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How to keep your relationships strong?

How are you responsible for yourself? Relationship definitely plays a dominant role in your life. Your relationship can make you happy and  painful as well. What you can simply do is get away from any sort of negative relationship  and nurture the positive one Instead.  What your relationship is : Your relationship can be the closer connection you prefer to maintain with others. Actually speaking, you are a social being. There are different kind of relationships such as your familial relationships , friendships, student or teacher or mentor or mentee relationships , romantic relationships and group and community relationships . Maintenance of your relationship shows that you're committed to someone or something someway.  Why you have to keep relationship strong : Maintaining healthy relationships is always a very important thing you do. It helps you have your emotional and mental well-being. Your relationship with others can even help your survival in soc

How to unblock the Chakras?

How to do Thought Implantation?

The Chakra system can be regarded as your spiritual nervous system. Actually speaking, the Chakras are the metaphorical energy centers located inside your body and the activation of which actually helps you have the spiritual transmutation in life. These energy wheels can be mapped running alongside your spine, regulating the flow of energy. 

What the Chakras are: The ancient Sanskrit word Chakra means 'Wheel'. The Chakras are the metaphorical spinning discs or energy points inside your body. By using your thought, emotion and action you are supposed to make the Chakras open and aligned because they actually correspond to the major nerves and organs inside your body. The activation of the Chakras is actually your attempt to get focused on your emotional and physical wellbeing. There are 7 Chakras which are arranged in such a way that they start from the Perineum and go up alongside your spine exactly in a straight line to the top of your head. The topmost Chakra is placed outside your body, above the top of your head, suggesting that you are always connected with the Universe and energy is quantum entangled everywhere. Each Chakra maintains a different frequency and a particular color. Root Chakra, located at the Perineum, red in color is associated with the spinal column, legs, the kidneys and colon. Sacral Chakra, positioned at the Sacrum is orange in color and it represents sexual organs, the bladder and the prostate. Located at the belly button, the next Chakra is Neval Chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra) which is yellowish in color and is associated  with the stomach, liver and pancreas. Heart Chakra is the fourth one representing your heart, blood circulation, arms and is given green color. Throat Chakra, blue in color represents your mouth, thyroid and hypothalamus. Positioned at the center of the brain, the very next Chakra is Third Eye Chakra. Deep purple in color, the Chakra is associated with the pineal gland, pituitary gland, the nose and ears. Crown Chakra is the final one representing your cosmic body. Indigo or white in color the Chakra represents your consciousness which is universal. 

The qualities of the Chakras: Before unblocking the Chakras, you have to know more about the qualities they represent. For example, the Root Chakra represents your survival needs and tactics. Your sexual power and emotional balance can be linked to the Sacral Chakra. Neval Chakra represents your free will and intentions. Heart Chakra is the seat of your unconditional love, compassion, empathy and intuition. Throat Chakra shows your creativity and communication. Third Eye Chakra represents your wisdom, Inter dimensional abilities and super powers and the Crown Chakra represents your divinity, suggesting that you are the personification of God

Why you have to unblock the Chakras: The activation of the Chakra system actually is nothing but the way through which you can be more aware about your true potential. When you do the Chakra activation meditation regularly, even without your knowledge, you come to your true self where you can keep the balance always in your life. It changes your biochemistry in such a way that you become more peaceful, powerful and energetic. Your thought can definitely influence the vibratory frequency of Matter, when it's regularly done. The Chakras are blocked by default and when you activate them, you never undergo the depletion of energy flow throughout your body. When you have the Chakras blocked, you're supposed to have emotional imbalance, fear, increased anger, sadness, or indecisiveness. Such a situation definitely triggers poor physical alignment that can lead to musculoskeletal issues, mental health issues like depression or anxiety, physical disease or illness. You feel disconnected from the Earth if Root Chaka is blocked. The blocked Root Chakra causes depression, anxiety, sluggishness and low level of self esteem and all these adversely affect your creativity, thereby making you financially unsuccessful. A blocked Sacral Chakra can trigger difficulties in terms of your relationship. It may result in your fatigue and sexual dysfunction. The blocked Neval Chakra leaves you with stomach trouble or pain, stage fright, lack of confidence and nervousness. When you have your Heart Chakra blocked, you become, cruel and unkind with terrorist tendencies. You will never learn the lessons of empathy, compassion and consideration. It eventually causes a lot of heart related diseases as well. With a blocked Throat Chakra you have poor communication with people. You will never speak up wherever needed. And people can easily take advantage of your situation. It can also trigger a bunch of throat related diseases including Thyroid. You have clichĂ©d ideas, when you have the Crown Chakra blocked, you will never believe in Spirituality. You go more materialistic. It's going to adversely affect your overall progress in life. You fail to see the unity around. And you belive in separatism and you can never practice love

How to unblock the Chakras: You have to get your life more organized as a result, the Chakras can be automatically unblocked. First of all, follow the healthy diet and keep yourself away from having processed food items and red meat consumption. Include more vegetables, nuts, grains and seeds. Drink plenty of water and never wait until you feel thirsty. The very next step in this regard is maintain a regular exercise pattern or practice yoga and do it at least for half an hour daily. Practice deep breathing and do it for at least 10 to 15 minutes with the inner visualization that you have collected energy directly from the Universe and have opened up each Chakra and improved the way the Chakras are spinning and feel relaxed. With your partner, get your body oil massaged and concentrate on each Chakric position and have gentle massage with the mutual inner visualization of each Chakra getting activated. Spend some time in Nature regularly because it helps you have the Chakras activated. 

Meditation & Lucid Dreaming: Take deep breathing for a couple of minutes and put yourself in meditation or lucid dreaming state for 10 to 15 minutes where you have the strongest possible inner visualization that you imbibe energy directly from the Universe and get each Chakra activated. You can either use the color associated with each Chakra as focal point or place your hand at each Chakric point. Focus on each Chakra from the root upwards and picture that each one is spinning in a clockwise direction. Practice deep breathing again and have the inner visualization that each Chakra gets more clear, vivid and shining on your inhalation. And each Chakra maintains synchronized spinning. With your thoughts and emotions, you can influence Matter around. When you practice this meditation regularly your entire body gets reenergized. You can also use sound or music or any positive mantras or recitals to get the Chakras unblocked. Put yourself in a meditative mode listening to the inspiring music and have the inner visualization that you get each chakra more shining, spinning and activated. 

The Practice of Love: When you practice love, even without your knowledge all of your metaphorical Chakras are getting activated. This happens because the practice makes you vibrate at your best. When you maintain your highest vibratory order, every single cell in your body showcases the best performance, let alone the Chakras.

How you are benefitted: The unblocking of the Chakras makes you capable of balancing your Chakras. It results in your happiness and peace in life. The greatest benefit you achieve is your emotional balance. You become more focused and clear in terms of your views and you tend to react so strongly wherever needed. You tend to sense people and situations so fast and move accordingly. In other words, you achieve the hemispherical balance in such a way that you let yourself move with the flow. You will never be over attached to anyone or anything and become free from your anxieties and fears. An opened root Chakra makes you more confident and courageous to move ahead. By opening up your Sacral Chakra, you become more creative and focused. An unblocked Navel Chakra makes you have control over your thoughts and emotions. And you tend to do things without any procrastination. With the Heart Chakra opened, you practice more love and empathy. With an open Throat Chakra, you maintain fluent thought and independence. You tend to speak more effectively and clearly. And you do speak up wherever needed. The open Third Eye Chakra results in your Pineal Gland activation as well and as a result, you get your sixth sense available and are always guided via intuitive hits. And an open Crown Chakra ultimately leads to the expansion of your consciousness... 

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