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THE REVERSE STRATEGY You are a combination of trillions of cells which are regenerative by nature. Your entire  body undergoes a process of cellular replication which is a step by step process. Most of your skin and gut are replaced within months and cells in your liver are replaced in three years. Cells in your brain , heart ,  skeleton and other organs are also replicated within 5 to 10 years or more and the process of replication is totally different from one person to another. Even though your organs are replacing their cells, the age process definitely affects the overall replacement process. It's very good to include more vegetable items, nuts, seeds, fruits and berries in your diet as they can improve the process of replacement.  The value of your body : You have taken a body to experience things that are never possible without a body. But, when you enter the  simulated reality   game of life, it appears that you forget the value of your body. And you tend

The Afterlife

The Mediumship

An individual's stream of consciousness continues to live after the death of the physical body. A 3rd graderattempting to understand simulation and the quantum art through their limited Science fails to understand it. It's the vibration of your spirit that keeps your body alive, preventing it from decomposition. When you live and even after your death, your body works as an ecosystem for trillions of formative souls in the form of microbes, fungi and bacteria. You, as a simulated organism, are, actually speaking, a combination of three types of body, believe it or not. You get to see only your physical body. You also have a mental body which makes you who you are mentally with your thoughts, emotions and beliefs and an astral or spiritual body (Spirit) which is your true self. Actually speaking, the physical and mental body are the projection of your astral body. You are clinically dead when your astral body leaves your physical body. Afterlife is the time, you spend before and after the process of ensoulment & desoulment. It's your state of existence on the other side. When you are discarnate, you are never available to the visionary perception of the incarnate

A) The Afterlife (1): Once you are dead, you get transitioned into your soul. And your soul enters the spiritual realm. It's a totally different dimension from the earthly realm. In a simulation, all the realms or dimensions coexist and separation is only the sensory illusion. The difference you feel is the difference in terms of the vibratory equation. If your soul has not yet been free from the severe earthly attachment to someone or something, you turn out to be a ghost for a while in the earthly realm until your spirit gets awakened. Those whose souls face tragic deaths tend to suffer from the earthly attachment a lot more. A ghost is a withdrawing spirit which can enter the spiritual realm once its spirit is awakened. Your soul reaches the spiritual realm with the same qualities, it had while living. But once you do your life review, you tend to change the way you were before. But your phobias, allergies or manias in your next birth cycle can be ascribed to the karmic bondage. Actually speaking, afterlife is the holidays you take from simulation. 

B) The After Life (2): Once you enter the spiritual realm, you get your spirit fully awakened and as a result, you get access to all the souls you have made so far. And you are more focused on the latest soul you made. You can fix the appearance of your soul, which is invisible to the earthly realm according to the best time, you had, from your latest birth cycle. In other words, you are at your best self. You are free from the difficulties, disorders, diseases and deformities, you underwent when you were physically living. You get to see everything around you, below you and above you as if you have eyes everywhere. You actually reach back home which is totally different from your earthly experience. Every soul gets back to its soul family. Soul families are the network of souls who maintain almost similar vibratory order. As the soul family is based on similar vibratory order rather than blood relationship, it may not consist of your parents, partners or relatives from your latest birth cycle. You tend to form the cluster of consciousness where you are the combination of all of your soul family members, later in your evolutionary stage with higher grades. Even though this is the case, you get access to all those souls who you got connected while living. You also get connected to your soulmate that could be or could not be your life partner while living. Your soulmate is the soul that is more in alignment with your vibratory order. Each soul family helps one another in the process of evolution. The members of the family can help you plan your next birth cycle. The members can exchange different roles in simulation. They can be your parents, teachers, friends, relatives or partners in your next birth cycle. Even though you and your soul family have the free will to fix next physical life, it's Karma that works as a blockage to the free will. For example, if you have more negative Karma on your part, you can't fix physical life with your soul family group. But still they can assist you playing indirect roles in your life. This is the reason why you sometimes feel more connected to someone or some people who do not belong to your family, ethnicity, race, language or country. These 'outsiders' can definitely influence or positively change your life. As a soul, you tend to follow the same passion, you had while living, which can be further expanded through your next birth cycles. This is how you acquire your innate abilities. If you are a traumatized soul from your latest avatar, you get help from your soul family and those evolved souls who have chosen to be spirit guides. As a discarnate soul, you can improve your vibratory frequency through guidance from the spirit guides. Only karmically qualified souls can have direct connection with soulmates or twin flames in the physical life. 

C) The After Life (3): The afterlife actually gives you a chance to review your own latest birth cycle and regret your mistakes. Even the animal or plant souls can go through their life review. The concept of heaven or hell, actually speaking, is the state of your being in the spiritual realm. Those souls who acquired negative Karma, regretting their misdeeds, undergo the burning state of hell as they have to repeat their grade one more time while those positively polarized souls have a state of bliss called heaven where they're happy enough to accept the fact that they're getting graduated into the higher grades of consciousness. There's no separate realm for the souls from animal and plant worlds. In the spiritual realm the soul identification is based on the vibratory order which classifies the souls into different grades. You get access to souls of your pet animals. Most of the pet animals get qualified to get graduated into the third grade of the evolutionary scale. Your verbal communication gets transformed into telepathic communication. Even though you tend to think and use your favorite language from the latest birth cycle to communicate, your intentions get auto-translated into the telepathic communication, every soul can understand. Moving on, you get used to telepathic communication. Every soul can understand one another in the spiritual realm. Even your pet souls can speak to you and you can understand. You get access to the Akashic Records. You tend to know every soul in the spiritual realm. Most of them may have been with you in many of your birth cycles. A discarnate soul can easily travel anywhere in the spiritual and earthly realms except for the higher dimensions where only qualified souls can access fully. There is no need for any vehicle and the moment you want to be with someone or go somewhere, you get access. You don't age because age is something that affects you only when you have a body on. You do not feel any difference between space and time. And the time in the spiritual realm goes very slow, comparing to that of the earthly realm. Those humans (the Incarnate) who are extremely fearful of being dead and of crossing over to the spiritual realm are assisted by the volunteer discarnate souls who are either close friends or relatives of the incarnate concerned. Such volunteer souls help these people especially in the process of death and energy transition. Such people can feel the presence of beloved departed souls, comforting them either via dream visitation or solely felt physical appearance especially at the time of death. These volunteers actually prepare the incarnate on their journey to the spiritual realm at the time of death. Some discarnate souls volunteer to come to the earthly realm to help, comfort or guide their living friends, partners or relatives. The Mediums, working among you can get access to such souls. Your beloved, departed souls can contact you via dreams, visions, signals, signs or repeated numerical configurations. 

D) The After Life (4): The discarnate can see whatever the incarnate do, but the discarnate can choose whatever they need to see. The discarnate can be with the incarnate whenever they want. But the discarnate tend to spend more of their time in the spiritual realm, correcting themselves and planning their next incarnation. The discarnate can't breach the free will of the incarnate as the breach can elicit negative Karma. Oblivion is something that the incarnate go through while the discarnate remember everything and they get access to all the souls they have made so far. The moment when you think about your beloved, departed ones, they can feel it. The discarnate do not eat as they don't have body, but they can be more energized, accepting steam of the food, being served in their names or the energy waves you direct at them, focusing on them especially in their death anniversary observance. When you focus on the discarnate, doing some charity, serving food or doing something in their name, what literally happens is that the strongest possible, positively charged electromagnetic waves are being transmitted towards them. The spirits can imbibe these energy waves, being more energized or invigorated. The incarnate are always supported by spirit guides and guardian angels. A living soul is always assisted by it's spirit guide and guardian angel concerned. But they can only guide you via dreams, intuitive hits, or repeated signals. Their involvement in the earthly realm is limited by a living soul's free will and negative Karma. The more you seek, the more messages from them are delivered. You can contact them via meditation or lucid dream. A spirit guide is an advanced, evolved soul from the earthly realm who have been volunteered to help the human souls in terms of evolution, before its graduation into the higher grades of evolution. A guardian angel is a non human soul, belonging to the higher grades (from 5G to 7G Positive) working as a divine agent of love and light. Always remember that God is never a singular entity, but God works through many. You are supposed to meet your spirit guide, guardian angel, parents, friends and relatives who have been passed away when you reach the spiritual realm. Your afterlife lasts for a couple of human centuries as the time goes much slower in the spiritual realm. One day of the discarnate is one year for the incarnate when it's roughly calculated. Instant incarnation is the choice the more evolved old souls or those souls who need urgent fulfilment of something left in the physical life make. Most of the discarnate spend their time, reviewing their latest physical life. It's like you are watching the same film as many times as you like. This is where you tend to pick up whatever you missed or wherever you failed. You clearly get the picture of how your life affected not only you but also the souls who got involved in your life span. You tend to regret your past mistakes as you achieve your pure, true self once you get your spirit awakened. After the life review is done, those positively polarized souls who have been qualified enough to be graduated into higher grades, plan their next avatar with the fellow graduates and eventually get shifted to the dimension of their choice. Those souls who need reincarnation on the same grade, plan their new life with the similarly qualified souls and get shifted to the same grade one more time on the same planet or any other available planet of the same grade. Those souls who have been 100% negatively polarized fail to get their spirits awakened, as a result, they directly get graduated into the negative grades in the negative realms of choice without touching the spiritual realm. A negatively polarized soul is assisted by evil entities and initially, they are recruited to be servants of these entities into the negative realms. 

E) The Afterlife (5): Your beloved, departed souls come to you only if they have a message for you. After the life review, some souls if they have got more negative Karma on their part, volunteer to take a quick birth of suffering with the second grade of evolution. The process is called soul regression where a higher grader volunteers physical life to the lower grades to correct itself or undertakes a birth of severe suffering in the same grade itself one more time. Souls who are positively more polarized can skip the grades of evolution and choose to be liberated and the process is called soul progression. The practice of love enables a soul to have soul progression. The souls with higher grades can volunteer avatar in lower grade planets to share the burden of collective Karma, necessitating their birth cycle of suffering. Such a birth cycle can not only burn the collective negative Karma, raising the vibratory frequency of the planet concerned, but can also make the volunteer souls more purified ascended masters...


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