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The Healing Touch Technique In the  quantum Universe everything is a nonstop cyclical process of evolution . You are a pitch of  energy with unique frequency that has chosen a  body to experience whatever is impossible without a body. It appears that you like to be in a body more often because you understand how valuable it is to have a body especially when you are out there without a body on. Death for you is a new beginning to restart a new life with a new body on. It's the body that helps you have more of the physical experiences. Even the light bodied  higher graders become ready to be born in the  lower grade planes.  Who Returnees are : Spiritually speaking, a returnee is an evolved  soul who wants to redo the grade , it has already been evolved from. The entire   simulated order  works via a grading system exactly like the grades in your academic system. It's through the grades that a soul gets evolved. It's the  vibratory equation, a soul ac

The Natural Law

 Natural Law is the Universal Law, common to all humans and it appears that the Law is derived from the Universe or Nature rather than from society or people. It is the fact that Natural Law got depicted in almost all ancient scriptures but the later interpretations made it way more complex and it's kept beyond the common comprehension by the manipulators to serve their interest and control the rest of the humanity. The basic points in Natural Law are as follows. 

A) The Universe works like a Mirror: This principle is actually thoroughly misunderstood. You are the personification of the Universe. Nothing is separate from you and you are everything. Only illusion makes you always feel separate. The World around works like a mirror. You always get back what you are Instead of what you actually need or desire. The Universe never contradicts you but helps you get evolved faster. The Universe doesn't understand your name, language, race, gender, color or culture, but it understands only the way you vibrate. In other words, you get the results from the Universe exactly according to the way you have set your vibratory frequency. The higher you improve the level of your consciousness, the better you vibrate and the better outcomes you get to receive. When you change yourself everything else gets changed because change is the reality you make. When you are fearful, sad, less confident or depressed, what happens is that you get the same results from the Universe. And the people or things you deal with appear to be making you more fearful or depressed. This happens because you get the results according to the way you are. You can't change others but can change yourself. And some others looking into the way you have been changed, sometimes become voluntarily ready to follow the suit and this is how you can be changed and make others changed too. You are the meaning of your life and life doesn't have any meaning without you. This literally means that you are the source for everything you have in life. Never blame anyone else for that. If you feel like something is not okay with someone or something, the best thing you can do is remove yourself from such a situation, expressing whatever you feel. And never become ready to repeat the same scenario again and again. Understand the fact that everything happens to you only when you allow it to happen otherwise nothing is going to touch you. 

B) Life is the reality you create: You are never a slave to anyone. Nobody is more important or less important. Everything is unique the way it is. The Universe doesn't bear anything valueless and everything you see around is not the part, but full of the Universe including yourself. The Creation always lies different because only difference can trigger co-dependency . Your evolution is done through mutual assistance, co-dependency, cooperation and collaboration. Difference you see around is simply your optical illusion. The more conscious you get, the more unity you can see around. You always feel difference according to the level of consciousness you maintain. You don't have to let anyone abuse you. You are supposed to be strongly reactive wherever needed. Follow the path of nonviolence but violence can be done for your self defense. On a lower density planet like the Earth violence plays a dominant role when it comes to self defense and survival. You get negative karma only when you think, feel or act based on your selfishness. On a planet like the Earth, violence you do for pure survival and self defense elicits no karma. Understand the co-dependency in an evolutionary system like the planet Earth. What you have to do is move with the flow of life and never get engulfed by the attachment. When you become free of life, you actually start to enjoy your life. You have to practice mind control and achieve the hemispherical balance. Life is the chance for you to educate yourself and not to let your emotion overpower your reason. Try to do good always and avoid evil. Whatever reality you make, you get the results accordingly. 

C) You enjoy Free will: You are born with the ultimate freedom. So you don't have to enslave yourself. By using your free will, you can change your life the way you want and can even nullify the negative results of karma from the current life and the former life you have had. You can do anything by using your free will. The only thing that you have to bear in mind is that you get all the results accordingly. 

D) You can manifest whatever you want: You don't have to be entirely dependent on someone or something because you are unique the way you are. And you are capable of manifesting the life you want, all on your own. The Universe works in tandem with you only if you are on the optimal path, practicing love and selfless service with zero expectations. Manifestation, in your case, is the result of your thought, emotion and action. When you mix your thoughts, emotions and actions, you literally start to manifest things. Manifestation is never possible simply through your thoughts and emotions only as some people argue. This happens because you are inside a body and you are supposed to act with a body, which is what you have come here for. Without a body, you can manifest things applying your consciousness, but with a body on, you need to act. Action is the most important feature in terms of manifestation. 

E) You are everything: With a body on, you get individuated sense of consciousness in such a way that your survival mode is triggered and you see only separation around. This is how you make clashes, rivalries and wars. You get engulfed by a simulated body on the simulated planet. Everything you see around is actually your extension. There's actually only one living being in the Universe and you are not the part but full of it. In other words, you are the personification of God and God is never a separate entity. 

F) Everyone has the Universal Consciousness: Your consciousness is the universal property. The brain doesn't produce it but you use your heart and brain as an antenna to be tapped into the universal consciousness. The brain filters your consciousness and you can control it. Your brain works as a programmable tool where you can upload your thoughts and intentions according to which it triggers your neurochemistry which controls your biochemistry. The progress of your life is entirely dependent on the level of your consciousness. Your level of consciousness determines your vibratory order which triggers your biochemistry. Spirituality is the practice through which you can expand your consciousness and spirituality is nothing but the selfless service you practice without zero expectations... 

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