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The State of Samadhi

The Process of Ensoulment & Desoulment Everyone of you does have the potential of attaining Samadhi . It is actually the final stage of your spiritual  path through which you maintain the ultimate level of your consciousness .  What Samadhi is : Samadhi is the state of  mind where you practice the external and internal disciplines. You maintain perfect balance in terms of your senses, which is achieved through the regular practice of physical exercise , breath control, withdrawal of the senses through  meditation and concentration. Samadhi , in other words, is the state of higher level of consciousness where you feel the eternal bliss. The stage of Samadhi is achievable only through constant practice especially when you can stop the wheel of  thoughts inside. The Sanskrit term Samadhi means bringing together or total self-collectedness. It practically means the unification of your mind. It's the highest stage of mental concentration, you practice where

How to keep your relationships strong?

How are you responsible for yourself?

Relationship definitely plays a dominant role in your life. Your relationship can make you happy and painful as well. What you can simply do is get away from any sort of negative relationship and nurture the positive one Instead. 

What your relationship is: Your relationship can be the closer connection you prefer to maintain with others. Actually speaking, you are a social being. There are different kind of relationships such as your familial relationships, friendships, student or teacher or mentor or mentee relationships, romantic relationships and group and community relationships. Maintenance of your relationship shows that you're committed to someone or something someway. 

Why you have to keep relationship strong: Maintaining healthy relationships is always a very important thing you do. It helps you have your emotional and mental well-being. Your relationship with others can even help your survival in society. A healthy relationship can easily make you less stressful. This happens because relationship definitely influences the way your neurochemistry works. Cortisol, a stress related hormone is produced less inside your body when you maintain happy relationships. A strong relationship always ensures you with better healing. The emotional support, love and care, you get from your relationships stand immeasurable when you feel post surgical, emotional or physical pain. The first stage of healing is your awareness that you are needed. Healthy relationships you maintain always help you have a healthy life style. This is how you get support and guidance in terms of your unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking or drug addiction. The relationships you have can definitely give a new meaning and purpose to your life. You are always forced to do something good for your loved ones, improving your overall personality even without your knowledge. A good network of relationships always keeps you more energetic, less anxious and depressed, thereby making you live longer. 

How to keep your relationship strong: Life does have its ups and downs. Relationships too. Given the life situations, you can't expect people to be happy always. You have to be ready to accept the highs and lows of your relationship. Be ready to accept and appreciate wherever needed. Nurture healthy communication which is key to make any relationship strong. And follow the mutual respect always. Always be ready to express your being sorry if you understand that fault is on your side. Spend as much time as possible together. Be supportive and practice forgiveness. Always be the initiator of new things in your relationship and try to surprise your beloved ones with little gifts, calls or unexpected visits. It shows that you prioritize your relationship. Couples are supposed to go to bed together and get engaged in romantic conversation more often to keep up the emotional and physical intimacy. Never be too judgemental and always share what bothers you. Promote the habit of saying thanks and make things fun to boost up your spirits. 

How to identify toxic relationship: A toxic relationship can easily make you weak physically and mentally and it's good for you to get it obliterated. If you consistently feel tired, stressful or unhappy with your relationship, it's better to avoid it completely. Lack of support, toxic communication filled with sarcasm, unwanted criticism and hostile conversation, repetitive patterns of jealousy, dishonesty, disrespect, controlling and negative financial behaviors are the signture that you have fallen into a very wrong relationship

How to get out of toxic relationship: The toxic relationship will always eat up your energy. This is what makes you lose your temper with a lot of negative emotions like anger or resentment. It always makes you have poor self esteem. If you maintain toxic relationship, you are likely to be more stressful, thereby developing a number of heart diseases. The best possible thing, you can do is sever such relationships as soon as possible. Let them know how you feel and put an end to the relationship. You can set hard boundaries. Forgive them, but never forget whatever they've done to you. Whenever they try to pull you in, remind them of how they treated you. Spend more time with positive people. You can also seek help from your friends or family members. But it's you who have to stick with the decision you have made. Always remember that you are not supposed to live with submission. You are supposed to let go without guilt... 


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