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THE REVERSE STRATEGY You are a combination of trillions of cells which are regenerative by nature. Your entire  body undergoes a process of cellular replication which is a step by step process. Most of your skin and gut are replaced within months and cells in your liver are replaced in three years. Cells in your brain , heart ,  skeleton and other organs are also replicated within 5 to 10 years or more and the process of replication is totally different from one person to another. Even though your organs are replacing their cells, the age process definitely affects the overall replacement process. It's very good to include more vegetable items, nuts, seeds, fruits and berries in your diet as they can improve the process of replacement.  The value of your body : You have taken a body to experience things that are never possible without a body. But, when you enter the  simulated reality   game of life, it appears that you forget the value of your body. And you tend

Demons & Angels

How to do Pain Management?

Everything is one and that is definitively true. The consciousness is also a universal phenomenon. But there's difference in terms of the perception of consciousness. Creation is done for the evolution. And evolution is possible through a simulated Universe where nothing is permanent. The collective mass of pure conscious energy gets burst off creating more individuated units of consciousness. And again and again it gets subdivided into more and more individuated units. But everything remains connected as everything comes from the same source. Everything is involved in the process of Creation. The process of Creation works like a grand graduation system. You join the process as an indifferent pitch of energy and reach different levels of consciousness and finally get liberated to be the controlling wing or God of the process. 

Demons & Angels (Origin): Even though everything is one, it's an advanced point only a few can practically understand. This happens because of the misperception. When you take a simulative body, you get your consciousness filtered heavily. You fail to see the unity around as your individuated awareness is always triggered. Nobody owns the consciousness as it's an inter-cosmic property. The more you try, the more you discover! According to the perception of consciousness, the individuated units get broadly subdivided into two types of polarization. Those who have fear based perception stand negatively polarized while those who develop the perception based on love stand positively polarized. Spiritually speaking, those who are positively polarized are generally addressed as angles while the negatively polarized ones are called demons. One can use one's free will to be positively or negatively polarized. Polarization is simply the variation in perception of consciousness. Whatever you do, everything becomes the part of Creation. In other words, you are the co-creator with the Universe. 

Demons & Angels (Difference): Both angels and demons can and get evolved further through cooperation. But the cooperation of angels is based on trust while the demons cooperate with distrust. As they are engulfed by the perception of fear, demons always tend to destroy whatever the angels create. The angels enjoy freedom in its true sense as they are more collaborative and mutually guided and angels tend to easily forgive and let go of things, not meant for them. Demons, on the other hand, always harbor revenge, envy and jealousy. Fear always breeds domination because it makes you insecure always. Demons find themselves among the strongest hierarchical order where they maintain the perpetuated system of slavery. A demon always observes another with the strongest possible doubts and suspicions about their intentions. This wide spread distrust among them forces them always to get engaged in mutual rivalries, wars and power struggles. This happens when angles respect one another and tend to be more cooperative and collaborative in whatever they do. A demonic agenda takes longer to be fulfilled as fear always makes you hesitate and disorganized, whatever you do. Angels achieve their goals much faster through mutual encouragement and cooperation. Love moves you towards what you want, whereas fear holds you back

Demons & Angels (Evolution): The soul formation of a simulative organism gets strengthened when it gets graduated into the sentient form of life. For example, human level of consciousness helps you get your soul formation more fortified and even polarized. Normally what happens is that when you  have entropy (Negative Karma) to a birth cycle, you are given chances to correct them through another birth cycle. In other words, your awakened spirit chooses a life of repentance to correct former mistakes through a new birth cycle by means of reincarnation after your death. But when you repeat the same level of negatively oriented lives through different birth cycles, your soul becomes so negatively fortified that your spirit lies engulfed by your negative soul and it fails to be fully awakened, marking your demonic evolution. As a result, you get negatively graduated into the world of same minded demonic entities. The more negative birth cycles you make the more you get negatively evolved into the higher densities of negative consciousness. But still you can get positively polarized by the strong influence from a positive entity. The same way, repetition of different good birth cycles, focused on service mentality and mutual respect, makes you more positively polarized and ready to get graduated to the dimension of angels. The practice of love is the easiest way through which you can quickly graduate into the angelic realm. And the practice is so powerful that you can even skip your Graduatory evolution and choose to be liberated. In your terms, you can consider the evolved angels and demons as the extra terrestrials of higher order. The more you are evolved, the less dense bodied you turn out to be. The highly evolved angelic and demonic entities maintain spirit body. The demonic evolutionary cycle makes you take a long time to get liberated. It's exactly like you have taken a detour to get liberated. A demon's evolutionary cycle maintains stagnant growth because of power struggle, enslavement, mutual disrespect and envy. A demon's pathetic evolutionary cycle continues until the positive polarization takes place through a positively polarized entity. A demon gets positively polarized taking eons of time. Before getting positively polarized, a demon undergoes a self tormented state of remorse and penitence. It's a feeling like thousands of volcanoes of contrition, getting erupted inside simultaneously. A demon has to bear this burning state for a long time and actually speaking, this is how a demon gets free from the accumulated negative Karma. This painful state brings a demon into total inaction for long and such a demon gets liberated, given the right environment, with almost zero entropy to its consciousness. Angels on the other hand always work the will of God and a service oriented life, filled with love makes an angel capable of having Liberation more quickly comparing to a demon. An angel's further evolution is based on the esoteric knowledge and higher level of consciousness it maintains. Liberation is the final cycle of evolution. But still a liberated entity can take avatar in lower dimensions with the purpose of pure guidance and service. 

Demons & Angels (Action): You can see many angels and demons in the making on the Earth and some angels get ready to be born as humans with the aim of uplifting the humanity through their works like art, science, music, literature etc. An evolved  demon, generally speaking, won't be willing to take human avatar to manipulate the human world as there's no need for it. The demons always try to enslave the negatively polarized humans instead. The demons feed off your negative mindset. A demon gets direct involvement in your life only through invocation. If you are not positively charged especially when you do channelling the demonic entities are likely to manipulate your channeling and your body. A demonic entity is capable of either casting your soul out or causing a weird phenomenon called projection of multiple souls or soul dualism (possession). In such a case the adventant can use your body. If you have your vibratory frequency raised, you are never likely to be possessed. Practicing love is the best means, you can raise your vibration. These negative entities always try to expand their kingdom and if you have choosen a negative path of life, they can strengthen your negative emotions and this is how they recruit their slaves. An angel on the other hand always tries to guide you. And if you are on the optimal path, they assist you to get spiritually awakened. They play a major role in terms of your intuitive guidance and guidance through your dreams, your favorable situations and synchronicities in life. They work as the messengers of God and are ready to do whatever is possible from their part, to recruit you to their realm but it's all up to you whether you want to be positively polarized or not. You enjoy the ultimate free will and only you stand responsible for what result you get from the use of your free will... 

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