born way more spiritual than her peers in the neighborhood. She spent most of her time at home reading spiritual books from almost all religious orders. Her father was an assistant in the nearby district library, which always played a major role in making Tolfi a good reader. 

The unnecessary itch: Tolfi was a smart, beautiful girl and she suffered from some sort of skin disorder. She sometimes got some itchy spots on her body and scalp. The itch was so severe that sometimes she used a comb to scratch, which left the spots open. The spots would heal and resurface some time later. Tolfi didn't take this issue pretty seriously. 

Tolfi loses her hair: One time, what happened was that Tolfi unfortunately got itchy spots throughout her scalp. And they were so irritating that she used a comb and scratched the scalp so hard. The spots burst open and she felt painful. Even though the spots got healed in a couple of days, Tolfi realized the fact that her hair follicles got damaged and hair became thin and dry and started falling down on a large scale. 

Tolfi went bald: In a couple of days Tolfi went bald. Her head was full of bald patches in such a way that her friends, relatives and peers always laughed at her. Some definitely sympathized with her. Tolfi's parents took her to different doctors and hair specialists. Despite their medicines, Tolfi's hair maintained retarded growth. Hair fall made Tolfi sad always. And she was too shy to go out. When the summer vacation came, Tolfi decided to stay at home and it appeared that the hair was sparsely growing and what she was looking for was thick hair growth. Tolfi  was determined to grow her hair back, no matter what happened. 

Action, Reaffirmation & Inner visualization: Tolfi did a research in terms of manifestation. And got to see videos of how people cured fatal diseases and spinal injuries via action, reaffirmation and inner visualization techniques. Tolfi decided to combine the three parts of quick manifestation, that is to say, action, reaffirmation and inner visualization. She started applying onion juice on her scalp for half an hour before bath and strengthened her reaffirmation and inner visualization in this regard. Tolfi was so happy to see that she got her thick hair back within three months. 

How it worked: If you have a problem, what you have to do is focus on the solutions. If you keep focusing on the problem, what you get to have is the cyclical repetition of multiple problems only. When you focus on the solutions, the existing problem disappears. If you have a goal, get it affirmed several times especially before you go to bed and after you have been up. Know the magic of sound and the power of words. The same way you have to have inner visualization more often that you have already achieved the goal. And feel the feeling of the achievement of your goal. This is very important as it can give you the muscle memory to take up actions in this regard always, plus it sends the electromagnetic signal out to the Universe that you are ready and focused on the goal and the Universe is designed to support you and is holographic or reflective by nature and it starts giving you favorable situations to realize your goal fast. You can use mediation to do affirmation and inner visualization at least multiple times way before you sleep or after bed. Know the fact that these affirmations and inner visualizations are not worth the value if they don't make you act upon the goal. Always remember that only actions can make your goals physically realized. And you have taken a body to act. When Tolfi took the action of applying onion juice on to her scalp regularly, believing strongly in her ability to heal and retrieve the lost hair, it did work and it was a step by step process and she got her hair back within three months. Know how manifestation works. Both reaffirmation and inner visualization are needed to strengthen your manifestation faster. The result and the time, needed for the realization of your goal is entirely dependent on how you do action, inner visualization and reaffirmation, plus the intensity of the problem you have. Never give up midway. You will get to see positive results within the first week itself and strengthen the achievement of your target. Always remember that your goal can be achieved only via a step by step process.... 


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