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IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

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The Elemental Composition of Matter

What is your Sensory Precision?
In a Simulation, Matter is the expression of entangled energy with mass and volume, occupying space. Matter is made up of the physical properties called the Elements. Spiritually speaking, all Matter is composed of five basic, subtle Elements namely Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space. Whatever you see inside and outside is made up of the five Elements. The variation in terms of the composition of Elements actually determines the quality of Matter, be it an object or organism. The Elemental Composition of your body can influence your behavior and emotions including your overall health. You are supposed to balance these Elements to live a much better life. The Elemental Composition of your body is determined, based on Karma, you accumulated from a previous birth cycle, which determines the core vibratory frequency of your Soul. Your Soul gets qualified to choose your Zodiac sign according to its core vibratory order. When you are inside a body, your Soul gets thoroughly influenced by Elemental Composition of the body. 

A) Earth: Earth is the representation of cosmic soil, everything is made of. It represents everything that is solid by nature. Earth helps Matter form solid structure. In other words, it shapes Matter. For example, the Element of Earth is responsible for solid structures, such as your bones, flesh, skin, tissues, hair, nail etc. Earth is mixed in whatever you see inside and outside. Even when you have food, you swallow some part of Earth with food. Earth becomes stronger according to the way you use it. When it comes to your body, you are supposed to do regular exercise to make the Earth Element much stronger. Exercise makes the composition of Earth in your body solid. Physical presence of your body is controlled by the Element of Earth including your muscles and fat deposits. Earth forms your physicality including hight and weight. Symbolically, the Element of Earth represents the personal qualities of loyalty, hard work, morality and responsibility. The Earth Signs like Virgo, Capricorn & Taurus maintain the Earth qualities of stability and security always. The Elemental Composition of bodies under the Earth signs contains the Earth Element more. The Element of Earth exudes feminine energy and it governs your sense of smell and sense organ nose. Sweet and sour taste and color Red are linked to the Earth Element. Melancholy is the basic emotion. The Element resonates with a lower sound frequency and is linked to your Root Chakra

B) WaterWater is another important Element, Matter is composed of. Water can be any fluid and when it comes to human body, water represents all the bodily fluids including blood, saliva, urine, semen, sweat etc. Water is the protective Element for your body and you are supposed to drink plenty of water. Hydration is the medicinal approach you take. You have to keep a balance in terms of taking water. Overhydration can cause muscle weakness, nausea, seizure and mental confusion. Overhydration can also result in impaired digestion. The same way dehydration can easily cause constipation, lethargy and headaches. The Souls, born with Water signs like Scorpio, Cancer & Pisces are deeply influenced by their body with Element of water, mixed a little bit more. Water signs are sensitive, intuitive and very deep. They are very loyal and compassionate as well. The Element of Water governs the liquidity and fluidity of your body. The Element of Water is feminine by quality and it governs your sense of taste and sense organ tongue. Most of the Old Souls belong to the Earth and Water signs of the Zodiac. Calmness is the basic emotion associated with Water. Sweet and salty taste are also linked with water. Water maintains calm resonance which could be changed anytime and emits the basic color black and midnight blue. The associated Chakra is Sacral Chakra. 

C) Fire: The Element of Fire is actually the energy inside Matter. It represents all forms of energy including solar, nuclear, hydroelectric, fossil fuel and biodiesel. When it comes to your body, it's your energy within, which enables your body and mind to function properly. The energy is boosted up through nourishment and the process of digestion. The food you take is converted into your energy. The Element of Fire binds atoms together, producing energy. The Fire Element plays a key role in converting your food into stored energy and muscle. The Element of Fire is sharp, subtle, flowing, clear and soft. It represents your power of understanding, transformation and metabolism. It energizes and invigorates your body. The flow of the Element of Fire inside your body needs to be balanced. If your body is  less energized, it removes the luster of your skin, resulting in a pale or gray tone. It can slow down your metabolism and the digestive system works slowly. It affects your mind as well and it becomes difficult for you to digest new piece of information. And the normal functioning of your body is adversely affected with the decrease in bowel movement, sweating and urination. If you let the Fire Element increase in flow, you experience negative consequences. Your eyes turn red, tissues go inflamed, skin erupts in red rashes. The Fire signs, like Aires, Sagittarius & Leo find it a little bit difficult to control the flow of the Element of Fire and they are short-tempered by default. The Fire signs whose body carries the mixture of Fire Element on a higher level always maintain high energy levels. And they are more competitive, passionate, impulsive and action-oriented. The Element of Fire emits the masculine energy and it governs your sense of sight and sense organ eye. The Element with its basic color red and orange, tastes sour, salty and pungent with basic emotions of joy and hate and resonates dynamic vibratory order. The Element is associated with Navel Chakra

D) Air: The Element of Air represents any sort of gas available in the cosmos. When it comes to your body, it's the Air, you breathe and the Air that helps the movement of your muscles, pulsations of your heart, lungs, stomach and intestines. The Element of Air helps the electric movement of all of your nerves inside the body. In other words, the Element of Air enables all movement you make including expansion, contraction, and suppression. Symbolically, it represents your courage, happiness, growth and perseverance. The upsurge of Air Element in your body can cause your fearanxiety or nervous agitation. The balanced Element of Air is always the source of new insights, creativity and knowledge. The Air signs of the Zodiac like  Aquarius, Gemini & Libra come up with more of the Air Element mixed in the composition of their body. Their Souls are thoroughly influenced by the imbalance of Air. The Air signs tend to analyze and synthesize. They are more communicative, humorous and sociable. Air Signs move like Air does and it's pretty difficult to figure out what exactly is going on in their heads. Air signs emit masculine energy and the Element of Air governs the sense of touch and sense organ skin. Yellow and white in color, the Element of Air emits the basic emotion sociability. Bitter and astringent tastes are associated with it. And Air resonates sound vibration. Heart Chakra is associated with Air. 

E) Space: The Element of Space represents the quantum consciousness in everything. It's the most important Element with which you can control the influence of all other four Elements. Vibrant blue is the color associated with the Element. Bitter in taste symbolically, the Element smells sage. It resonates with higher vibratory frequency. The Throat Chakra is associated with the Element of Space. The Element of Space is the very essence of ‘emptiness’. You can call it as the most subtle of all Elements. When it comes to your body, it's anywhere there is space, be it your sinus cavities, lungs, stomach or heart. The Element of Space is never empty as it appears, as it's filled with the pure, pervasive consciousness. It is responsible for your intuition and spirituality. Your brain as a survival tool, filters your pure consciousness. You are powerful enough to use your entire body including your heart, gut and brain as an antenna to be tapped into the quantum consciousness. The Elemental Composition of your body, done according to your Zodiac sign, can also manipulate your access to the pure consciousness. But you are capable of balancing your Elemental Composition. The Element of Space governs your sense of Sound and sense organ ear. The Element of Space maintains proper balance between the masculine and feminine energies. But as long as you maintain the imbalance of your Elemental Composition, you can't experience it. 

G) The Effect of Elemental Composition (1)Each one of the Five Elements does maintain some sort of relationship with the other one. The relationship is truly based on their basic nature. Some Elements are very friendly by nature while others are inimical. The Elemental relationship actually forms the law of Nature. The Elemental Composition, when it comes to your body, determines the shape and quality of the body. The Elemental imbalance in your body is fixed according to the quality of your soul, based on your Karma from a previous birth cycle. It's pretty difficult for the Elements of Fire and Water to coexist. Fire and Air & Water and Earth are very friendly by nature. The low Earth Element in a human body makes it too thin, weak and fragile. The high Earth Element can trigger body overweight. When it comes to the high Water Element, a body is left swollen, while the low Water Element makes it dry. An increased Fire Element leaves your body acidic with skin rashes and burning sensation. And you are also likely to express more aggression and anger. The low level of Fire Element in your body can result in indigestion, diabetes, high level of cholesterol, lack of creativity etc. The higher level of Air Element,mixed in your composition, can cause muscle pain, unsteady mind and even Parkinson's disease. The reduced amount of Air can result in low blood pressure, lethargy, improper bowel movement, and laziness. You are supposed to keep a balance in terms of Space Element as well. This happens because you are in a simulation with a limited body which functions properly only when you keep the Elements balanced. The higher Element of Space, which is a rare case actually, can make your body suffer from Aneurysm (blood-filled balloon in vessels), Splenomegaly (increase in spleen), Varicose (twisted veins) Cardiomegaly (increase in the size of the heart), Hepatomegaly (enlargement of the liver) etc. The lower level of Space Element can cause overall body pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety disorder, inhuman behavior, violence etc. 

The Effect of Elemental Composition (2): The Earth signs of the Zodiac are born with the increased Element of Earth, mixed in their body composition. As a result, these signs tend to imbibe anything solid. Never get your ideas more solidified in such a way that it disturbs yourself or others. Practice food control and physical exercise. The Earth signs, if their Elemental Composition kept imbalanced, are likely to develop weight problems, glandular disorder, tumors growth, phlegm issues, throat infection, ulcers, food allergies, constipation, digestive issues etc. The Element of Earth maintains Tamasic Quality by default, which lacks motivation, clarity and will. The Earth signs have to work on it. And always remember that you can change the influence of your composition through your free will.  Water signs with the increased Element of Water in their body tend to imbibe anything fluid. If they keep their composition imbalanced, they are likely to suffer from emotional fluctuations, depression, digestive troubles, hormonal issues, heart related issues, anxiety disorders, issues in relation to reproductive organs and excretory system. Try to control your emotions. Fiber rich food items are recommended. Water signs by default emit the mixed qualities of Sattvic and Tamasic Gunas. They are kind, compassionate and respectful with silent demeanour. The Fire signs of the Zodiac carry the increased Element of Fire, which if imbalanced can cause arteries related issues, impaired vision, liver problems, skin disorders, overweight, spinal disorders etc. Consumption of liquor needs to be avoided and protein-rich food items are recommended. It's good to include spices like black pepper, cayenne, vinegar, chilli, ginger and cinnamon. Fire signs naturally express Rajasic Guna which is filled with euphoria, determination, anger, anxiety, fear, worry, irritation, stress, rumination and chaos. Air signs are there with the increased Element of Air, which if kept imbalanced, leads to respiratory problems, bronchitis, asthma, coughing, irritation of eyes, throat and nose, chest tightness, irregular heart beat and lung diseases. Regular exercise is recommended. Air signs generally emit the mixture of both Rajasic and Sattvic qualities. It's good to include collard greens, brussel sprouts, pomegranates, black tea, legumes etc in diet. 

The Effect of Elemental Composition (3): As Matter is the result of the composition of these Five Elements, it's good for you to arrange the architectural features of your house accordingly. Here, the Element of Earth represents your inner or outer courtyards. The house with inner courtyard at the center is recommended. The Element of Water can be your water tank or master bedroom which can be positioned South-west. The Fire Element is the representation of your kitchen or electric panel which can be placed South-east.The Air Element represents the bedroom for your guests which can be done North-west. The Element of Space represents your prayer room or study which can be built North-east. 

H) How to balance the Elemental Composition: The Elemental Composition of your body is done in terms of how your Soul vibrates from a previous birth cycle via your Karma. As a sentient being, you can easily balance the composition by using your pure consciousness and your free will. The first thing you have to do is put your life in order. Maintain regular exercise and regular meditation with the inner visualization and reaffirmation of balancing the Elements is needed. Maintain healthy diet as much as you can. The Earth signs of the Zodiac are supposed to practice brisk walk and meditation. Include more vegetables in your diet. Try to spend more time in Nature. As you are naturally attached to Earth, agriculture or maintaining a house garden can easily leave you more peaceful. Stop solidifying anything including cash or relationships and move with the flow of life. It's good to include some sweet items like, rice, milk, banana, dates, fruits and sour items like garlic, vinegar, lemon, grapefruit etc in your food. Try to have enough sleep. And it's good for you to have your body occasionally massaged. Deep breathing is recommended as it can improve your immune system. As for the Water signs, it's good for you to practice swimming. It can make you more energetic and it's the best form of exercise as well. Drink plenty of water and It's good to have some sweet foods like fresh fruits, dates, cashews and milk and salty items like like seaweed, celery, and good quality salt itself. Use meditation, music or lucid dreaming technique to balance your emotional upsurges. You are supposed to share your feelings with your close friends or relatives. Always try to understand the feelings and situations of others and avoid added sugars in your diet, which can keep your kidneys safe. When it comes to the Fire signs, it's good to practice anger management. Understand the fact that nobody can be so special as everyone is unique in their own way. Dancing or jogging can be your best form of exercise. Practice patience and it can be improved via Meditation. Enjoy candle light events, which can make you more peaceful. Try to laugh more and spend time with people who inspire you. Wear warmer colors (Red, Orange & Yellow) to boost up your spirits. The Air signs are supposed to practice deep breathing. Have your regular meditation which can help you get over nervous agitation, fear and anxiety. And find out time to listen to Music. Avoid the excessive intake of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. Control yourself when it comes to social media engagement. It's very good to spend time in Nature, enjoying morning or evening walk. 

I) Practice Love: The practice of Love can easily make your Elemental Composition balanced including the Element of Space. The practice makes your vibratory order at its best and helps you achieve the heart & brain coherence and this is how you can nullify the effects of your Elemental Composition on yourself...