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THE NEGATIVE ENERGY In life,  movement in the form of  exercise matters a lot more as it's needed for the proper upkeep of your system . You have to do three forms of exercise regularly in order to make sure that you live a healthy life. Any sort of physical exercise like walking must be done for at least half an hour in such a way that you get sweaty and your  heart is pounding for the much better result. And it's necessary to do the psychological exercise like  meditation before or after bed for a couple of seconds or minutes as it's the internal cleansing strategy. And it's also mandatory that you have to do breathing exercise for a couple of minutes. The duration can be adjustable according to the way you make time available to yourself. But what matters more is that you must set aside some time for doing the aforementioned patterns of exercise, regularly. And it's never a tedious task as you think. The more you do them, the more you will ha

The Law of Effort


Life is actually a simulated process, your spirit volunteered to undergo and life makes you form a new soul, adding to the multiple existing souls, you have made so far. As a sentient human, you are supposed to apply the law of effort to make your life more qualified. 

A) Effort cannot be avoided: You have taken a body to experience and enjoy doing things which are never possible to do without a body. That's how you get evolved. In other words, you are supposed to use your body the way you want to get the results, you want.  Effort is, actually speaking, the way you use your body not only for its upkeep but also for the realization of your goals. Body is your real asset and if you don't put some regular efforts like, meditation, exercise, oxygenation, hydration, healthy diet etc, your body achieves the expiry date earlier than expected. Life is the sum total of different efforts, you put in order to achieve your evolution as a spirit. You have to be extremely careful when you put an effort to do something. This is what is going to strengthen your polarization and karmic quality. Effort is actually what makes your life worth the value. You have taken your body to put effort. Your entire body is out there to put effort. The way you think, act, feel, or everything is effort.

B) Effort needs to be consistent and vibrationally aligned: Most of the people don't put consistent efforts towards their goals. If they don't get fastest possible results, what happens is that they leave the efforts midway and move on to something else. If the efforts, you put are not result oriented, what this means is that the efforts are not properly aligned with your core vibratory value. In other words, you are not following your passion. If you want to follow someone else's passion or efforts blindly in such a way that you think you too can be as successful as the person in the picture is, it's not going to work. First of all, identify what you really need in your life and strictly follow your passion, no matter whatever others say. The vibrationally aligned efforts that you make, can easily be successful or result oriented. And when you follow your passion, you send the strongest possible electromagnetic waves out of your mutually aligned thoughts, emotions and actions, to the quantum Universe outside, signalling that it's time for the Universe to work in tandem with you. This is how you get unexpected support, luck or favorable situations in your life. 

C) Your fear can block your effortFear is the greatest enemy of your effort. And if you put some efforts with fear, focused, they don't have the chance to be successful. This happens because how you vibrate before you put an effort matters way more importantly than you think about it. When you vibrate fear, whatever you do lack your actual involvement, plus you cast the vibrational wave of fear to the Universe and you get only what you put out and this is how you can't have support from the Universe outside. Never mind your fear, put the wholehearted effort no matter what happens and the effort is going to teach you that you are way more capable than what you thought about yourself. Effort can actually eliminate your fear.  Never mind the results of your efforts. If the efforts are not producing the desired outcome, what you need do is change the strategy. Never let your fear block your efforts

D) Effort is your learning process: Understand the fact that every single effort, you put is the learning process you make and efforts pay you off in different means. Sometimes immediately or a little bit late and it's all dependant on the quality, quantity and vibrational alignment of the efforts, you put. It actually doesn't matter whether the effort produces the results that you are looking for or not. It's a learning process with which you can understand where you are in your pursuit of your desired outcome. If your efforts are not so result oriented, you have to learn from that and adapt and change your approach.  Your effort is your best teacher that always reminds you of your true skills and your hidden possibilities. 

E) All the positive attributes have no value without effort: Effort is the key point in life. The positive attributes like the concept of kindness, compassion, empathy, love, cooperation, integrity etc don't have any literal value if they exist only in theories. These positive attributes are given their truest meaning or value only through the efforts, you put on them. For example, love is not love if it's kept hidden and you have to express it and the loved need to feel your love via your thoughts, emotions and actions. Efforts are the means through which you are going to realize all the positive attributes in life. If you are kind, you have to show it to the people and things, involved in your life pattern. Simply keeping the concept of kindness never makes you kind. 

F) Effort builds your confidence without your knowledge: The more efforts, you put the more confident you become. The only thing you have to be focused on is that you must never get worried about the results. If the results are not in your favour, it shows that you need to put some more efforts. And if you still don't have the positive outcome, change your strategy and make your goals more aligned with your core vibration. Consistent efforts can make you a leader or a coach in your area of specialization. Putting efforts, no matter what happens is the best confidence booster. 

G) Effort teaches you what success is: Effort is the best available coach behind your success. It teaches you the triple principles behind success, that is to say, patience, perseverance and dedication. It's the fact that you can't own success if you are not ready to put efforts on a regular basis no matter whatever you do. Always remember that you are a renter to success and your rent is due every single day or else your ownership is more likely to be lost

H) Effort results in your personality development: Putting efforts consistently, based on your goals actually improves your personality even without your knowledge. This is how you get expanded and experienced. Knowledge comes via your experience and effort is your key to unlock the doors of experience. With personality improvement, your existing outlook in terms of life changes and that's what makes you the best of the creators. This is what makes you capable of being a guide to others. And you get respect back as an experienced person. Efforts that you put out, can also keep you inspired and motivated. This is how you reduce your own weakness and keep yourself recharged

I) Effort is the miracle in your life: If you are waiting for any sort of miracle in life, it's via effort. Effort always paves way to new opportunities where you find yourself exploring more and more. The more you seek, the more you tend to receive. It's the pure intention behind your effort that brings miracles in your life. When you put efforts with more and more service orientation, with your thoughts, feelings and actions, mixed together, it's the strongest possible electromagnetic waves, you send out to the quantum Universe, and the Universe starts to work in tandem with you, making you luckier with more favorable life situations. 

J) It's not the effort but intention behind the effort matters: It's the most important aspect of the law of effort. Sometimes, it appears that the harder you try to do or achieve something, the less you are likely to succeed. Have you ever checked what could be the reason behind it? Well, it's a particular phenomenon, called the reversed effort. The reversed effort becomes highly effective throughout your life, which is why you can't sleep sometimes however hard you try to sleep. The simple reason behind reversed effort is that whatever you do, your intention behind the effort or action matters more. And that's one of the quantum principles of simulation. The intention behind your act or effort is so powerful that it elicits karma. If you put some efforts to do something with doubts, worry, or lack of confidence, they produce reversed results. This happens because even though you are putting your efforts, your acute attention or focus is actually on the reversed effect of what you are doing and the funny thing is that it happens even without your knowledge. For example, it appears that even though you are trying to sleep hard, your focus is placed on the worry that you are not sleeping or you can't sleep. And even without your knowledge, you are amplifying the sleeplessness via the mixture of your thoughts, emotions and actions, as a result, you stay sleepless however hard you try. This law of reversed effort is applicable at all angles in your life, whatever efforts you put out. That is the basic reason why you feel sometimes like the more you try, the less you achieve. In other words, if you put your doubt, anxiety or stress together with the effort, you are more likely to get the adverse effects. When you put some efforts, what you need to do is never expect anything, but concentrate on the effort, you do. And do it with your highest excitement, with your heart and soul involved in the process and zero expectations about the outcome. And leave it as it is. Never focus on the outcome before or after you have put the effort. For example, if you have a mosquito bite, probing, pricking or prodding can only exacerbate your bite. What you have to do is divert your attention and the moment you do that, the issue is solved and this is applicable in all other contexts in life. And it's all about how you intend. Always understand the fact that you are the divine agent. And whatever you actually intend happens and the Universe always is ready to give you what you are looking for. If you put an effort on something with some sort of worry, doubt or expectation, what happens is that the Universe understands your signature as you you want something only 25% while you yourself deny or don't want it 75%. As a result, what you actually wanted, you receive. This is why sometimes you get nothing even though you try hard. Realization is actually the mixture of your perfectly aligned thoughts, emotions and actions. 

K) The time you put effort matters more: The time, you use to put some efforts definitely matters. You have to do it at the right point in time. The thing is that contextual application of your efforts ensures high productivity range. Always remember that if you put efforts carelessly without taking advantages of the exact timing, or opportunity, needed, you are not going to get the good results. The achievers are always so punctual that they follow the time management. 

L) The practice of Love: The practice of love together with a life focused on service orientation can easily make your efforts successful. This happens because of your higher vibration. Those who are benefitted by your services bless you wholeheartedly and it's the strongest possible electromagnetic waves, they send out to you, with which your entire frequency order is strengthened, triggering the information to the Universe outside that it's time for it to work in tandem with you, giving more opportunities and favorable situations in your life where your efforts are highly valued and and you are given the fastest possible results... 


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