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IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

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The Law of Effort

Your thoughts are way more powerful than you think. If you don't know how to manage your thoughts, it's more likely to adversely affect your life. The reason behind it is so simple. Your system or body is made in such a way that it strongly reacts to your thoughts. When you focus more on your thoughts, they become your emotions and the focus on emotions make you do actions accordingly. Actually speaking, your sadness, stressdepression or happiness is triggered by the amplification of your thought process. 

A) The mind and body connection: Your body, actually speaking, is the reflection of your mind. Your mind is set up in terms of how conscious you are. Your body reacts to every single thought, emotion or action you have. That's why your blood pressure is up especially when you are stressful. Your physical reality is the reflection of your mental state. Your lack of strength or tension could trigger hair related issues. Extreme level of anger and fear can result in ear and stomach related issues respectively. Your stubbornness and suppression of emotions could lead to neck and throat related problems. Your anger is a pretty serious issue as it's more self destructive. Anger can trigger a number of nerve related issues, headaches, inflammation, sores, boils and fevers. The same way, deeply held hopelessness, disappointment, bottled up grudges or hurt can improve the formation of cancerous or tumorous growth. Your suppressed anger or pressurized life schedule can easily trigger migraine. Self hatred can help the growth of warts. The thing is that they are not the exact reason why you get all theses diseases, but your focus on the aforementioned emotions can definitely trigger the physical conditions where you are more likely to develop the aforementioned diseases. 

B) Your thoughts have already been programed: Even though you fail to understand this, it's the truth. This happens because those who have got their consciousness expanded can control and manipulate the lives of the less conscious. You have been mis-programed since childhood and that's what makes you fearful, worried and upset always. And you develop self hatred and you think that you are less powerful or less beautiful and all these happen because you are working under the narrow framework of manipulated consciousness, done by a bunch of manipulators to take advantage of the existing situations. Your system is designed in such a way that your thoughts can be triggered via innate, biologically driven responses to the circumstances outside. But your brain exactly works as the software where anyone can upload new programs of thoughts anytime via different means including visual and auditory inputs. It's this societal mis-programing that actually works as blockage in terms of the expansion of your consciousness. Your emotions and actions are the results of your core thought process. As you have been programed, your actions or emotions are not triggered via inborn, automatic responses but they are produced out of programed learning, you underwent. 

C) Thoughts are catalyst for self perpetuating cycles: You will have to be extremely careful when you handle your thought process because it's definitely going to influence your life and behavior. For example, if you think that you are total failure in life, what happens is that you feel like a failure and act like a failure, perpetuating your belief that you must be a failure. This happens because you are the creator of your reality and you literally don't know anything about your hidden potential. You are full of the Universe and whatever you want becomes your reality. The societal mis-programing actually helps you draw inaccurate conclusions about who you are or what your true potential is, limiting your actual abilities. 

D) Beliefs are reinforced thoughts: You eventually become what you believe and that's 100% true. When you channelize your thought process to draw conclusions about yourself, your belief system is triggered. Most of your highly held beliefs are inaccurate conclusions from your part and the things are way beyond what you believe. You literally tend to mould up a life pattern which has already been programed by yourself to be bounced back and forth between your inaccurate beliefs about yourself and different aspects about life. In other words, your belief system is nothing but the amplification of your own or programed thought process. Once you have a particular belief system, you definitely have a tendency to reinforce that, discounting anything that runs contrary to your upheld belief system. 

How to do thought management: It's definitely possible. You are receiving universal consciousness with which you can easily program your brain and make brain your tool to produce only the thought process which you can control absolutely. You are supposed to follow the steps below with which you can have thought management. 

a) Start your day with some MeditationMeditation is the technique through which you can improve your control on your thought process via a step by step process. Practice meditation for 10 to 15 minutes every single day either in the morning after you have been up or in the evening before you go to bed. Have the inner visualization and reaffirmation that you are imbibing the universal energy and consciousness with which you can program your brain in such a way that the brain processes only the thought process you want to have and boost the meditation with the strongest possible affirmations which work as the programs from your end for the brain to process. Regularize this practice and you get the muscle memory automatically to take necessary actions to realize what you want as well. 

b) Have a balanced life pattern: A strong body can produce a strong mindset too. Regularize your physical exercise. Never nurture any habits that are going to make your thought process obscure and crippled like drinking alcohol, tobacco consumption, drug addiction etc. As a depressant, alcohol can easily disturb the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain, making your thought process adversely affected. Regular use of recreational drugs can easily result in the lapses in your memory power. A regular smoker can easily develop dementia which is directly linked with memory loss, loss of thinking abilities and judgement. Maintain a healthy diet to the maximum possible extent. Follow good hygiene and regular sleeping order. Always remember the fact that you can easily deal with the negative aspects in life by focusing more on the positive aspects. If you concentrate more on the negative aspects, cycles of perpetuation of the same happen with your thoughts, emotions and behaviors, totally engulfed by the negative aspects. Always focus on the positive things in life and try to let go of the things that make you stressful. Use your music, dance and meditation for this to the maximum possible extent. Spend time in Nature and always keep the company of a bunch of good hearted people with whom you can practice sharing your thoughts and emotions. 

c) Cultivate resilience: Understand the fact that life is simply a simulated effect that you have undertaken to be experienced more and thereby evolved more. In life, you get things done according to the level of consciousness you maintain and the karmic vibrational quality of your soul. The more you expand your consciousness, the more fortified your free will becomes and you can use your free will to customize the life, you want. This is how you can nullify the effects of your zodiac signs, karmic fate or issues in terms of your vibrational fluctuations including the system complexities. This is how you can rule your astrological planets or stars instead of being ruled by them! Never be more focused on the outside circumstances that are temporary. There's no need for you to be sad or upset for a long time. Everything, you lost is achievable by some other means. And it's with the empty hand that you also leave the body as you came here. Learn to control your thoughts. Everything comes as a lesson and you are an eternal being that's full of the Universe. Always seek social support from your friends and relatives if you feel down. Practice love, which is going to strengthen your vibratory value in such a way that you can easily control and manage your thoughts...