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IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

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What is your Luck?

How to keep your relationships strong?

You are always thinking about your luck. Some of you consider yourself unlucky. Luck is always taken into consideration. 

What Luck is: Your luck can either be good or bad. Generally speaking, luck is your success or failure, brought by chance rather than by your own actions. When you have success by chance, you consider it to be good luck and your failure by chance can be your bad luck. Now luck has been evolved as a term you frequently use when you have good fortune with no major involvement from your part. Luck is the opportunity you realize in a moment. 

How your luck is determined: Spiritually speaking, luck is the result of your Karma. A Spirit through simulated  birth cycle form Soul. And a Soul never dies but your body does. The Soul reincarnates and gets evolved. The reincarnation of the Soul is determined based on the load of accumulated Karma from a previous birth cycle. This is how the evolutionary process of a Soul is at work. If a Soul has more positive Karma on its side, it's qualified enough to get evolved into higher plains. If a Soul maintains the combination of both positive and negative Karma, it's forced to take human birth again. This is how you correct yourself. Always remember that the Universe gives you chance until you correct yourself no matter how many birth cycles you are going to take for that. If a Soul has more negative Karma on its part, it's forced to be born among the unlucky people on the planet or among the lower animals. The repetition of your negative Karma through different birth cycles leaves your Soul negatively polarized. Actually speaking, you are the dispenser of your own destiny. Your Karma from a previous birth cycle can definitely reflect your luck or fate of your subsequent birth cycles. It's like a chain reaction. If you get some gifts, lottery or inheritance by chance, or if you face miseries, fatal diseases, debts or losses, it's all because of your Karma from your past lives.

How to be practically lucky: Even though you are being influenced by your Karma and Zodiac Sign, you have the free will to nullify the effects of both. Your free will is the most powerful thing you have. Always be a performer. When you see the opportunity in the moment, you are supposed to react to it. This is how you can grab the opportunity. You can realize luck by making use of the opportunity through proper actions from your part. For example, you can't win a lottery, if you don't take a lottery.  Always listen to your intuitive guidance and nurture resilient attitude with which you can convert your bad luck into the good one. Always try to build your opportunities. When you check the lives of unlucky people, you can easily notice that all of them follow the repetitive pattern of life. They stay stuck to the same routine. As a result, they don't get opportunities to realize their luck. Introduce difference and varieties into your life. Always be ready to accept new work schedule, interact with new people and search for new opportunities. Always remember that running into an opportunity doesn't make you lucky, but the way you react to the opportunity can leave you lucky. In other words, your actions matter more. Luck is never based on the opportunities you have, but spotting the right opportunities which are totally in alignment with your core vibratory order or passion. Another important point, you have to notice is that you don't let yourself stress over your mistakes or failure. Take necessary lessons needed from them and move ahead, correcting yourself. Always try stuff and maximize your opportunities. Never get yourself locked somewhere permanently. Nurture your optimistic tendencies. Always remember that it's not thinking more about luck that brings luck but acting. If you are passionate about doing something, do that no matter whatever others say. Always take into consideration that people are different and people share different views which may not be in alignment with you or your passion. You are born here not to chase someone else's passion. Another important point is luck will automatically come when you do things at your highest excitement, with 100% service orientation. Never expect anything. Move with zero expectations and the more you expect, the more you become doubtful about your own skills or performance. When you do something with 100% dedication, things will change. Sometimes luck comes via a step by step process. Interaction with the like minded can do a lot more in this regard. Luck is always the companion of a performer. It's very important to notice that humans are a programmable species. What does that mean? It means that if you get exposed to something for a while, you get thoroughly influenced by that. In other words, your brain acts like a sponge which absorbs everything even without your knowledge. For example, if someone keeps telling you that you are not lucky enough or you are not up to the mark, your brain does have a tendency to absorb it and it's soon going to be labelled into your belief system. Being programmable is also a good aspect as you can re-program yourself through meditation or lucid dreaming simply. Do regularize the practice though. If someone tells you something bad about the way you look or perform, understand the fact that that is the reality that person makes and it doesn't have anything to do with you or others. Always make a fresh start of the day, programming yourself via meditation. Be focused on your goal and luck is not anyone's personal possession, luck will come to you as well. 

Practice Love: When you practice Love, you vibrate at your best. And it's the signature, you broadcast to the quantum Universe, as a result of which the Universe starts to work in tandem with you, giving you the most favorable life filled with luck and synchronicities...