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The Healing Touch Technique In the  quantum Universe everything is a nonstop cyclical process of evolution . You are a pitch of  energy with unique frequency that has chosen a  body to experience whatever is impossible without a body. It appears that you like to be in a body more often because you understand how valuable it is to have a body especially when you are out there without a body on. Death for you is a new beginning to restart a new life with a new body on. It's the body that helps you have more of the physical experiences. Even the light bodied  higher graders become ready to be born in the  lower grade planes.  Who Returnees are : Spiritually speaking, a returnee is an evolved  soul who wants to redo the grade , it has already been evolved from. The entire   simulated order  works via a grading system exactly like the grades in your academic system. It's through the grades that a soul gets evolved. It's the  vibratory equation, a soul ac

What is Self-Sabotage?.

How to Meditate?.

What's Self sabotage? Well, it's something important. Many of you have been victims of it even without your knowledge. Self-sabotage is the mental block which definitely prevents you from achieving your true self. You can easily get over it. What you need to do is give a little bit of focus and recognize what is happening. You just have a look into what it is first. 

What Self sabotage is: Self-sabotage is nothing but the behaviors or thought patterns that hold you back from your full potential and prevent you from doing what you want to do. You are sometimes likely to fall victim to that by not committing to relationships or being a poor performer in terms of your life. You do this with or without your knowledge. Self-sabotage is also expressed when you talk about yourself negatively. When you consider yourself unworthy of success and when you make self derogatory comments. It's the reflection of your lack of self esteem. It's nothing but the mental constraint you make. Life is actually what you make of it. 

How you are affected:  Actually speaking, you are way more capable than you think and you have so much power over your life than you yourself give the credit for. But Self- sabotage limits you by all means. You start procrastinating things. You are always doubtful whether you have to do something or not. You will have urgent things intentionally postponed. It's like you delay your life happening or getting successful. The procrastination you are subject to, is nothing but some sort of fear. The fear eventually makes you less confident and moving on, you start thinking that you are not worthy of success or you are not fated enough to be successful. You blame God and question yourself why you have been given such an unworthy life. Self- sabotage actually damages your reputation. And you will have trouble managing anger. These tendencies damage your relationships with friends, family and co-workers. It makes you stay indoors more often and you will have the tendencies to have self-medication with drugs or alcohol. You either start to eat less or more and fall victim to the forms of self- inflicted injuries such as cutting, hitting or beating yourself. You start hating yourself and developing suicidal tendencies. It's so dangerous. 

How you can get over it: It's very simple but you have to focus more. You have to break the shackles of shame which is coming from the lack of self awareness and develop the self supporting behaviors. Follow the steps below. 

1)  Understand what is happeningActually speaking, it's the trick played on you by your mind, which is the distorted projection you have from the brain. First of all, your brain itself is not a perfect organ as you think. It's 100% programmable and it can't understand the difference between your imagination, actual experience or things you witness. Your brain makes you believe what you see. But life lies way beyond your sight. Never focus on the misperception your mind/brain gives. You are here to make life the way you want and you are 100% capable of doing that. You are unique the way you are. You cannot be replaced by anybody else. 

2) Reprogram yourself: You have been mis-programed from the beginning. You always become the victim to the subliminal programing done by society, which makes you work out of a narrow framework where your skills are limited as you are forced to think that you are not beautiful or capable enough to do something and you get to compare your life with others. This is how you limit yourself and block yourself from achieving your true self. But you know what? You are blessed with Bio-plasticity and you can self regulate your biochemistry. Plan your day every single morning or before that and try to do whatever you have planned. Follow time management. Always think that nobody else can check the progress of your life but you. Put yourself in a meditative mode before or after sleep for 5 minutes, where you instill yourself with positive energy, confidence and positive affirmations and get it habitualized and you can see the positive results even before a week is out. You can also use lucid dreaming with the same purpose. This is how you can be free from the subliminal mis-programing and bring a drastic shift to the new version of you. It's like you getting metamorphosed into a new person as if you were born new. Regular practice helps you change the clumsy belief system in your inner core, bringing in a drastic shift. This is how you can discover unique skills within you and use the skills for the betterment of your life and society. Start rediscovering yourself today itself. You can do anything as you are the expression of God. Realize the God lying inside and be the Co-creator with God. Build your kingdom of God, which is what you have come for. 

3) Keep pushing up: You don't have to give up. The failures or mistakes you have are the stepping stones for you to be more successful. Learn the lessons always and never let them get repeated. You will have struggles in life, but these are the opportunities for you to experience and expand your life more. Convert the negativity you face into the positive force at any cost. You are made for that. The Universe doesn't bear anything valueless. If you exist then that means that you are worth the value. You are needed and you are so valuable to the Universe. Never ever self sabotage. You are the meaning of your life and life doesn't have any meaning without you. You are everything. Love the way you are. You are beautiful the way you are. Use your passion and build the your World with your uniqueness. The World is waiting for you. Your audience is waiting for you...


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