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The Illusion of Age Fortification is a  spiritual term being used to denote the focus of your consciousness. It's very important and lies unknown to many even though almost all scriptures talk about it. The course of your entire life is mainly based on the focus of  consciousness you have. Even though you are the personification of pure consciousness, your level of consciousness gets thoroughly filtered when you have a body  on.  How fortification of consciousness works : Your  mind is mainly responsible for what you think and you are not your thoughts , but awareness about your thoughts. So, you can use your pure consciousness anytime to change your filtered consciousness or your mind. This is 100% needed because when you focus more on your thought process, it can easily get converted into your feeling and your focus on the feeling makes you act accordingly. In other words, your actions are triggered by the amplification of your thoughts and feelings. I



When you enter the simulated reality game, you form your identity. Your spirit makes a different soul out of every single birth cycle you take. Know the fact that you are the personification of consciousness itself and the core level of consciousness you maintain determines your core vibrational equation, you call spirit. Your soul is the overall identity you make out of a simulated birth cycle, which is different from birth to birth. Soul is the peripheral vibrational coating while you have core vibrational value or your spirit. Your ego is like the additional framework, added on to your soul out of the filtered consciousness via your brain

What your ego is: To put it simply your ego is your personal identity in a simulated life span. As a survival tool, your brain gives you the false identity of self and other and ego is your self identity as a gamer. Actually speaking, it's your ego that makes you survive in the simulated game but the moment when you give over importance to your ego, it becomes a step you take to make sure your downfall. The zodiac sign, a soul is karmically qualified to take a birth under, definitely influences your life and helps you form the part of your ego. Always remember that the more consciousness, you acquire, the more you become free from the grip of ego and Astrological influence. Ego makes you unique the way you are, but the focus on your ego gives you the feelings of self importance. When you are focused on something, what happens is that you create the cyclical repetition of the same. This happens because your brain can make the new neural pathways according to how you implement your consciousness to be focused on something. These pathways always give you the muscle memory to act upon what you are focused on. In other words, the employment of your consciousness trigger your energy within and you attract things in terms of how you vibrate. When you give over importance your ego, that's not the good signature as it can easily leave you more selfish and self centered. And that's how you get angry, upset, worried, depressed, jealous or envious. Extreme focus on ego is so powerful that it can make you violent

How your ego is at work: Ego puts you in a survival mode always. And always makes you defensive. In other words, ego is looking for some negative situations always so that you can always be worried about. Even though you are happy and everything is perfect, your ego will already be looking for some issues to cling to. Actually speaking, focus on your ego makes it your enemy.  And it's always prompts you to create some drama even though it's a peaceful situation. It's your ego that takes you either to the past or to the future. That's how you miss your present life. Ego leaves you more depressed about your past or worried about your future. Always remember that it's your ego that's at work whenever you take something pretty seriously and personally. If you are more focused on your ego, what happens is that it's going to cause harm to your entire system. Your ego always makes you feel superior to others and this happens because you give yourself more importance no matter how important others are. You get your competitive spirit triggered and you tend to ignore the talents of others. And if someone goes beyond the narrow standards of beauty, power or authority that you have set for yourself through your ego, what happens is that you grow jealous of the person in the picture day by day and your ego gives you more foes than friends. 

How your ego can control you: The more you focus on your ego, the more you are controlled by it. For example, if you can't approve of someone who is becoming more successful than you are, you are under the control of your ego. When you are controlled by your ego, you tend to compare yourself with others and leave yourself dissatisfied. The false identity, ego gives you makes you think always that you are much better than someone and you feel that you are cleverer or nicer than others in terms of your behavior and attitude and you always doubt that concept about yourself but try to maintain that in any possible scenario. And you spend more time speaking ill of others. You tend to look down on people and always display some fake moral standards just for yourself, which you actually don't follow but use simply to hurt others or display in front of the public just to make the upkeep of your false identity. Ego makes you always more concentrated on people's imperfections rather than what they do. Ego adversely affects your decision making capacity and always takes you off the peaceful mind. Always remember that your ego is looking for an enemy, a negative situation or a problem, collapsing your entire mood. And it's the real enemy you carry within. 

How ego can leave you sick: Focus on your ego makes you more demanding and controlling and blocks your personal growth and rational thinking. It makes you angry, upset and worried or violent always and that's how you vibrate more negatively. The perpetuation of negative vibration at higher levels adversely affects the natural balance of your energy fluctuations, which can trigger a number of diseases including heart diseases and cancer. It spoils your peace of mind and makes mentally sick as well. It's the focus on your ego that makes you addicted to someone or something. Ego can easily make you a pervert, drug or alcoholic addict and focus on the addition definitely makes you commit tragedies like rape, terrorism or murder. 

How to regulate your ego: Understand the fact that ego is not your enemy, but the more you focus on it, the more it's going to be inimical to you. Feeling important is needed in your life for your survival. But control your ego and never let it control u back. First of all, understand the fact that your ego is the misperceived projection of your mind. You can control your mind and use your consciousness for that as you are the personification of consciousness itself. Use your consciousness to practice love. Everything is your own extension and the difference is the optical illusion based on the vibrational difference. Everyone is unique in their own way. There's no inferiority or superiority, which is literally sensory illusion. Regularize your meditation on the inner visualization and reaffirmation that you won't focus on your ego and will regulate it whenever you feel you are out of control and everything is one. Meditation definitely works and you have to spend only a couple of seconds or minutes for that. But, do it regularly. Meditation will always give you the muscle memory to regulate your ego wherever you are. Know the fact that only the present exists and focus on the now. Live in the present. Whenever you get confirmed that your focus is either on the past or future, try to get it diverted back to the present. Practice it always and moving on, you can do it pretty quickly. Practice thought management. And always understand the fact that it's the practice that makes you a master. The more you try to control your ego, the better it works for you... 


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