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The Illusion of Age Fortification is a  spiritual term being used to denote the focus of your consciousness. It's very important and lies unknown to many even though almost all scriptures talk about it. The course of your entire life is mainly based on the focus of  consciousness you have. Even though you are the personification of pure consciousness, your level of consciousness gets thoroughly filtered when you have a body  on.  How fortification of consciousness works : Your  mind is mainly responsible for what you think and you are not your thoughts , but awareness about your thoughts. So, you can use your pure consciousness anytime to change your filtered consciousness or your mind. This is 100% needed because when you focus more on your thought process, it can easily get converted into your feeling and your focus on the feeling makes you act accordingly. In other words, your actions are triggered by the amplification of your thoughts and feelings. I


The Cellular Rearrangement

Spiritually speaking, perceptional deviation is an important thing. It actually causes a lot of problems especially when you live with a body on. Life is a simulated process of evolutionThat's how you get experienced and evolved, doing things that are possible only with a body. Every single birth that you volunteer is a new experience of evolution for you. That's how your level of energy gets transformed into a powerful soul

What perceptional deviation is: Perceptional deviation is the difference in terms of the evolution of a soul. Your consciousness is a universal property and the way you imbibe consciousness is entirely dependent on the evolution of your soul, which means that people are totally different in the way in which they understand or perceive things in life. The same thing is understood differently by different people. In other words, the level of your understanding about life is not based on your genetics or education but it's based on the progression of your soul. Your understanding about life, your behavior towards others, your attitude in life and all other aspects of your birth are the result of acquired knowledge from different birth cycles. Always remember that you don't die, but your body does. You move from one body to another. 

How it works: Perceptional variation is a pretty serious thing in your life. Sometimes, even though you are living in one family, the souls of the same family may have hundreds of thousands of years of evolutionary difference, which means that your view of life can be totally different from your family members. Perceptional deviation actually makes a lot of issues, clashes, violence and wars. The only solution to the problem is those who have been evolved must understand the problem and move accordingly. Never waste your energy on someone who needs multiple births sometimes to reach the level of consciousness, you have acquired. 

Perceptional coherence: You are supposed to maintain perceptional coherence, which means that you build up your life with those who have similar tastes in life. Perceptional coherence happens especially when you have someone who maintains almost equal vibratory order as yours. Nobody or nothing else can vibrate exactly as you do as the Creation is different and everything maintains unique quality. Those people and things who have almost similar vibrational equation always tend to get connected together. And those who have different vibrational orders tend to get drifted off one another and that's the same case even when it comes your blood relatives or friends. This happens because those who vibrate differently showcase perceptional deviation in such a way that they can't live together. And if they live together, the life will be full of clashes and violence as they lack perceptional coherence. This is a pretty serious thing that you have to take into consideration especially when you look for a life partner or a business partner. 

The illusory perception: In a simulated order, whatever you experience is simply sensory illusions only. And it's done when you acquire a body of your karmic quality. In a simulated order, your life progress is entirely based on your perceptional clarity, which is thoroughly influenced by your karma. Your soul is working via two types of karma you acquire. If the quantity of your karmic vibrational value is greater than that of your soul's overall vibrational order, karma be it good or bad gets passed onto your next life. And the deeds you do on a day today basis also give you karmic vibrational frequency order. In other words, your soul acquires karma from last life and current life. And your perceptional deviation can be evident according to the level of your karmic vibrational frequency order. The more negative karma makes your entire perception negative while positive karma makes it positive. 

Perceptional clarity: Perceptional clarity is achievable only via evolution through multiple births. It's the evolution of your understanding about yourself especially with a body on. And with perceptional clarity, you become free from the filtered consciousness, given by the brain. You become free from the illusion of duality, you feel always and understand the fact that there's unity everywhere. You understand that there's only one being out there in the entire cosmos and you are full of it. You practice love with service orientation, which sets your vibrational frequency at its best. That's how you become free from violence and all other issues being faced now as a community. Perceptional clarity is when you understand and practice that everything is your extension and the difference you see is based on the way they vibrate only. When you acquire more and more perceptional clarity as a community, you get to see more and more like minded people practice service orientation. Mutual help is the evolutionary signature. Always remember that it's not competition, but cooperation that's going to help you guys as a community and that's your perceptional clarity.... 


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