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IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

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The Mechanics behind Manifestation

The Practice of Upasana

Life is a simulated effect a soul undergoes to get evolved. When it comes to sentient beings like humans, life goes more meaningful via manifestation. Manifestation is a complex subject especially among the normal humans. Many spiritual Gurus have taken advantage of the situation and you can see the techniques of manifestation being taught both online and offline. But most of these coaching programs have a beat about the bush approach with which things still lie unclarified.

What manifestation is: Manifestation is the techniques through which you can turn your dreams into reality. Manifestation is the realization of the reality you want in your life. It is actually a step by step process which is achievable by continuous efforts from you. There are a lot more things, most of the Gurus leave untouched especially when the coaching in terms of law of attraction is delivered. Your manifestation is the result of the proper channelization of law of attraction. You can take the following points into consideration before you attempt to have manifestation. 

A) You have taken a body to do actions: You are a spirit making a particular soul in a simulated body. You have taken a body with the purpose of using it for actions. Actions are the key to manifestation. Many of the guidelines for manifestation intentionally skip the importance of actions in terms of manifestation. It's the simple logic, working behind the process of manifestation. Your thoughts and feelings are important only when they prompt you to take necessary actions, needed. For example, simply thinking and feeling of a cup of ice cream is not going to satisfy you. This happens because your manifestation is half- fulfilled. But there's chance that you will have the urgency to buy and have the ice cream if you are thinking about it and feeling it more often. This is how you get it manifested. Actions are literally what makes you manifest things, not your thoughts and feelings. What the thoughts and feelings do is help you take necessary actions to manifest your goals. If your thoughts and feelings are done in such a way that they don't force you to take the important actions, needed, they're not worth the value. Most of you don't manifest the life you want, mainly because of this. You allow your goals only to get confined to your thoughts and feelings and you prefer not to take any actions or any opportunities to realize your goals. Always remember that you can create luck when you use the most suitable opportunity at the right time. You literally allow your goals to sleep between your thoughts and feelings and as long as you don't take any proper actions in this regard, you can't realize your goals. For a spirit without a body, the employment of consciousness in the form of thoughts and feelings is enough to manifest. But with a body on, a spirit needs to take actions to realize its goals otherwise, no manifestation is literally possible. So always channelize your thoughts and feelings in such a way that you always get the muscle memory about taking actions, needed. It can easily be done through the regular practice of meditation and lucid dreaming

B) Reaffirmation can also work the other way around: Another important mistake when it comes to manifestation is affirmations that you do. You are instructed to write or say something about the realization of your goals. It's definitely a good idea. But the way you do affirmations matters. First of all, understand the fact that your life is thoroughly influenced by the law of vibration. Doing affirmations more frequently is the signature that you doubt yourself. The level of consciousness you employ especially at the time when you do affirmations matters more. If you simply reaffirm something just because someone told you to do so or as a practice you simply do for manifestation, or with the mindset that you are not sure whether it will work in your favor or not, it's not only going to work, but also gives you the adverse effects. The more you do affirmations with this type of mentality, cultivated, the less you become capable of realizing your goals. This happens because you are literally casting the reaffirmed signature of doubt to the Universe in terms of manifestation and always remember that the entire Universe works exactly like a mirror and you get only what you put out. The law of energy always matters. First, what you have to do is know how to reaffirm. Reaffirmation is the feeling of your goal. It's the psychological realization of your goal, done in such a way that it triggers necessary actions from your part to have the physical realization of your goal as soon as possible. In the process of reaffirmation, you have to let every single cell of yours feel the fulfilment of your goal. How many times you need to do affirmations never matter, but how effectively you feel the affirmation matters. Feeling is the mental realization of your goal which triggers its physical realization. Even though you do affirmation only once, it's enough if you feel your goal the way it's needed. And the time you do reaffirmation also matters. It's recommended that you have to do it once or thrice either in the early morning after you have got up or before you go to bed at night. That's the best time to program your brain. 

C) The Karmic bondage, you have can only be customized: The main reason why you undergo some sort of suffering is your Karma either from the past or present life cycle. You come here after having fixed your life span and as a result, if your positive or negative Karma goes beyond the frequency level that your soul can't bear during the current life cycle, the load of Karma gets transferred to your next birth cycle. Most of your innate disabilities can be traced back to the karmic bondage from a previous birth cycle. Understand the fact that you can't change your karmic fate through manifestation as it's your voluntary choice, based on evolution. What you can only do is customize your karmic suffering in the most suitable way by using the power of your free will and this is how you can literally nullify the effects of negative Karma. For example, a blind person can read by using the Braille system and can walk with the help of a walking aid. The more you try, the more default features lying dormant inside you will be revealed and this is how you can redesign life the way you want. The point is that you can never change your karmic bondage through the techniques of manifestation, what you can practically achieve is the customization of your bondage. 

D) Your goals need to be in alignment with your vibration: Unfortunately, you can't manifest everything. If you try to manifest certain things that are not in alignment with your core vibration, it's not going to work. The basic reason behind it is so simple. The Creation works through the principles of difference. Even people who came out of the same womb are entirely different. Follow your passion always. Make your goals lined up with your passion. It's comparatively easy for you to manifest goals that are in total alignment with your passion. Your passion is the result of your soul's vibratory equation which you acquired through multiple past lives. If you try to manifest someone else's passion, it's not only going to work for you but you also have to face some adverse effects. Such a kind of manifestation attempt can literally be called the waste of your time and energy. 

E) Never think about your goals more often but act: Always understand the fact that your thoughts that can't trigger any actions from you are not worth the value. Once your goal is set, plan your goal and do whatever is possible to achieve it. Make your life work exactly like your camera, if one way is not so clear to achieve the goal, take another way as you take another shot with camera. Try and try and the more you try, the more you get. Never spend your time simply thinking about the goal. The more you think, the less you get the chance to achieve your goal. This works because of the fact that you literally vibrate the signature of doubts whenever you spend more time simply thinking about the goal. Planning is totally different from thinking. Your thoughts can easily be converted into your worries. If you keep worrying about your goal, you will have time only to worry. The more you worry, the more you get the chance to be worried and nothing else happens. And it goes as a cyclical process with no end until you divert your focus. The thought process, involved must be your planning in terms of how to achieve the goal. And once the planning is done, never ever think about it. Never mind it. Act with zero expectations. The more you think, the more you are likely to expect. Expectations always make you more worried. As the Universe works like a mirror, you get only what you give out. When you act at your highest excitement with zero expectations, that's the easiest and quickest way to have your manifestation.

F) Service orientation is the key: Whatever you want to manifest, first of all, make sure that your life is more service oriented. What does that mean? What it practically means is that you have to be ready to volunteer help or any sort of service as much as you can to the Universe, to the people, plants and animals. This includes practicing love and avoiding negative people. Never harm anyone physically or mentally. Even though you can't please everyone in life, you can definitely customize your life in such a way that it's more service oriented rather than self centered. Never focus on your profit always and focus on people's benefit instead whatever you do. This is how you can make your life more qualified. If you make others happy through the silly things you do, like a wholehearted smile or some sort of verbal or physical or emotional support, they bless you by heart. The silly things you do are immeasurably valuable things for them. What they literally do is send you the positively charged electromagnetic waves of their happiness and gratitude and it strengthens your overall vibratory frequency. The Universe always works in tandem with those who have higher vibratory value. This is how you can be luckier and a quick winner of your target. This is how you get more favorable life situations which help you manifest faster...