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IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

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Are ghosts real?

What is Law of Attraction?.
Are ghosts real? Well, Let's look into certain things related to Ghosts. 

What a ghost is: An apparition of a dead person or animal which is believed to appear or become manifest to the living. A lot of people are curious to know more about ghosts and some others are scared of even discussing it. Actually speaking, there is no need for you to get worried about it and you are a pitch of vibratory energy and if you have raised the frequency of your vibratory energy then you are even more powerful than the ghosts are.

What makes you a ghost: If you have the influence of your soul on your spirit, you are likely to be a ghost for a while in the Earthly realm after death until your spirit gets totally awakened. Sometimes you take many of the human years to get your spirit fully awakened and get totally withdrawn. This happens because time takes a slow course of flow in the spirit realm and roughly calculated, your one year is like one day to a spirit. A ghost actually is the form of a withdrawing energy and is less powerful than you because it becomes powerful only when you feed its frequency with your fear. The film industry has distorted the truth about ghosts actually. The influence from the soul always keeps you more attached to something or someone. The negative spirits are the ones that have been trapped with the traumatized souls from the tragic incidents like Suicide, Murder, Vindictive mood at death etc. As the ghosts are attached to some places and objects, they do not chase you. But a demon does. A ghost's presence can be felt only by those who maintain lower level of vibration with more fear frequency and by the trained occulitists maintaining higher level of frequency. This means that ghost sightings occur with some visible spectrum range. A ghost normally makes physical interaction with you when you get exposed to the place where its energy persists or when you use the objects, they are attached to. Some ghosts tend to move with objects of attachment if you get them carried with you. The positive spirits are your diseased parents or relatives whose energy you can feel when you are thinking about them. They are the well wishers who comfort you through your dreams and they can also send you intuitive guidance. It appears so because everything is energy and you can absorb and convert the energy around, the way you want. If you get exposed to something negative, happened like murder or suicide then there is chance that you are likely to get affected by that as the negative energy caused such an event is likely to be persistent according to the intensity of the event until you get it replaced with positive energy.  Understand how the law of vibration works. If you are a person with low vibratory frequency, you are likely to be influenced by the negative energy prevalent in such a way that you feel creepy. Such a person is more likely to be possessed

Why you have apparitions: You are the maker of your reality. Never trust your mind (brain) always as it gives you misperception more often. Most of the apparitions you have are your own creations. Do you know how it works? Well, Just see below. 

Infra sounds: It's the fact that an infrasonic signal of 19 Hz can be held responsible for some ghost sightings. Infrasound refers to low-frequency sounds, vibrating from 0.1 to 20 Hz, just below the threshold for your hearing. These low-frequency vibrations produced by weather or some machines or your fan can cause blurred vision, dizziness and feelings of fear in you. Your eyeballs can resonate at the frequency of around 18.98 Hz, causing you an optical illusion of ghost sighting. 

Sleep paralysis: It's your temporary inability to move or speak while falling asleep or upon waking. The lack of sleep, changes in terms of your sleep schedule, mental conditions such as stress or strain may result in sleep paralysis. You are likely to wake up in the middle of the night and find yourself unable to move or utter a sound. You are likely to see a shadowy figure hovering somewhere in the corner, feel some pressure on your chest or sense a hand around your throat. Other times, you feel removed from your own body, as if floating out of your bed sheets.

Misperceived self representation: If you think more often that you are surrounded by ghosts, your thoughts will get transformed into your belief system and that eventually becomes your reality. Your superstitious background is one of causative factors in this regard. Another important factor is your grief. When you are more concentrated on the recently deceased ones you can feel their energy present. Your brain works according to the program you give and you are always the creator of your reality. The positive affirmations you do to your mind will definitely be helpful and you have to regularize that. You will have auditory and visionary illusions if you stay stuck in grief. Always remember that you can rewire and reprogram your mind anytime. 

How you can deal with negative spirits: Make yourself more powerful, improving your level of frequency every single day through meditationmusic or lucid dreaming. If you are a person who is positively polarized, you will have high level of positive energy and no negative energy is going to affect you. Wear positively charged objects like crystals, beads, necklaces etc. You are powerful enough to charge any objects you like. Make yourself physically strong through exercise. Have the intake of high vibrational food such as leafy vegetables, seeds and nuts. Use love always as your tool to operate your system. When you have only love inside, that's the greatest level of positive energy you have and you can easily repel and burn the negative energy as it strengthens your Electromagnetic field around. This is how you can have your frequency at its highest. Actually speaking this is what the Exorcists do, they are making the positive affirmations in the name of pure love. In other words, they try to engulf the negative energy with the energy of love so that the negative energy persistent is either burnt off or goes repellent. The moment you wholeheartedly start to understand that the demon or ghost, you are dealing with, is your own extension; a cry for help, and feel love and empathy, the negative spirit undergoes the spiralling burning sensation and obeys your command. Such an event sometimes helps the entity get its spirit awakened. Love is what makes you in connection with the source and what you see as negative energy is nothing but a cry for help or distant, filtered energy from the source. Love is the only means, with which you can change any negativity, be it ghosts as you perceive or people you interact with...