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IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

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Zulu was a little boy with a lot of questions. The important problem others faced with the boy was the way he asked questions. Always he had spiritual doubts. Most of the time, his parents were unable to answer him properly and Zulu was not at all okay with how his teachers answered him either. Zulu was always looking for a chance to meet someone who was able to answer him properly. 

A sage in the village: It was true that his village was visited by a sage who was approached by villagers with their queries and the sage was famous for answering questions. Even many scholars of the village went to him to clear their doubts. Zulu decided to meet the sage and come clear with his questions. 

Zulu meets the sage: Zulu wanted to ask only three questions.  Even though many had answered his questions before, Zulu was not at all satisfied with the answers. The sage was busy handling his visitors and he was sitting under a big tree and people gathered around him. Zulu waited. Zulu saw people move back with satisfied faces. Finally his turn came. 

Zulu's questions are answered: Zulu was the youngest person who came to meet the sage with questions. The first question he asked was about the meaning of life. Sage answered. "There's no meaning of life as you yourself are its meaning. And life is a continuous process for your evolution and as a spirit, you take many bodies to get experienced and more evolved". Zulu learned that life is continuous process where births and deaths are simply illusions. And one can take multiple bodies to build life the way one wants. The very next question he asked was all about how to be successful in life. The sage answered the question so simply, saying that always allow yourself to be focused on the now, follow your passion and act on your highest excitement at your your best. He also reiterated that one must avoid expectations and move with the flow of life. The final question Zulu asked. "Master, where's everything going after death?" The master gave the simplest answer. The master asked. "What happens when you cut a banana plant"? 
Zulu: " It falls down".
Sage: "What do u do with the plant?"
Zulu: We use its leaves, fruits and stem".
Sage: "Then what happens to the plant?"
Zulu thought a little bit and answered. "I can see new banana shoots, coming up".
The sage smiled and told him that nothing goes anywhere and everything is recycled in new shapes and new forms. Nothing is new. The sage explained the things a little bit more. And Zulu walked back home with the smiling face. 

The explanation from the sage

A) Your life doesn't have any meaning because you are the person who makes your life meaningful. You take a body to have things that are never possible to do without a body. When you take a body, it does have its own advantages and disadvantages. When body gives you a voice, form, feelings, movement, vision, smell, taste etc, it also gives you an optical illusion of separation. That's how your ego is triggered. You tend to forget your true self when you are inside a body. You are the personification of consciousness itself. 

B) Life is repetitive by nature. You use different bodies to explore the simulated  game. Karma also plays a dominant role in the game as it's what determines your stages of evolution. It's a non stop process because it's good to have a body and experience things differently as long as you get totally fed up with that. 

C) Death is actually a new beginning so that a soul can choose a new body to explore the simulated game further. Everything is recycled in one way or another. Nothing is lost. It's the visionary illusion that makes us believe that something or someone is lost forever. Nothing is new actually in the quantum Universe. Energy cannot be lost and it can only be reconverted. You are life and you are death as well. Life to love and death to achieve your true self. The whole world is your family as you are accountable for all life and the epitome of collectivity. All that is civilized starts with you and you are the personification of the Universe itself....