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IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

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Evolution of Energy: Negative & Positive Polarization

Evolution of Energy: Feminine & Masculine Polarization

A pitch of energy (Spirit) from the Universe forms a Soul through a simulated order, getting experienced, polarized and evolved. A Soul needs a body for the evolutionary purpose initially as it's needed for physical experience. Evolution is the purpose behind the simulation. An entity needs thousands of birth cycles through which it learns and teaches itself the lessons needed for evolution. Your mistakes are repeated until you learn a lesson. Simulation works as a grading system where a Soul gets multiple chances to correct itself. Evolution can be achieved individually or collectively. When it comes to the collective evolution, it involves a group of Souls or entire planet itself, getting evolved, shifting the entire vibratory order and consciousness. Collective evolution is something that can be achieved only by the advanced Souls. The understanding of the simulation makes feminine & masculine polarization among the Souls. And it's the perceptional variation that triggers the negative and positive polarization

A) Grading system of Evolution: A pitch of energy goes through different stages of evolution called the grades of evolution just as you have your academic system at work. Each grade is the representation of your level of consciousness and vibratory order. According to your metaphysical analysis, you call these grades as the densities of consciousness. When it comes to the first grade (1G) or density of consciousness, a group of spirits work collectively to achieve the state of physical being. The soul formation is not started but the spirits work together, achieving physicality. It's the elemental stage of your evolution and it does have a long span of time. The lesson in the first grade is physical awareness and involuntary movement. This grade includes celestial bodies like planets, stars and moons, comets, elements like earth, fire water, air, dust, fluids, gases, minerals etc. Through the first grade of evolution, you learn the physical or material reality. Feminine and masculine polarization is started from the first grade itself. There are dimensions or planets where you can see only first grade of evolution. From second grade (2G) of evolution onwards the soul formation gets started. Soul is your individual identity of simulation. As a second grade student, you learn growth, voluntary movement, symbiotic relationship and survival techniques. The grade includes, microbial life forms, organic life forms, flora and fauna. A second grader repeats birth cycle, becoming trees, plants, insects, birds and other animals. There's no need for a Soul to go through all these life forms to learn lessons. It's the voluntary choice. Those second graders who understand or practice a little bit of third grade (3G) consciousness can get graduated into third grade in their next birth cycle. For example, when you rear an animal, you literally help its soul to get graduated into third grade. A second grader is never self aware, to a greater extent. And is focused more on survival. Co-Dependency in simulation gets more evident. The role of Karma starts to hunt a Soul from the second grade onwards. Karma is more based on intention, not on action. So an animal or plant elicits zero Karma when it kills for survival. Killing is never a serious matter on the quantum level. Killing frees a Soul to take up another body. A second grader develops a vague sense of relationship and family. Evolved plants and animals favor their family, pushing strangers away from the neighborhood. An evolved second grader develops the practice of love which is based on selfishness, survival and territory. Expression of love and relationship is more polygamous. A second grader receives the physical experience of feminine and masculine polarization through biology and gender. There are  dimensions or planets where you can see only the second grade of evolution. A Soul can use its free will to choose as to whether it needs to be evolved and transmigrated with the same bodied evolution or a different bodied one. For example a second grade (2G) plant can get evolved into a third grade or forth grade plant which exist in different planetary bodies or choose to get transmigrated to humanoid physicalities of 3G or 4G origin. Intelligent infinity lies in everything. Planets in different dimensions work as the grading school in the evolutionary system. 

B) The Third Grade of Evolution: Most of the animal and plant souls get graduated into the third grade (3G) of evolution. The O2 organisms like humans belong to this category of evolution. This stage of evolution is much shorter, comparing to the span of soul evolution, needed in the first and second grades. A third grader is more self aware, comparing to the second grader. A third grader uses the survival tool of mind to perceive the simulation. A third grade (3G) world is more organized where you can have a well developed network of relationship, family and territory. A third grader can form intelligence through critical thinking and use the method of science to learn more about the quantum art. For a third grader, the concept of family and love is based on material glory, blood, selfishness, sexuality and territory. Love is more polygamous by quality. Karma plays a dominant role in a 3G world. This happens because a third grader tends to misuse the consciousness with a filtered vision. Karma leaves a third grader reincarnated several times until the lesson is correctly done. Its the voluntary choice a 3G soul makes with the acquired understanding of simulation. A 3G Soul is multidimensional by quality. A thrid grader can understand and use the power of free will and choice. The soul formation gets more solidified and individualized on a 3G plane. Attachment to simulation can make a 3G soul a ghost for a while after death. A regressed 3G soul by Karma, can use it's free will to get back to the second grade to correct lessons, taking the birth cycle of a plant or animal of choice. It's the voluntary suffering a regressed soul undertakes. It's a rare case scenario. A regressed third grade soul on a second grade plane in the form of an animal or plant can easily be possessed by ghosts and demons. A thrid grader can manipulate the first and second graders. Most of the 3G organisms are created by the higher graders via genetic engineering and manipulation on an experimental basis. But it paves way for the soul evolution. The 3G organisms can manipulate first grade world and genetic engineer second grade entities. The 3G world is the complex, yet the most beautiful stage of evolution with amazing physical features. With a dense body on, 3G organisms enjoy their full physicality. The way they do with music, dance, cooking or copulation is inimitable even to higher grade organisms. When you have a body on, you tend to forget the importance of how valuable it is. An under evolved third grader works with limited knowledge of simulation and as a frog in the well can't understand what happens above, gets totally engulfed by the simulated effect in such a way that the distorted idea of self love is more focused. The 3G world is always assisted through the avatars from the higher graders in terms of the expansion of 3G consciousness. 

C) Positive and Negative Polarization: Third grade is that which determines the negative and positive polarization of energy. The polarization is based on the perceptional variation of simulation. It's Karma that plays a dominant role in polarization. It's literally the choice you willingly undertake. If your Soul has equal amount of negative and positive Karma, that is to say, 50% negative Karma and 50% positive Karma, your Soul needs to reincarnate to correct your lessons and strengthen polarization. If your Soul maintains more negative Karma on its part, again it needs to reincarnate with a birth of suffering. Suffering is the voluntary choice a Soul takes to burn the negative Karma, strengthening polarization. But with every new birth cycle, a Spirit undergoes the simulated oblivion with which it forgets the former Souls and get focused on the current one. If your Soul has more positive Karma than the negative one, that is to say 75% or more on its part, it's the signature of positive polarization which qualifies the Soul to get graduated into the fourth grade positive (4G+). If you have 100% positive Karma on your part, which is really a rare case scenario, then your Soul gets qualified to be liberated positively, skipping the graduation scale. If your Soul, acquires 100% negative Karma through multiple birth cycles, misusing its chances to get positively polarized, your Spirit gets negatively polarized, ensuring your graduation into fourth grade negative (4G-). Your positive Karma is based on the service to others by thought, emotion and action while negative Karma is triggered by service to self, by thought, emotion and action. 

D) Higher Grades of Consciousness: A Soul can get evolved positively or negatively to higher grades of consciousness. Positive evolution is based on the path of unity and negative evolution is of the path of separation. When it comes to fourth grade positive (4G+), a Soul gets broader sense of consciousness.  The concept of love, relationship and family is based on Soul connection rather than blood relationship. Love relationship is monogamous by quality and partnership is solidified between Soulmates & Twin Flames. A Soul is more polarized to the service to others. A forth grade positive Soul understands that everything is its own extension and the tries to form the cluster of consciousness with like minded Souls. When it comes to 4G negative (4G-), a soul is more focused on self love and with 100% negative orientation, it tries to manipulate the lives of 2G and 3G Planets. The 4G negative love is based on selfishness so that it's extremely polygamous by quality. Fourth grade negative souls are controlled by their hierarchical order where the most powerful ones impose their selfishness on the followers. It's the order of total chaos. The 4G negative organisms misuse their consciousness always to recruit more slaves especially from the 3G realms to fulfill their self service. Both 4G positive & negative Souls are multidimensional by quality and physique. Both 4G Negative & Positive entities start the clusteral formation of consciousness. And start off-planetary life of exploration of simulation. In other words, they tend to spend more time in their space ships as a result of which their planets are kept intact with the basic structures. It's the signature of the expansion of consciousness where they don't want to cause any sort of harm to their environment and lower grades of evolution in it with their scientific and technological experimentation on simulation. When it comes to the evolutionary cycle of 5G positive (5G+), a Soul is more focused on wisdom. Wisdom is actually the true application of love. Self love disappears among the 5G positive SoulsThe expression of love and relationship is based on wisdom, rather than on sexuality, territory, or selfishness. Love is more based on spiritual evolution as a result of which it's more monogamous by quality and the partners can be Twin Flames. From 5G onwards, diseases disappear. This happens because the 5G organisms know individually and collectively how to get tapped into the frequency level which is free from the physical reality of diseases. The 5G positive and negative Souls are lighter and thinner bodied and their communication goes more telepathic by quality. But the density of the body of these organisms varies according to the gases, they breathe and physical environment, they belong to. They consume more fluid food and sleep less. Clusteral formation of consciousness is more enhanced. They work through social clusters of consciousness where different souls of almost same vibratory order function as a single unit of consciousness. The 5G negative (5G-)Souls are more focused on dominance. They set rules for their slaves and try to protect the rules. Their mutual relationship is based on fear and control. The 5G negative physical love is polygamous by quality. The 5G negative Souls can function as a cluster consciousness where a bunch of negative Souls, focused on some evil goal can function as a singular unit of consciousness. But the negative cluster of consciousness may not last longer as it is characterized by the self service. It collapses via disorganization, forming always new factions. When a soul graduates into to 6G positive(6G+), it goes light or spirit bodied with no biological organs including genitals. Their body absorbs energy needed. These light beings become free from the biological needs of food, sleep or sex. The clusteral formation of consciousness gets more solidified. The entire community is one being. And they are capable of achieving non bio- reproduction where two or multiple parents can cocreate their ideal offspring that is the product of their desired qualities focused. The 6G population is increased not because of reproduction, but through the graduation from 5G Souls. Both the 6G positive and negative Souls work through social cluster or complex in which all the participants are equally conscious singular unit. The building of simulated order starts. They are more engaged in the simulated creation of their own positive or negative worlds where their agents recruit the qualified souls. Both these 6G positive (6G+)and negative(6G-)Souls can build evolutionary planets and move planets and moons and manipulate simulation. The participation in building solar systems begins. The 6G negative(6G-) Souls are likely to be positively polarized with the actual employment of consciousness at any moment of evolution in which case they get transformed into 6G positive(6G+) without rebirth or reincarnation. 

E) The highest grades of consciousness: From 7G onwards, a spiritual evolutionary phenomenon of singularity in plurality begins. A 7G positive(75+) or negative (7G-)being works as a projection of billions of coherent Souls. One entity is the social network of billions of coherent Souls. Several of such 7G Positive entities work together forming mega cluster of consciousness, consisting of quintillions of Souls to achieve their targets. These entities are extremely powerful that they can build and manipulate solar systems, stars, planets and moons. These entities through the cooperation of their agents from 5G & 6G customize planets, creating simulated realities  and implanting biochemical life. Only 7G positive entities are capable of functioning through mega clusters while 7G negative ones fail to achieve it because of the lack of cohesion. The negative and positive polarization stops with the seventh grade. From 8G onwards the Soul identity is fully lost and polarization comes to an end. Negative polarization is actually a detour you take to get the state of liberation. From 8G up to 14G, quintillions of Souls achieve the inter-cosmic pervasive state of indifference. From 8G up to 14G, only the volume of pervasiveness is expanded. This pervasive super conscious energy of infinite intelligence is capable of existing both inside and outside simulation. All the cosmos exists within this liberated energy. With massive consciousness and power, it works with the quantum templates out of which, whatever it intends is popped up. This massive energy channel is known as God to the lesser evolved. This energy channel is the definite balance between the feminine &masculine and negative & positive polarizations. In other words, it's the Creator, Protector and Destroyer. It's omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. It monitors the positive and negative polarization. It respects the free will. But if something goes entirely wrong in such a way that it destroys the game of simulation, this force volunteers to check it. This force lies as the illusion of space and time and it's the only thing above it and below it. The force sucks up simulated creation eventually only to recreate it in a more modified way.  If the planetary lives go jeopardized, the force volunteers avatars in multiple planets of simulation in multiple grades to keep the balance as much as possible. It's all about the cyclical process of evolution. You begin your elementary grade of evolution collectively without any awareness about yourself and you through different grades of simulation, achieve your identity initially only to be lost eventually and move onto the advanced levels of evolution. You again regain your collectiveness through advanced grades of evolution, but now, with total self awareness and balance, regaining your united inter-cosmic self...