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THE REVERSE STRATEGY You are a combination of trillions of cells which are regenerative by nature. Your entire  body undergoes a process of cellular replication which is a step by step process. Most of your skin and gut are replaced within months and cells in your liver are replaced in three years. Cells in your brain , heart ,  skeleton and other organs are also replicated within 5 to 10 years or more and the process of replication is totally different from one person to another. Even though your organs are replacing their cells, the age process definitely affects the overall replacement process. It's very good to include more vegetable items, nuts, seeds, fruits and berries in your diet as they can improve the process of replacement.  The value of your body : You have taken a body to experience things that are never possible without a body. But, when you enter the  simulated reality   game of life, it appears that you forget the value of your body. And you tend

What is your Power⚡💪?

Your Vibratory Equation

Everyone knows that they have got power. But only a few understand how to use the power and how powerful one can be. You can easily avoid the way, you suffer if you know how to channelize your power properly. Always remember the fact that you are full of the Universe and your power can be as pervasive as the Universe itself. 

A) Trust: First of all, you are supposed to trust yourself otherwise you can't make any progress. Understand the fact that trust is not a coercive force but the faith in yourself. Your power is always based upon the employment of your consciousness and you vibrate according to your level of consciousness. You receive things according to the way you vibrate. It's the lack of trust in yourself that makes you weak and struggling. It's the trust, you have makes you put effort on your goals. Understand how the law of effort works. Your trust in yourself brightens whatever you do with love and devotion and this is how you pave way for your own success. The moment when you don't trust yourself, you vibrate doubts, being a skeptic. When you are more focused on doubts, what you literally generate is only reasons or situations to be more and more doubtful and this is how you become less confident and unsuccessful. Trust always gives you the power to go beyond your limits. Always remember that you yourself are the one who puts limits on you while you are limitless. When you face some sort of difficulty in life, it's the trust in yourself that gives you the actual strength to move ahead. Trust is the only force that can remove the shadow of doubts, you have. 

B) Action: You have taken a body to act rather than simply think and feel. It's through actions that the real channelization of your energy is done. Your thoughts and emotions are actually realized only through  actions. Law of attraction works only through actions. Always put effort on your highest excitement with zero expectations. You don't have to do actions in such a way that you are striving. You are striving because you give more importance to the sense of self. Striving could make you more struggling and painful too. The balanced actions from your end make your goals realized faster than expected. Make your actions more aligned with your passion and never do actions in such a way that you must get something. Do your best with zero expectations. When you do things with more focus on result orientation rather than on actions, you tend to vibrate doubts and lose trust in yourself, showcasing your poor performance, plus signalling your sense of self to the Universe outside. And you get back how you really vibrate. As a result, you strengthen the perpetuating cycle of things happening to you, which makes you more and more doubtful. Always put forth effort, because one effort leads you to the next and you also get the chance to teach yourself and upgrade yourself through your efforts. The mindset that you cultivate before doing some action must be in such a way that you are doing it not to get something unequivocally for there's nothing to get but rather it's the action to get experienced and evolved. 

C) Observation: Observation always leaves you more powerful and it exactly works like a mirror with which you see things in detail. Observation can easily make you more attentive and you get to see things with precision and sensitivity, which literally improves your decision making capacity. Observation can open up your heart and mind together in such a way that it improves your concentration. The level of energy is more focused when you are an observer. 

D) Love: Love is the practice that everything is your extension. You are supposed to love yourself in such a way that you love others equally. It never means that you practice self love. Selfishness is simply sensory illusion. As practice of love strengthens your overall vibratory order, the Universe takes it as a signal to work in tandem with you. And that's how you can be luckier. Your wisdom actually is the practical application of love. 

E) Free will: Understand the importance of your free will and nobody can question your free will. You are the independent personification of the consciousness itself. You are unique the way you are! And nobody else can be your exact match literally in the entire cosmos and that's what makes you so special. Always use your free will to customize the life you want. 

F) Physical and mental exercises: Physical and psychological exercises are needed to make you more powerful. When it comes to the physical exercise, it could be any sort of movement, you like, be it walking or swimming or whatever. Regularize the exercise at least for half an hour in such a way that you are sweaty and your heart is pounding. Meditation or lucid dreaming can be your mental exercise. This is how you program yourself daily to have the life, you want. When you regularly do that, you get the muscle memory to do necessary actions in terms of what you want. 

G) Abuse of power: You also have to know how to use your power skillfully according to the context. Abuse of power elicits negative karma. This is how you get negatively polarized. Try to dispense your power according to how people deserve it. Always try to protect the helpless and use your power to guard the truth, no matter what happens... 


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