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IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

Click >  IELTS PERSONAL COACHING 🔑 TAKE AN APPOINTMENT VIA  WhatsApp  MESSAGE Coaching is the Key🔑 ONLINE IELTS COACHING IELTS Academic coaching is designed to help individuals prepare for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic exam. This exam is typically required for admission to universities and colleges in English-speaking countries and is also used for professional registration purposes. Here are some key points about IELTS Academic coaching from our end: Content and Format: IELTS Academic assesses a candidate's ability to use English in an academic context. It includes four sections: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. IELTS coaching for the Academic module focuses on these specific skills. Experienced Instructors:  Our Coaching center offers online platforms as well and we have experienced instructors who are well-versed in the IELTS Academic test format. They can provide guidance on test s


The Seminal & Vaginal Fluidic Ingestion

In a simulated game of life, what you do as the personification of consciousness is form a soul based on the exposure you get out of your physical, simulated existence, you call life. The existing soul of yours is thoroughly influenced by your past life experience which is what determines its core vibrational value. According to the core vibrational value, your soul gets qualified enough to be born under a particular zodiac sign. The zodiac sign can influence your life as long as you expand your consciousness in such a way that you rule your astrological network instead of letting it rule you. 

Transformation: Whatever you see here is transformation only. The simulated order works via transformation. Difference is the quantum signature with which the simulation is at work. There's only one being out there with no space and time in between. The one being explores itself via transformation. Creation works via transformation. The souls, you see around including your friends, relatives, pets or plants are your own transformations and sensory illusion makes you think that it's not true. The difference that you see is based on the vibrational value someone or something holds. And the vibrational value is shifted or transformed according to the way one employs the level of consciousness. The souls that you interact with, on a day today basis, do have different levels of consciousness, which is based on evolution. Sometimes the evolutionary gap between you and the fellow souls, even though they're from the same family can be different by hundreds of thousands of years. In other words, your transformation into their being or their transformation into your being sometimes needs many years of evolution which is possible via multiple birth cycles. Transformation sometimes moves backwards too. This happens when you choose a birth cycle that is lower in vibrational value than the core vibrational value, you have as a soul due to the negative karmic frequency. It's definitely a rare case scenario in a soul's journey of evolution and this is called, in spiritual terms, as soul regression. Soul regression also happens when a soul of higher level of consciousness, volunteers a birth cycle of lower density in order to share the collective negative karma of  the beings, the soul plans to share its birth cycle with. Such souls normally undergo voluntary suffering

Evolution via transformation: Your evolution is also via transformation. While living with a body, you come to contact with multiple other souls who can be your past versions or future versions. Evolution is based on love which is the practice that everything is your own extension. A soul gets to learn and practice it via the transformation. For example, the current soul you have formed is getting transformed every single moment into its own new versions. A soul's evolution is entirely dependent on the simulation game it plays. Your friends or family members can be your earlier or future versions in terms of the evolutionary ladder. The transformation of your consciousness triggers evolution. 

The final transition: The transformation of your consciousness can definitely make you ready for the final transition stage where you understand the fact that you are the personification of consciousness itself. The employment of consciousness makes your energy within and your body functions according to the energy level, you maintain. Your body works like a mirror that reflects your consciousness within. This is how you can control your natural ageing process, heal yourself, beautify yourself and manifest the life you want. The final transition is triggered in such a way that you move with flow of life. And you are indifferent whatever happens as you know that nothing here lasts longer, be it your happiness or sadness. You know that the past and future are simply illusions as the present is what exists in a simulated reality and your memories and imaginations are the basic reasons why you suffer more. You know how to regulate them and keep balance in between. You can read the mind and control your own mind. And more importantly, you practice love, which is service orientation you do. Your spiritual transcendence transfigures; it does not reconcile, but rather transmutes opposites into something, surpassing them; it effaces oppositions. This happens because your vision is love...