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IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

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Vibratory Alignment & Misalignment

Vibratory Alignment & Misalignment

In your life sometimes you are forced to choose someone or something that you don't like at all. This happens because you let someone else's control be placed on your life or you are indirectly forced to follow the programed norms, set by society. Most of your life is the result of the programed view or practice that you undertake all by yourself. You are living in a society where you follow blindly what society has approved as a mainstream policy. Your marriage, education, traditional or behavioral patterns etc are totally manipulated by society. As a result, you follow someone else's passion or life style rather than what you really love to have.

Everything is a pitch of vibration: Everything including yourself is a pitch of vibration that maintains some sort of frequency. The thing is that when you change the existing frequency order, it's going to alter the vibratory alignment in matter. In other words, your vibration is susceptible to fluctuations, caused by both of the inside and outside elements. These vibratory fluctuations are entirely dependent on the level of consciousness, you maintain. Actually speaking, whatever happens to you in life doesn't matter, but how you deal with what happened to you really matters. The moment when you have vibratory imbalance, you get to have a number of problems including poor health and diseases. You have made your life so busy that you don't have enough time to focus on yourself or what you really need. You work hard and try to save the cash only to lose that later on your own hospital bills. This happens because it's the programed way with which everyone is forced to have their vibration. If you can't maintain vibratory alignment in life, it's the first step you take to make your own life collapsed. Your vibration is set in such a way that you can improve it anytime, you want. And most of you don't know about it and it's also the part of societal mis-programing. Human brain works like a software system which follows whatever is programed. Those who know this can easily manipulate the rest and that's what's seen everywhere. You are, even without your awareness, forced to follow certain things, being imposed on you via media, press, advertisement, political, religious or educational dogmas or standards. These tools for programing keep you under a particular vibratory value which is totally misaligned. As a result, you are victimized in such a way that your freedom or choice in life is limited, and without achieving your true potential, you get confined to the societal paradigm on how it wants you to be. 

Vibratory misalignment in Food: The food that you take in, is always interlinked with your vibratory value. The food items can definitely determine your vibratory fluctuations. Now the food culture is made in such a way that you get inside a load of poisonous items that can not only keep you energetically down, but can also act against your spiritual development. Fast food culture and food items with more red meat and fat can trigger your negative emotions and stressful behavioural patterns. The food items are designed in such a way that you are likely to be addicted to them easily once you have taken them. It's the result of chemical and synthetic stuff, mixed in the food. The weird food culture you follow is designed to keep you down and controlled. You develop a number of problems including fatal diseases and the calcification of your pineal gland. It's good to avoid the tamasic food items, designed to keep you under control. The intake of fast food items leaves you in such a way that you find it difficult to manage anger and you turn out to be violent even under slightest provocation. 

Vibratory misalignment in Education: Modern Educational system carries everything except for what you really need in life. In a world where everything is business, educational system is used as the means through which profit is made. Moral and spiritual ideas or messages are not widely incorporated into the system. The educational system makes you more self oriented rather than service oriented. It teaches you to make some cash somehow and build yourself up no matter what happens to others. It gives you a weird idea that physics and metaphysics are totally different. Educational system is more functional via competition. Your parents compete with others in order to make you much better. They sometimes force their ambition onto you, which may not have anything to do with your passion. Instead of making you self aware, the educational system only teaches you how to pass the exam with selfish mentality. The industrial mode of educational system wants you to be a better worker for companies or factories instead of improving your human values. Most of the teachers more concentrated on how to improve their scale of pay, forming multiple unions and associations. Educational system has been moulded up in such a way that you are taught what a group of manipulators want instead of what the actual truth is. The aim is so simple that you have to live a more self centered, cash oriented life with the contraction of consciousness to the maximum possible extent, with no spiritual values in your behavioral patterns. A student is literally forced to learn whatever is not needed in actual life simply for the purpose of a cyclical examination system. As you tend to learn everything simply for your exam, you forget everything once the exam is done. A misaligned educational system can make you learn a lot of stuff that literally doesn't have anything to do with your real life. You learn several things that you need to unlearn. 

Vibratory misalignment in Career: Most of you are forced to build up your career in such a way that you choose it because you don't have any other options to do. A cash based society always makes you look for a job that pays you better. The misalignment, you have in terms of career makes you think that you can't pursue your passion as it's not what pays you more. What literally happens in your life is that you work hard for someone else at the cost of your freedom and dreams and save some cash that is going to be spent on yourself through hospitalization. The busy work schedule where you don't have spare time for anything leaves you sick sooner than later. In other words, you spend your entire life to make cash only to lose that eventually. What you miss is the whole life itself, its enjoyment with peace of mind. Private jobs are made in such a way that it sucks your blood out of you with professional rivalries and definite discrimination. The public sector jobs make you corrupt, lazy and a tool for fulfilling the duties to maintain some hierarchical order. 

Vibratory misalignment in Marriage: In a life where everything is business, marriage also belongs to that category. Men and women are more focused on the future financial benefits, they get through a marital alliance rather than on how vibrationally aligned they are in terms of relationship. You have to be extremely careful especially when you pick a partner. It's not the partner's physical beauty or finance that is going to matter in your life, but mutual vibratory alignment. If you have a partner who is 100% vibrationally aligned, you can find out beauty and finance and everything else, you need in that relationship. A relationship with vibratory misalignment never lasts longer. It's also good to check the vibratory match in terms of the zodiac signs when it comes to your relationship. A vibrationally misaligned marital relationship puts you always in trouble and this is how you lose your entire peace of mind. Organisms in the 3G world, learn more about feminine & masculine polarization and they do maintain imbalance in terms of the masculine and feminine energies in their souls' vibration, which is why physical love is being sought from another body. A soul that achieved vibratory balance between feminine and masculine polarization no longer needs it from a partner. The vibratory misalignment in marriage necessitates divorce or elopement with another partner. You start to love something or someone only when you find that in alignment with the vibratory frequency of your soul. Your vibratory alignment is quite different from some other soul's. This is how unrequited love is triggered. You tend to pursue unrequited love even though you are given the intuitive hit that it's not what you need, being totally engulfed by the simulated effect and mis-programed views. The love that you have at someone or something is not reciprocated always. To have a partner with vibratory alignment is difficult for which you need to be karmically qualified. Those souls who have been karmically qualified find out their soulmates and twin flames and have mutual spiritual evolution

Vibratory misalignment in other Aspects of life: Whatever you do causes the ripple effects of cyclical evolution until you make a drastic shift and that's the universal principle. If you willingly or without your knowledge start a misaligned life, what you have back is the ripple effects of the same until you change it. If you choose a vibrationally misaligned network of friends, they can easily make your life collapsed. Understand the fact that there are evil minded returnees of higher grade negative, working among you in human forms. What they want is get you negatively polarized so that they can realize their mission of recruiting you to the negative realms. They can easily use you as a converted tool for their agendas. This is how you are drawn to drug addiction, alcoholic abuse, terrorist camps etc. A vibrationally misaligned life makes you practice more vibratory misalignment in life and that's how you ill treat your wife and kids, parents and others. If the place where you stay is vibrationally misaligned, you are likely to face a number of issues, including diseases. 

How to bring vibratory alignment: First of all, understand the fact that vibratory alignment is the signature of expansion of your consciousness. You need to be karmically more qualified to learn more about it and practice it. Only if you have a difficulty can you learn certain lessons. And that is the purpose behind difficulties.  Try to grow from the inside out. If you keep listening more, you tend to learn things, valuable day by day in such a way that it results in the neurochemical transformation, leaving you metamorphosed into an entirely new being. When it comes to your education, choose what you really need to learn after your basic, general education. Everything is available in neutral quality, one colors it making it bigger or smaller, according to one's employment of consciousness. Actually speaking, there's no small or big thing. Everything is so valuable and so important, humans as 3G O2 bipedals, fail to sense it. Make your upper studies exactly on the subject you want to pursue rather than on what your parents or someone else suggests. If you feel like you are born for sports, continue to do that and build up a career in that field, no matter what others say. Creation is worked through difference. Even though there's only one being in the entire cosmos, that one being is exploring itself through its different versions in different vibratory frequencies. Always act on your highest excitement with zero expectations. As far as career is concerned, it needs to be in alignment with your passion. Your passion is the result of repetitive pursuit of the same matter of interest, through different souls, you have made so far. As a result, when you follow your passion, you will be 100% involved in whatever you do. You will never be lazy or you will never feel bored. Always remember that it's the vibratory misalignment that makes you feel bored. When you act on your passion vigorously, you get the most favourable outcomes. A career, built up in alignment with your passion always leaves you successful, happy and satisfied. Always keep a healthy network of people of similar vibratory value or interest in life. And this is how your life becomes more qualified. You also get supported emotionally and financially as well. When it comes to the vibratory alignment in your marriage, you are supposed to be very careful. First of all, understand the fact that if someone needs to have a relationship with vibrational alignment, the person is supposed to be karmically qualified first, otherwise no vibratory match can be found. The soulmates and twin flames fix their roles before they incarnate. In other words, it's pretty difficult for a person to find out a marital match that is vibrationally more aligned. If you are karmically qualified enough to have a soulmate or twin flame relationship, you are going to meet the person of choice as your life is likely to get directed towards the person. The moment when you see the person physically or virtually, you can sense that the person is meant for you. If you are, unfortunately, not qualified enough to have a partner with your vibratory alignment, the best thing you can do is find out a partner who appears to be most suitable for you and get adjusted with the person as much as you can. Always remember that mutual respect, trust and adjustment in a relationship matter more and they're the pillars that support any marital relationship. When it comes to vibratory alignment in your life, you need to take some things into consideration. Always start your day with a 5 to 10 minute meditation to reprogram yourself with what you actually need in your life. You need to regularize the meditation because your brain is following the mis-programing, you have been undergoing since your birth. Regularized meditation gives you strength always and boosts your muscle memory to take necessary actions, needed in order to make changes in life. Keep yourself away from the misaligned network of friendship that is going to drain your energy totally. Make the place where you stay more energized via meditation and strategic placement of positively recharged objects like crystals and symbology. Regularize your physical exercise and maintain healthy diet as much as possible. If you like to convert some space in your house into a little garden where you can grow necessary vegetables, fruits and nuts, it's more effective and valuable. Always try to raise your vibratory frequency and build a service centric life with zero expectations, practicing love...