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THE NEGATIVE ENERGY In life,  movement in the form of  exercise matters a lot more as it's needed for the proper upkeep of your system . You have to do three forms of exercise regularly in order to make sure that you live a healthy life. Any sort of physical exercise like walking must be done for at least half an hour in such a way that you get sweaty and your  heart is pounding for the much better result. And it's necessary to do the psychological exercise like  meditation before or after bed for a couple of seconds or minutes as it's the internal cleansing strategy. And it's also mandatory that you have to do breathing exercise for a couple of minutes. The duration can be adjustable according to the way you make time available to yourself. But what matters more is that you must set aside some time for doing the aforementioned patterns of exercise, regularly. And it's never a tedious task as you think. The more you do them, the more you will ha


You don't literally understand the fact that your brain is a tool, designed for programing and it works exactly like a software system inside your body. Programing activates the regions in your brain and as a result, your thought process is changed. Programing is something that you must do repeatedly. And in other words, it's the way you employ your consciousness. The greatest advantage that you get out of programing is that it helps you memorize what you have been programed and that's how you get the muscle memory to take up the necessary actions, needed to realize what you have been programed. The programing can help the functionality of both of the hemispheres in the brain and makes their function balanced especially when it comes to what you have been programed and that's how you improve your cognitive  skills. 

The default brain mode: The brain is a complicated organ with two different hemispherical functions. It's designed to be more focused on the external stimuli and process that a lot more. As a result, your brain is naturally more inclined to be tuned into negativity or negative news. Your brain is always in the alert mode even though it's not necessary always. The brain is self protective and vigilant by design. The brain as a survival tool filters your consciousness and gives you always an optical illusion of the duality of self and other. That's how your sense or separation is reaffirmed by every single second. If you are focused more on the default mode of your brain, it's more likely to jeopardize your system. For example, if you are focused more on the negativity, it helps you trigger the stress hormone called cortisol which can easily make you in the so called fight or flight mode. The stress level can easily cause oxygen depletion, raising your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. When you get to have such a biological state more often, it's capable of impairing your immunity power. That's how you become susceptible to high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, inflammatory and other diseases including strokes. 

Neuroplasticity: Your brain is designed to be changed in terms of the way it normally functions. What it means that you are powerful enough to change the way neurochemistry works by default. This happens because you are the personification of consciousness itself. And you can use the consciousness to trigger the neurochemistry inside on demand. Your science is still researching it. Your habits, addictions or attachments are developed in terms of the pathways of the brain. And if you change the pathways, you literally change who you were before. When you repeatedly get to see, hear, feel or imagine something, what happens is that new neural pathways are created in the brain. Neurons get connected with dendrites and form new pathways. Your brain cells, actually speaking, can communicate with each other and the process is called neuronal firing. You can use your universal consciousness to deliver the message, you want for the brain cells to communicate with each other. It's through these pathways that your messages are being travelled throughout your brain. When you repeatedly give the same message, the message gets transmitted faster and it becomes automatic in such a way that it becomes your brain's behavior and soon it becomes your actual, physical behavior too. This happens because the programed brain automatically gives you muscle memory to take up the actions every single second until you get your program physically realized. 

The employment of consciousness: As a sentient being, you are powerful enough to program yourself via the actual employment of consciousness.  Know the fact that you undergo vibratory fluctuations every single moment irrespective of where you are. The places you visit, functions you attend or the people you interact day by day influence you thoroughly even without your knowledge. Even though you are sitting simply somewhere without going anywhere, you are still susceptible to vibrational fluctuations. These vibrational fluctuations can either be negative or positive. Since your brain has inclination to be more focused the negative aspects, what happens is that you channelize your thought process more negatively, triggering the cyclical repetition of negative events in life. So, it's necessary that you have to maintain some sort of balance in terms of your vibratory fluctuations. Being too positive is also problematic that even a negative remark can easily shut down your whole energy. This happens because you can't accept anything negative. And life is the mixture of both positive and negative aspects as it's done for your evolution as a soul. Put yourself in a meditative mode for a couple of seconds or minutes as you like, before going to bed or after you have been up. Have the strongest possible inner visualization that you have acquired power from the Universe itself and program your brain on total emotional balance and imagine that you have cleaned all the negative energy lingering inside and filled it back with positivity. And repeat the same via reaffirmation as well. And imagine that you have achieved a total conscious state of perfect emotional balance. Do affirmations that you have achieved emotional balance. And repeat this type of mediation every single day as it's not so time consuming. When you repeatedly do the same, new neural pathways are formed in this regard and the entire brain is filled with your programed message of emotional balance and the brain starts to give you the muscle memory in this regard too whenever you go emotionally up or down. You can use lucid dreaming as well with the same intention of programing your brain. Plus you have to practice love, cultivating the positive qualities of gratitude and empathy as it can easily improve your overall vibrational value. And when you vibrate higher, you get easy result whatever you do... 


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