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IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

Click >  IELTS PERSONAL COACHING 🔑 TAKE AN APPOINTMENT VIA  WhatsApp  MESSAGE Coaching is the Key🔑 ONLINE IELTS COACHING IELTS Academic coaching is designed to help individuals prepare for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic exam. This exam is typically required for admission to universities and colleges in English-speaking countries and is also used for professional registration purposes. Here are some key points about IELTS Academic coaching from our end: Content and Format: IELTS Academic assesses a candidate's ability to use English in an academic context. It includes four sections: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. IELTS coaching for the Academic module focuses on these specific skills. Experienced Instructors:  Our Coaching center offers online platforms as well and we have experienced instructors who are well-versed in the IELTS Academic test format. They can provide guidance on test s



In a Universe where everything is energy, whatever you think and speak is also energy. Actually speaking, words are powerful enough to destroy and create. Sometimes, it's definitely possible that a word can change the entire situation. You are the pure expression of consciousness. And your speech is actually one of the ways through which you implement your consciousness. 

A) What words are: Words are the results of the expression of your level of consciousness. Your thoughts are literally electrochemical energy transmitted. The thoughts, you have actually give power to your voice or words. Words, in other terms, are the vibrational expression of your quick thought process. When you have words mixed with your feelings which are literally magnetic energy, they are electromagnetic energy being transmitted. The electromagnetic energy can definitely change the existing molecular structure of matter if it's flowing continuously for a while. That's what makes your reaffirmation so powerful. 

B) How powerful the words are: Your words are so powerful that they can heal and help or hurt and humiliate. The words can hinder or hide things. Words are the miracles, you perform, you believe it or not. Words can also make people humble. You are supposed to be extremely careful when you use your words. The words of others can also personally affect your vibration. Energy, generated by positive or negative words can definitely change the physical structure of matter. In other words, you have to be careful about the way you throw words at others or yourself. The simple words you utter like, " I hate my hair" " I am stupid "can bring negative energy into the way, you vibrate and can affect you on a physical level. You know what! The sound vibrations travel through water four times faster than it does through the air. And understand the fact that your body is made of 70% water and the energy the words carry can quickly resonate in your cells. It appears that your life and death is actually in the power of your tongue. The more time when you see, speak, hear or read a word or a phrase the more power it has over you. It doesn't matter whether the word or phrase actually gives you true or false piece of information, what matters really is how often you get exposed to it. The more you get exposed to it, the more it works as a program for your brain and triggers variations in terms of your core vibrational value. In other words, it triggers the cyclical repetition of the situations of what you believe as the result of the program and you get the muscle memory to act accordingly too. 

C) How to use words in your favor: You are the consciousness itself and you can easily manipulate the power of words in your favor. The first and foremost thing, you have to be careful is that you have to avoid self criticism and try to be kind towards yourself. Understand the fact the Universe doesn't carry anything valueless. And if you exist, it means that you are valuable in your unique way and identify your value and do things accordingly. Stop self- depreciation as well and never try to make yourself a laughing stock simply for fun. Always understand the fact that the quantum energy flow doesn't understand your sense of humor. But, it helps you get reprogramed that way and you get to have the same results. 
Delete yourself from the negative network of friends because negative friends always put you down with their words of negativity and surround yourself with the positive network of people who can definitely boost up your spirits. 

D) Power enhancement of words: Always practice the power enhancement of words. Understand the fact that words literally don't have any meaning and you are the one who gives meaning to them by the employment of your consciousness. Always listen to positive pieces of music, videos or speech. Read uplifting stories. Engage in meditation for 5 to 10 minutes in the early morning where you use the power of words through positive affirmations. When you regularly do that, it literally changes your life. You get to have neurochemical changes accordingly, which gives you the muscle memory to take up necessary actions to change your life accordingly. Words give your thoughts the power and that's how they become physical reality. Words exactly as your thoughts are, are powerful enough to create your reality. When you repeat some positive words in your meditation and allow yourself to feel the meaning of the words carry, what you literally do is sending the strongest possible electromagnetic waves both inside and outside. The repeated pattern of such waves can definitely cause neurochemical changes inside which always give you muscle memory to take up necessary actions to achieve the reality, you reaffirmed. Plus, what this does outside is the same; sending electromagnetic waves outside and the Universe can easily detect that as it's signal for the Universe to work in tandem with you. And the Universe helps you achieve your goals faster by giving you more favorable life situations or synchronicities in this regard. 

E) Stop comparing and complaining: Never compare yourself with others and understand that everything is different in its unique way. When you complain about your life to others or compare your life with others, you are reaffirming negative words towards your direction, triggering the cyclical repetition of your reality, based on your negative affirmations. Complaining and comparing both are actually the negative meditation, you do without your knowledge. Avoid the tems like 'can’t’, ‘shouldn’t’, ‘need’, ‘won’t' to the maximum possible extent. And each morning, start your day with positive affirmations. That can definitely change your life eventually.